Sunday , January 17 2021
Home / News / US lawmakers speak on the Senate floor, McConnell congratulates Biden, Harris

US lawmakers speak on the Senate floor, McConnell congratulates Biden, Harris

U.S. lawmakers speak on Senate floor.

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  1. Feeling the tug of your puppet strings from China Mitch? TRUMP WON.. we will never give up when truth and our constitution are at stake.

  2. Well, McConnell, Trump and the GOP can congratulate themselves on damaging the full faith and confidence in the United States democratic process more than any enemy on foreign soil …ever!

  3. Should I worry about the proposed bill from the us senator for twitch and youtube and freak out also if the government is shut down on Friday should I worry

  4. Republicans ar nothing but anti Trump.

  5. Has Harris giving up her senate seat🤔

  6. Noooo!!!••••you're all theives

  7. The real fight just start, Trump will fight for U.S.A. future. Corrupted Joe stay away white house

  8. A real betrayer. Shame on you. Is your wife Elaine Chou told you CCP offer 10 cases of U.S.dollars to you. Don't forget your wife Elaine Chou family business in China with good network and support from CCP. Offering trade benefits is another corrupted way normal using by CCP. Legal money offer in his pocket now. Trump need fight for U.S.A. take down all deep states traitors now to save U.S.A

  9. Trump lost get over it time to move on.

  10. McConnell should have been the one gone.

  11. Disgusting old man. Won by promising handout and free health care. Better shut down the economy like you were crying on your ads

  12. Fraud,fraud Mr. Joe Biden you will never become a peoples president, you are not a leader that was shows in your rally.

  13. Lunatic lefties are chewing their own bottom lip off right now listening to McConnell talk about Trump's successes. They wanted so badly to give the coronavirus treatment to the Biden administration

  14. Lord condemn the traitors and see that they are hung in Jesus name amen

  15. Biden is just the president of the United Bananas Republic founded in his own basement 9 months ago. Com'On man! he is not the president of the United States.

  16. God is Faithful to His Word… and He will pour out His wrath on a Nation that murders its unborn children

  17. This has got to be a joke/ruse …
    Plus – this does NOT make the blatant F R A U D that was conducted – in any way "legitimate" …

    We'll see what happens come January!

  18. Trump has lost all hope of a 2nd term and is focusing on making money and getting revenge for his humiliation: he’s scamming his base and offering presidential pardons for sale to the highest bidders. Trump is also doing everything he can to damage America both nationally and abroad, backed by the forsworn traitors of the Fake-GOP.

  19. Lies! Trump is not going anywhere! We do not accept what you evil people are saying! Biden will be in Gitmo!

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