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US marks 75th anniversary of attack on Pearl Harbor | WNT

More than 2,400 Americans were killed and 1,100 injured when the Japanese military attacked the Hawaii base. Across the nation, people remembered those lost and honored the survivors.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. 台灣貪腐政黨大醜聞,虛假的英國博士學歷,勾結蓬X奧,在香港輸出革命,並且製造拜登兒子醜聞的假新聞企圖影響美國大選!

  2. 原爆を作ることは、アメリカの一番大失敗だ。すみません。

  3. This year I saw more coverage on Lennon's death than Pearl Harbor. That needs to change. SMH in disgust.

  4. Its been 75 years since we avenged Pearl Harbor.

  5. It is actually the 79th anniversary

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  7. Try 79 years ago. Bad headline editing!

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  9. Let us never forget the USS Liberty. It was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War.

  10. Obviously no one gets paid to proof-check anything any more.

  11. Should say 79th Anniversary!!!! Please fix the title!!!

  12. Hollywood. Made up too many coincidence

    The guy recorded China prints the votes. Use medical material through Canada and Mexico to the US.

  14. Keep bringing up the past and how it has nothing to do with NOW !!

  15. TRUMPS HERD IMMUNITY causes the same fatalities as PEARL HARBOUR EVERYDAY.
    TRUMP's LEGACY is the American people are thought of as the VILLAGE IDIOTS.
    On the bright side… without a vaccine… Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam and China have had NO Covid fatality in over 3 months.

  16. 75 years since Pearl harbour.
    All the US ships moored at the same location? Easy military attack on warships filled with navy.
    Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Easy one plane attack on two cities filled with civilians.


  18. On December 7th, 1945, months after the surrender of Japan, they attacked us apparently.

  19. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your service and your sacrifice. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.


  21. Can’t even change a title after being aware of the mistake for over three hours. Must be busy sucking up to Biden and China.

  22. For all thumbs down we will heal thats why this is a #end the stigma movement

  23. its sad to think our government allowed this to happen. So many fallen heroes, so many ppl unaware the rest of the fleet already left prior to attack heading to Japan to retaliate against what hadn't happened yet. Before you nay say… do you research. Documentation proves this!

  24. Japan handed murica their ass

  25. 🇺🇸God bless all those die that🇺🇸 May they RIP

  26. 2400 deaths
    "God bless those poor souls" -Trump
    280,000 covid deaths
    "It'll be over by summer" -Trump

  27. My Uncle Guy Woodward was injured in the attack. Blown out of his bunk.

  28. Hey ABC ! Fix your title and stop contributing falsehoods to learning minds that will think your mistake is true. I don't care if you got to drop and reload the entire video to fix it, it must be done. Stop teaching children the wrong thing. This is how crap perpetuates. Change it.

  29. Ok MSM saying vaccines are great for u ..there 61case studies showing many children died to the (nazi doctors )vaccines .why are they not telling u about the many deaths but they selling you greatnesses in the vaccines..find the studies and You will see there hiding the truth..many children died .that got the .vaccines..

  30. ‘Finally tonight’…yeah, last but certainly not least. ABC finally reports on something worthwhile. RIP to all who lost their lives.🇺🇸

  31. Hawai'i (The Hawaiian Kingdom) is illegally occupied by the US. We are NOT part of the US.
    On January 17th, 1983, Hawai'i (The Hawaiian Kingdom), a friendly, neutral, sovereign, internationally recognized independent country, was illegally overthrown in a coup by insurgents wherein US military forces conspired against our country and aided the insurgents in an effort to illegally takeover The Hawaiian Kingdom in order to take possession of Pearl Harbor and transform it into their pacific military headquarters, something the US had been trying to force, bully, and convince The Hawaiian Kingdom to allow for decades, but being a neutral state (state being the international term for country), we obviously couldnt agree to that, nor should be have had to. After numerous failed attempts to legally overthrow The Hawaiian Kingdom, the US took to illegally overthrowing our country. President Cleveland, the US President in term at the time, called it an illegal act of war against our country & said he would pull his troops & reinstate our Queen if she pardoned those guilty of the war crime, but even though she agreed, he never kept to his word & left the insurgents in charge. The insurgents went on to hire a "whites only riffle club" to hunt down & kill any Hawaiians who stood against them or showed any sign of supporting our Queen. The time following was filled with racism against Hawai'i's native minority wherein we were hunted, beaten, killed, raped, forced to endure mistreatment by Americans, where we had our ancestral lands stollen from us despite holding allodial land titles for the lands… land Americans STILL steal every time they "buy" land in our country, it was a violent and horrible time to have brown skin in Hawai'i. As planned during the conspiring, the insurgents illegally signed a joint treaty which supposedly made our country a territory of the US… except that the insurgents had no legal right to do so AND more importantly, a joint resolution is simply a domestic US law, it has no power or ability to "take over" a foreign country because it has no power or jurisdiction outside of US borders. The US tried to use a joint resolution to take Texas from Mexico, but knew it was insufficient, which is why the US added Texas to the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty with Mexico, and that in and of itself proves that the US knew beforehand that they couldnt use a joint resolution to takeover The Hawaiian Kingdom. Only a treaty, signed by both parties, not while under duress, can be used to takeover a country.
    What happened in Pearl Harbor is the direct result of the US being in our country. All of the destruction, including Pearl Harbor, but also the building of telescopes, destroying ancient prehistoric sites, implementing school policies to severely beat our children if they speak our native language, digging up ancient burial grounds to build homes for their citizens (Americans), and all of the illegal immigrants (Americans) living in our country is STILL illegal to this day.
    Its been 127 years, we are STILL occupied by the US.

  32. We always remember this day…

  33. Watch Dec 7 video at patriot parabellum on youtube. DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!

  34. I've been to Japan. Beautiful island, and a great nation at it's core. At the A-bomb museum in Hiroshima there isn't a whole lot mentioned in regards to pearl harbor. At first this seemed unfair to me however it is also unfair that we aren't ever told in public school here in the US exactly what led to the attack. We've looked at history through the lens of the ones who have won.

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