US Marine vet attacked in Russia prison: Brother says ‘he’s a hostage’

Brother of Marine detained in Russia David Whelan says his brother Paul was assaulted by another prisoner over political differences. #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. But they got Brittany Griner out

  2. 🇷🇺🫡 despite low iQ and low testosterone anti-Russia/Russophobic propaganda and misinformation from the western propagandists and regime mouthpieces. Have fun losing your proxy war in Ukraine to Russia chumps! And how’s them sanctions working imbeciles? 🤣

  3. Immediately clear the guy targeted him given our position on Ukraine & events. The political differences were that of Americas, not Paul’s obviously as I doubt he was given the chance. & speaking of Chance, it’s easily possible this was by chance. We’ll see if we find a degree of care or laxity post event. It would be easy to position & let slip misfortunes wrath there. Is that worth it to them? Is a new tone being set? Do they want these feelings geopolitically that come along with the nature of such relations & conducts?
    Did anyone attack Bout? I heard him speak publicly about learning to like Americans & felt a lot of commonality. I guess we’ll see if all that’s about to change.?

  4. Call Biden and tell him that he's a trans pot smoking wnba player he'll be home in 3 days

  5. He should have just said he was a transgender veteran. Biden would have bent over backwards to get him out.

  6. Don’t go to Russia, please

  7. But let’s set Pot Head Brittney Free but leave a vet behind? Sounds like bumbling Joe!

  8. America IS the enemy combatants of RUSSIA!! Makes perfect sense

  9. 😂😂 USAs fault locking up Russian citizens

  10. If he were black and of the LGBT,Biden would have gotten him out already

  11. Biden this is your fault. You didn't seek his return , you decided to get a dumb dope head instead . You are the worst president . Your name will be mud

  12. And what will Biden do

  13. And what is Joe Biden doing? Well he is eating ice cream

  14. Joe probably doesnt even remember that empty promise, he doesnt do a thing for us. Sad pathetic man. REMOVE HIM.

  15. Imagine if Hunter was in that prison.

  16. Whty are u there in the first place?

  17. There aren't words for this issue; just inner rage for Biden. But, Trump and Obama could've earlier addressed it seriously – disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I'm sure if his family can send Biden a personal check. They will have no problem getting him out immediately.

  19. He will need to trasition in order for joe to get him out.

  20. D***, I guess Marines are at the bottom of the list for saving these days!!!!!!!