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US man returns to Caribbean to face manslaughter charges l ABC News

Scott Hapgood of Connecticut is accused of killing a worker at a five-star resort in Anguilla but claims he was protecting himself and his family.

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  1. People from other countries see that your from the US and assume your rich, lacking in understanding we have to work just as hard to get where we want to be in life.. Then again media in all aspects doesnt help. Another thing many people who want kill someone or have will tesified in churches or killing shows, when they were about to or desire to kill someone they prepared emotinally through drugs and mentally through music and went on without a thought.

  2. It's "Kill or be 'Killed" I think if a man comes in 2 your room demanding money and you get the best of him that should be enough.He bit off more than he could chew.

  3. The TOXICOLOGY REPORT has been REVEALED a "FABRICATION" Paid by an AMERICAN to "FORGE" the Document against the MURDERED VICTIM. Scott Hapgood is a member of the ALTRIGHT GROUP, and ACCUSED the MURDERED VICTIM of coming to his Hotel Room to RAPE HIS WIFE.

  4. The dude was probably banging the wife, the husband found the wife and the dude drinking and doing coke and got upset he wasn’t invited and decide to kill him?

  5. Most of those white boy go to the Caribbean to get their wife’s banged bu bbc and when it happens they cannot handle what they see….if they other hotel workers wanted to do harm why would they just watch for 30 minutes…I would have blasted Hapgood in the head with a hammer…not watched

  6. Why would anyone be so dumb as to go on vacation to an orc country or protectorate or whatever this uncivilized place is. I mean seriously. A lot of whi peepoe seem laughably oblivious in this regard. I live in us and we know not to go to their neighborhoods, let alone their many mordors littering the globe. Go to an orc country and expect orcish consequences. What's wrong with Uruguay? Or Costa Rica? I mean if you want to go to an exotic nonwhite locale, why not Japan? Naivety is a sin in judaism, and I think they are right in this regard. He put his family in danger the moment he chose a cheap and filthy vacation spot as opposed to a resort operated by actual human beings in a country populated by pure blooded human beings.

  7. That's what he gets any dad will try to kill an intruder have no choice

  8. This is crazy 2 questions where is the knife and where is the video of him entering meaning he was on that coke on some craze rage shit

  9. Fishy story…..
    Island getaway
    He rolled his last paradise….

  10. He could have at least cut off one of his ears and kept it for a trophy

  11. He is on trial for being WHITE. He killed a crazed black enemy that would hav undoubtedly murdered and probably raped his daughters and wife. He defended his family, killed a lunatic troglodyte and now he is on trial for it because these anti white RACISTS, don't like that fact that a white man successfully defended his family in what would have been a triple homicide with rape had he not been there. He is on trial because he won and the enemy black murderer and rapist lost, and they want to avenge the "brotha." That is what this is about, make no mistake.

  12. Seems pretty fishy …
    Doesn't sit right , a lil to out of the blue . . .
    I'm thinking a fight of some kind with both having cocaine and alcohol in system…

    Maybe he wanted his money for fronting the white guy coke and hookers,
    Tried in front of white guys kids, he played dumb and black guy got offended and boom they fought…

    A knife fell out of the black guys pocket but he never intended to use it on a White American guest whose money fuels there lifestyles…

    No , something doesn't smell good in the streets of Denmark tonight…

  13. They’re only saying that because he’s black … liessssss I smell

  14. Wow… this is bs this is why I’m afraid to travel.

  15. Most people know nothing about the people of Anguilla. Anguilla has been a hidden paradise, tailored for the very rich. I met Kenny, a humble man and his British wife and beautiful child. The media has only portrayed him as a coked up theif.
    Anguilla is aiming to be soley for the filthy rich. A murder of their own family is collateral damage to welcoming the rich to spend gobs of money on their island.
    Kenny will not get to speak, even though that is exactly what he sayed he wanted to do, just before Hapgood finished him off.
    Look what Epsteins money allowed him to get away with for years. His money made law enforcement look the other way.
    Read the details before spouting ignorance.

