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US has seen 33% increase in suicides since 1999 | USA TODAY

Health reporter Jayne O’Donnell interviews Dr. Christine Moutier, chief medical officer of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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  1. It's part of UN Agenda21/2030. IF you can't give them Autism by kindergarten… If you can't emasculate boys in elementary school, you will make sure that you persecute them when they get to the age of wanting to date, but hey, you've even convinced them that they are the wrong gender! It starts in Elementary…No "Cowboys and Indians", no pretending to shoot the bad guys, no being allowed to act like boys. Then after you shove false guilt on them, you even make them feel guilty for wanting a Hamburger for crying out loud! Just keep pumping SOY into the boys! Never mind that half of our food has ROUNDUP dumped on it, which is a Chelating agent and that keeps you from absorbing nutrients and vitamin deficiencies cause DEPRESSION and ANXIETY!

    Then, why don't you add another load to their shoulders! Every time you turn around you've got a group of Feminazis thinking up some more weapons against the guys! And you wonder WHY they lose their minds, end up on these dangerous drugs and try to shoot you all? You are evil! This is child abuse from the beginning and then you keep on adding to it! IF you don't succeed in putting them into your psycho hell boxes they burst out in rage and anger because they know deep down inside that they've been sold a line of BS but they no longer know what to do with their messed up lives! I'm surprised their suicide rates aren't 50% after what you all have done to our boys!

    It used to be that the Vets came home and committed suicide. But hey these young boys end up with undiagnosed PTSD just by going to these concentration camps known as public schools these days! It's YOUR fault!

  2. Meditation can solve everything.

  3. Yeah bc of parents raising kids with no discipline. They freak out when reality hits, they cant handle being told no, or realizing thry not equal. Giving timeout, or handing out trophys to everybody, or letting them have tantrums is abuse to me. Kids need discipline, need failure,need to learn how to get their feelings hurt. It builds inner strength. makes them more shockproof, and you cant get your way, or you not the best. When they step out into real world they cant handle it.

  4. It's time to destigamise the mental health problems and spread the awareness through mass media, It's really sad to see up tick on sucide rates in 🇺🇸, One of the important step is to stop and tackle bullying .

  5. What is the real numbers of deaths? To many persons want stuff without having to suffer to get it…lack of options in their world makes death the only way out, weak minds.

  6. The minute the Dr. began the conversation with the word soooooooo I knew this we would be useless.

  7. It could not be made more simple but its logic will be argued till the end of time. There is a reason for all the hate in the world and it is called evangelism. If you're old enough you would've seen them on their television shows selling miracles for money. When I was watching it growing up I thought it was too bizarre for anybody to take seriously. Today it lives in the White House with its politics making laws for an "eye for an eye" (a good guy with a gun needs to kill a bad guy with a gun) putting hate over love. This is the spirit of damnation with the largest church of the land that kills God and hope along the way. The human race is left holding the stick to this problem that you can find in the Bible in the meaning of avarice (a deadly sin). You can't go to war with it because it is the religion of money that lives in sowing your seed back to the world. The spirit that lives to our flag is the spirit of the antichrist that brings only misery and suicide throughout the world. Truth cannot help unless you can show it in the light of day… greed is not good and never will be, it is also $23 trillion in debt! We will learn to hate ourselves more every day by the haves forcing themselves in survival situations against those who have not. As the human race, we have to admit that we are responsible ourselves for killing life off a living planet, not God. We need to use the bomb to bring us back to our senses that we are too cowardly to do. Common sense is what is suffering the most today and the only thing left to fight the antichrist of tomorrow. We have to make an example of greed. The Republican Party and its president have to fall out of grace to that of our inalienable rights in knowing God in our human nature. Do not buy into this hypocrisy no matter how rich you believe it will make you. Living in damnation for you and your children is not the best life you can find on a living planet! I am not saying who is to be damned all I am saying is it's spirit lives in the world with us today that the Bible Belt and the Republican Party is not afraid to use to keep its flag flying and money coming in. To put it another way, if you feel like you are damned and you are not afraid to share these feelings with the world (bullying) you can say to yourself what more do I have to lose? If this is the logic that lives in avarice in the making of money for an "eye for an eye" (corporate raider) how can you lose with your evil in this world except in going to hell and kicking Satan out? Competing with evil in its logic should not be what America stands for to go free. There is no morality in selling your cross for money along with the pity of Jesus. The Jerry Springer show should not be what children are living and dying in war for today. There is a song the kids are listening to today the song is titled "I love the way you hate me". This is the spirit that wins in the world today unless you can make Satan homeless in his money which is going to be a very difficult thing to do.

    PS. Is this bad or what? In the mindset of today, you have avarice (greed is good) teaming up with religion for money evangelism (miracles for cash) going to war for God as avenging Angels against the poor and homeless because needy people hurt pride in self-worth to money. God couldn't get a worse rap in any belief that his spirit is good for the world. Even if God did bring truth to the world in the sacrifice of his son it must also be understood that truth is something that can be lied about. For better or worse this world still belongs to the people more than it does to God that can go expendable in it. The children of today live in paranoia not to go homeless in the making of money. Maybe there's still hope for the children of tomorrow that in spending their money they can get back to common sense in its need of laws protecting inalienable rights to get their money back to themselves. How can you even begin to know what freedom is in your money that is $23 trillion in debt? The concept of freedom (to sow a seed) is lost to the world!

  8. it's deeper than medication or therapy, but those conversations are taboo in society

  9. it's far worse in Japan. there's someone jumping into the railroad tracks at least once a week

  10. IF YOU COMMIT SUICIDE, YOU ARE HURTING THE ONES WHO WANT TO HELP YOU and helping the ones who want to hurt you.

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