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US gymnastics team opts to stay in a hotel over Olympic Village

Beach volleyball player Taylor Crabb said he’s symptom-free but “deeply disappointed” after testing positive.

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  1. So instead of where 80% of people are vaccinated and everybody is tested every day, they want to stay where 30% are vaccinated and nobody's tested?

    … yeah, sounds like American logic to me.

  2. The US women’s soccer team was so wrapped.up in their protest that they lost!

  3. Anyone know why 2 girls are in purple and 4 others in black?

  4. you could have left the jill biden stuff out of the report.. who cares about her?? to hell with life time criminal george floyd

  5. 1. 91 people positve.
    2. Team USA in hotels.
    3. Protestors still goin'
    4. Games full swing
    5. Quiet at each venue

    Now the JOC knew that these games weren't goin' to be the same and you can see it. Not to be mean but this will go down in sports history as the 2021 Pandemic Games!!

  6. The games need postponed again.

  7. I'm suspicious….folks testing positive and SYMPTOM FREE!?!
    A perfect way to eliminate the competition.

  8. These people come into Tokyo carrying the virus with them… now they want to isolate themselves like they arent the ones with the virus.

  9. Is holding this Olympics really fair? Athletes are testing positive, and being quarantined. This is may start creating unequal team numbers for countries. Some countries will have advantage this games. They should have never let athletes go and just waited until 2024.

  10. How are the competing athletes, for many of whom this is their life’s dream and livelihood, bothering the people protesting against the games happening? Nobody is forcing the protestors or anyone at all to participate involuntarily.

  11. This is unreal. People are pansies and need to let these people do what they worked their whole lives for.

  12. why does it always us who has positive cases? why not china?

  13. Blessings! 🙏Jesus Christ Saves🙏 1st Corinthians Ch15 Verses1-4 KJV

  14. Team America brought multiple tested positive people into Japan, and now they slam Japan’s handling of the Olympic Village? Wut a deck

  15. I am amazed how protocols dont include a confirmation by NAAT test on all those obvious false positives.

  16. BOOlympics!! BOOOooo!! No wonder Sha’Carri just said, “fuq it” , and smoked some dope.

  17. I am thrilled to see Caucasians protect against racism. Thanks! 🇺🇸

  18. Isn’t it counterproductive for a bunch of people to gather in person to protest a mass gathering bc of covid? Like aren’t you spreading covid protesting the spreading of covid?

  19. liberal anti 🇺🇸 🤡s

  20. In other Olympic news, US Women Soccer team lost its very first game after kneeling for BLM.

  21. They got money and doesn’t want to sleep in cardboard box. It’s Win-win for Japanese since hotels in Japan right now doesn’t make money. They’ll be GLAD to have them!

  22. Staying at a hotel is safer? Yeah right.

  23. It's shocking this is happening……Insert sarcasm here! I hope everyone gets tested again once they get home.

  24. Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony and Offer Giveaway ……

  25. Japan was not the ideal country to host the Olympics, obviously. There is no common sense whatsoever.

  26. Good decision. Even some Japanese athletes don't stay in the Olympic village either. This makes sense.

  27. It made no sense to hold the Olympics this sunmer….none whatsoever. I am appalled that people think that bc there are vaccines that we are "back to normal." Common sense people. Stop listening to the media and the misguided CDC that spent a whole year telling people to wear masks but then all of a sudden has promoted not wearing them bc some people are vaccinated. The rush to normalcy just did not and does not make sense.

  28. Everything is negative about the news peoples. C-19. Please can yall stop talking about C-19. Let's play our sports. Go Positive. Please. Peopled with Two shots got c'19 also. So stop saying the unvaccinated is giving people c'19. Shot or not they still getting it. Talk Positive please. The news is boring talking about this BS OVER,OVER. STOP

  29. Some Japanese elite athletes do not live in Olympic Village. They live in a luxury hotel. Because they have to win a medal. This means that the Olympic village facilities are not good, making it difficult for players to control their conditions.

  30. Lol the short one is going to lose this time

  31. The Olympics this year is a circus. They should have just canceled it until this covid crap is over.

  32. Americans whining ad nauseam

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