  16. Hope he wins! That’s a real man!

  17. Why is this guy on trial? Armed, high employee/assailant scams his way into your hotel room in an attempted armed robbery and ends up dead, and you are tried for manslaughter? He's just going to apologize and leave while smiling if you let him up after the struggle? And if he has to hold him down, but the guy is able to get free, who knows what could've happened to his wife, or little ones.

  18. I wouldnt go back. When in Rome you fall under Romes rules. No American lawyer can help you, its not under US of As control.

  19. Dude caught his wife with the hotel worker. You’ll see the truth. Wife just wanted some BBC.

  20. If anyone comes near my family, I will be killing them too.

  21. Some of the comments here are vile and disgusting. This man killed a human being, whether it was for self-defense or not, and needs to stand trial. This isn't the U.S., so stop trying to apply American laws to a foreign country.

    Also, a lot of these comments are very hypocritical as well. So this man is a "hero" for killing a man in a foreign country, but as soon as someone comes to the U.S. from a foreigner country and kills an American, in self defense or not, they are instantly vilified by many of you because they are a foreigner. Many of you wouldn't even hear that person's case, but will gladly accept this one as fact because many of you probably "relate" to this man.

    He knew what he did was wrong hence why he went back to face the music. Don't act like this was a victory because the chance of getting robbed as a tourist can happen anywhere and does happen.

  22. The hotel worker was an unfortunate victim here of a setup for a killing. The man WAS NOT BEING ROBBED. The story is a complete lie. The drugs in the victim's body played no part in his death nor was he trying to kill anyone. What happened in the hotel room before the victim's arrival will be most telling with evidence displaying the truth.

  23. I did some research on this story from many other sources. The story as reported by ABC News IS NOT accurate. And why would ABC News take the time to obtain drug results of the dead man unless there is clear attempt to destroy the victim's image as a drug user in desperate need of money and willing to kill for it. The story as reported by this man saying that he was being robbed and was trying to protect his family, is not supported by evidence gathered by the island's authorities and eyewitnesses who arrived at the hotel room during the attack. The truth will come to light.

  24. The SOB got what he deserved! I would have killed the bastard too if he pulled a knife on my family!

  25. None of yall assuming dummies are educated on the island and its ppl , so shut the fuck up. smh privileged facist scunt.

  26. Yo why would u go back if I murder some one in out for good fuck your casse amigo

  27. Why would he go back only to face trial. I’d stay my ass in Connecticut and tell them if you want me so bad, come and arrest me.

  28. I looked everywhere to find another carrier of this story. Alas, ANC was the only one with the story.

  29. Let’s looks at motive….why would someone with his family on vacation (who has enough money to do that) kill someone in a foreign country. What’s the motive? He has no need to kill anyone other than to protect his family.

  30. Looks like the race card might not work after all. True for countless other incidents around the world, just not investigated as much.

  31. Why would a wealthy business man travel to the island with his four daughters and then kill a man for no reason?

  32. That island is not a US territory. So why going back make no sense.

  33. Without a doubt , I would have killed that oil slick without hesitation
    If you come between family your life will be taken

  34. People respond and decide guilt or lack of it without true knowledge. What about the wife filming the whole thing? How much did Mr Rich Man Hapgood pay for that toxicology report? Question everything the defense claims. Kenny was alive for minutes, while security was present and allowed Hapgood to continue to murder him.

  35. Remind me why he is going back there? Extradition?

  36. This guy needs to be given the keys to Antigua for removing a dangerous thug.

  37. NEVER
    THE BLACK…..

  38. You killed someone doesn't matter! Face your punishment!

  39. Love this. ❤️ I come here each day JUST to see/hear George Stephenipolis’s cool closing. Thanks George!

  40. Innocent… I believe Scott!!!! God PROTECT you🙏 can't trust island laws.(out of the state's) Protecting his family.

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