US has this ‘consensus view’ about Biden: Ex-Clinton adviser

Former senior adviser to the Clintons Mark Penn says there’s also a ‘consensus view’ that progressive district attorneys let crime flourish. #FOXBusiness

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  1. So, where’s the data that says the majority of shooters/intruders are under 21? If it’s there, I’d love to see it. I’d also love to know what’s magical about 21. I guess if you’re a destructive, unstable person when you’re 20, you’ll definitely be over that by age 21.

  2. Who wants a moderate leftist as Pelosi, Warnock or Butigehd that keeps criminals killing in cities and not in jail…Democrats.

  3. The left wing billionaires never out spend and made failing progressive laws ? That was and is the experiment that is failing and taking mental I'll America into a none needed World War.

  4. I'n reality democrats armed 18 year olds with rifles by giving then the rights to do so.

  5. If I had the chance to Vote outs democrat who supported build bad better laws that caused leftist fake green in government positions. I WOULD….

  6. This is just the beginning for Democrats and their failed policies and stupid members that have no qualifications or competency. Mental Illness has become a major factor in democrats and their party.

  7. The Democrats playbook, and my ex-wife is a liberal leftist, hence ex wife, their playbook is to lie, cheat, steel, deceive, to get faced with fax or confrontation, they will simply look straightahead and not answer, or they will deny any involvement in Milyer question vote these Democrats liberal leftist people out of government and see how great America could be again.

  8. praise God for he has not turned his back on our country that was founded on his word and his principles!! Praise God

  9. This from a person that his parents are criminals

  10. These progressive cities are all suffering from the some problem, yet they still vote Democratic over and over. Reap it!

  11. It's not built back better, they are trying to get their election laws passed

  12. Boudin and SF.

    Boudin is a perfect example of the communist democrats and the behavior and enablement of the people of SF caused the atmosphere which made the rise of the pithy communist democrats possible. Now what about PELOSI and Feinstein who I read was as cognitive as Biden?

  13. In a city where less than 10% are Republicans, it is obviously Democrats who voted Boudin out in the recall election. Enough of these far left woke elitists who bring their crazy narratives, their green agenda and insane policies into the country

  14. Remove them, Gascone, Bragg, and all others of like-thinking as well.


  16. Say no to globalism say no to New World Order

  17. Both Ukrainians and Russians blame Biden for the war, there's only one small caveat, the war started in 2014 when Obama was in charge.

  18. It's just plain stupidity to keep voting for people who don't have your back and are more worried abut being nice to criminals than they are about you and your loved ones safety.

  19. ? of the day. What are police departments going to do when they run through there fuel budget by now thru August? Don't forget right now the Senate debating to take our gun right AS I TYPE THIS, AND U READ THIS.

  20. Deputy Dawg Buttigieg for President.


  21. Right wing billionaires 🙄😂🙄🙃🙃🙈

  22. Yeah of course they never accept responsibility for their own despicable policies and Americans are starting to see how horrible socialism is and what a nightmare communism is and what they always do to your economy and your rights and your privacy and freedoms.

  23. See ya, buddy. Your city was once a beautiful place. Now, thanks to you, and you're other elected officials have turned SF into a shite hole.

  24. Tell that fool. A gun kills no one .some nuttjob.who is or has been on dope. These people are the problem

  25. 25 amendment for ole sleepy let's go.

  26. Where’s our heroic John Wilkes booth when we need him?

  27. If Biden runs again we need to figure out this steal of elections. Worst pres. In history running again come on man.

  28. Our president needs to get off the shed and on the bag

  29. These liberal DAs remind me of the twisted villains we read about in comic books that you think in real don’t exist but they do. Somehow demonically inspired they have bought into a very selfish alternate reality where the version of human nature they think exist exist but really only in their alternate universe


  31. Yet he speaks nothing of how the super tight gun controlled cities have the highest crime rates in the country..

  32. "Two or three years ago crime was not an issue". Gosh, if only we knew what was going on three years ago….

  33. Biden running 2024😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Talk about being in denial 😂

  35. So a lawless society really has more crime who would have thought….anyone with a functional BRAIN

  36. Wait..So he is admitting that "Billionaires" control who wins elections??

  37. Can you say evil democrat party. After we get rid of the democrats,then we will work on the evil democrat party in pentagon

  38. They exploited an environment to rid themselves of an absolute idiot. Good for them!

  39. Well u keep voting for these democrat goons that's what u get.

  40. Well…don't you know… it was Putin who caused me to lose. He shouldn't have invaded Ukraine.

  41. Right wing billionaires in San Francisco ??? Ohhhh realllly……

  42. Same old talking points with Democrats, right wing Billionaires, Really? In a city like San Francisco, Pelosi’s District, Give me a break!

  43. Philly needs to recall Krasner!