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US man charged in Anguilla worker's death speaks out | ABC News

Scott Hapgood, a New York City banker charged in the death of an Anguillan hotel worker in April, described his life as “a living nightmare” since the charge.

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  1. This guy was protecting his family from a drunk and high guy with a knife! Thats it

  2. This is bullshit. The victim was requested by name to address an issue in Hapgood's room by Hapgood. The victim worked at the hotel doing maintenance and had been working there for several years without issue. Drugs and alcohol levels have not been independently confirmed yet you publish it in large print, so where the hell did these amounts come from? Hapgood held the victim in a chokehold for over 20 minutes even though other hotel staff members who arrived in the room pleaded with him to let the victim breathe. The victim was also a father. Hapgood will get what's coming to him!

  3. A Rich white man, he is definitely not going to be found guilty

  4. It’s not clear cut some stuff might come out about the 2 knowing each other maybe he was hooking him up. After Jesse Smolletts you just never know

  5. Drunk again high on cocaine pulls a knife protest protest lol

  6. Was there a work order? A hotel room is like your house, guy has a knife he gets through you he gets to your daughters case closed hope he gets a fair shot

  7. Hapgood was seen by staff sitting all day by the pool consuming alcohol, the hotel would have a list of drinks he consumed. Hotel workers were afraid to drag Hapgood off the small man because he was a big framed man, bigger than anyone in the room and they also said he sounded incoherent and his eyes were glazed and crazy. Also Hapgood was given special treatment being an influential rich white off-shore banking tourist, as many who flock here. After the killing he just moved to another hotel and was not arrested and questioned until three!, yes three days later. No blood test on Hapgood was ever done in spite of reports he was drunk at the time of killing. This is common police practise, why was it not done?. Hapgood's wife was filming the struggle when hotel workers arrived. This phone was never confiscated, and now Hapgood claims there was no phone but it was identified by workers on a photo of it in her hand as they boarded their private jet off the island. Hapgood claims Anguilla is a violent island. There is one tiny police jail on this peaceful island noted by the US as one of the safest islands to visit. Hapgood has hired big US media machines to spin his side of the story that by now most Americans take as truth. Here in sleepy Anguilla, a colony of Britain, locals are told by the governor they are under a gag order to not speak about the case of risk jail, allaying the Americans claims impassioned locals will a crazed violent mob????, which is funny of course because how can they fit the mild-natured Anguillian public into that little box we call a jail?. Of course no one will take notice of the gag-order and no one is going to be silenced.

  8. “Charged in Vacation Killing” seriously stupid headline! How about man accused after defending family!!!!

  9. Looks very good for the American dad due to the evidence such as facial lacerations, and his children being witnesses. Very bad for hotel worker being drunk and high and so far nothing showing he was asked to be up there fixing a sink.

  10. How come both parties didn't have their blood alcohol levels checked…

    Something doesn't sit right…

  11. Hapgood is a blasted liar Kenny did no such thing.

  12. Fuck Im not Going to Anguilla anymore … You Think That Man Took His Family Over there to Kill a Crack Head … I can see Tourism Going Way Down…Keep it up  Anguilla ..Boycott Anguilla The World Is Watching… Just See If the Sink Works that will tell you…Dumb Asses…

  13. This isn't just an injustice. It's a shakedown. Because they know this man has money. In the U.S. he wouldn't even have been charged. I mean, the guy was really intoxicated and Hapgood was stabbed right in front of his daughters. There's also no hotel log to prove the dead guy was even supposed to be there. He wasn't even called.

  14. This is what happens when you go to a low iq country. Anguilla has an average iq of 70…thats two points lower than retarded. Iq is everything for freedom. All black countries have low IQs and blacks here in Brazil are just as bad. I'm an Sian man and I'm smart. How can you be robbed kill the armed guy and then be charged…. Crazy!

  15. We need segregation again! You stay in your country I'll stay in mine.

  16. what a sad situation.These dumb racist SOBs actually want us to believe the drunk, high lowlife is a victim! His brother says EXCESSIVE FORCE was used!! Was he there?? He knows nothing. None of them do.People on drugs can have great (crazed) strength.This guy will walk as he should and then he needs to sue everyone. The ship for letting a drug user on the ship and the Government for false arrest etc. Why did he go to the room and why would the father defend himself and his family if there was no threat? He would not! Case closed. Boycott the Country, let them starve and they will.

  17. Another black thug…same shit worldwide!

  18. He looks like he’s not telling the truth.

  19. All am seeing is ignorant white people who don’t even know the 7 continents of the world 🌎. 😂😂.

  20. Self defense is a lie they use to cover people’s mental illness

  21. So would people be happier if this father had lost his life, and also have his kids killed maybe, instead of stopping the man?
    I was not there, but I believe this father.
    Victims need to start coming out, no fear, come out and support this father.
    And no, this has nothing to do with black or white it has everything to do with a Father, protecting his family.

  22. Anguilla? why the fuck would anyone want to go to a tourist trap? lol

  23. Yes! Get your ass back to the States, and DONT LOOK BACK!!!

  24. Give that man his white privilege!… White folks always say they feared for their lives.. I bet this man engaged the whole fight risking his own childrens life.. This man is a murderer and a liar who probably was unhappy with a drug deal gone wrong… Absolute scum…. All the white people in the comments are pouring barrels of white privilege for him and his story

  25. Fuck the shit hole country lol

  26. What the fuck is up with this world!? This man should be praised a hero for protecting his family, not a criminal!

  27. Inform the President Trump will help him

  28. Such a scum bag, I am surprised he didnt just ignore all the court appearances and not show up to court since this is in another country. Any normal rich man would just ignore this and say "Fuck those inferiors, we dont answer to them!".

  29. That leads to wonder, the kind of services that hotel provides.

    Great job to the Dad, another one bites the dust.

    Rest in piss you hotel trash.

  30. They said the worker had alcohol in his system. News Flash: They all have alcohol in their systems! That's how they're able to remain pleasant and charming to all of you a$$hole terrorists…err…tourists? The guy just looked like one of those overly confident charmers, and probably flirted a little too much with the wife and racist dude got jealous.

  31. I’m proud of this dude putting that animal in his place.

  32. I would have killed him twice if I was protecting my kids.

  33. Why didn't he just turn himself in? They didn't arrest him till like four days later! Maybe if he stayed in his own country things like this wouldn't happen? Maybe if America wasn't so racist shit like this wouldn't happen? I'm sure if he's actually defending himself, but did you need to strangle your atracker? Maybe he's a Maga cultist and this is how they take thier vacation? Unless he invited the guy up there for something else? All know was to defend yourself you don't have to strangle someone to death.

  34. Was deadly force necessary? The guy had a knife. We have to stop assuming that when a person pulls a weapon their intentions are anything but deadly force.

  35. News people act like it’s an American courthouse.

  36. for all of you who are sending him death threats……why don't you cowards EAT SH**….god bless you Scott…..anyone would do the same thing while protecting their family, especially against a drugged up thief in the same room with kids!

  37. Democrats are praising the criminal and hating the American

  38. Um the black by tried to rob him an his little kids where next to him cornered in a room an this guy took out a fucking knife if it was me I would have told the guy to come inside I’m getting my money then grab the gun an shoot him directly in his black face

  39. Fact is a human being is dead and this would have been avoidable if both sides had been reasonable. Can this be justified now with Charles Darwin? Survival of the fittest.

    Just a single second can be deadly, so take care.

  40. The American mindset is beat a man up until he is dead. When a man is on the ground you stop beating. I don't believe this man for a second.


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