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US Navy medic shoots and critically injures 2 people l GMA

Two people were injured after a shooting near Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, on Tuesday. The shooter, who was identified as a Navy hospital corpsman, was shot and killed.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Here we go again. Funny how they always pop up when the gun grabbers are trying to grab guns. It's not a coincidence anymore. Pay attention people. There is only ONE reason to disarm the people. Never forget that.


  3. Sounds like an act of revenge. The medics wife or gf prolly hooked up with the other 2 service men.

  4. Another example of the unhinged liberals in this country.

  5. What's the base medical office trade name for the west pointe miracle of putting one snap'n'pop into a gallon of water ?

  6. a freaking medic. Man don't rep us like this.

  7. And still Republicans will do nothing!……well done!!…..not!

  8. Islamic radicalism is a MENTAL CONDITION!!!

  9. Islamic radical? Trump Supporter? No motive…yeah right…

  10. Another one from the sick society, easier to possess a gun than to get drinking water, this will never stop till the end of the world!!

  11. An event?? Operating an active shooter event!!! Did I hear that right…maybe I'm high 🤔

  12. He must not be a straight white male or else you would know his identity.
    2 videos later tells me this.

  13. Crazy.. I was there not too long ago

  14. I love living in America still, but lets see how long that lasts for.

  15. Almost seems like suicide by cop.

  16. America is losing its mind

  17. Having a really bad day…

  18. In the early days of the Chump virus, they stated that more people would die from bullets than the virus. The 1% is doing great. That is all that matters to our corrupt government.

  19. There is no Navy medic… there’s Navy Corpsman

  20. Reaping what they have sown with the militant extremist culture of America's Armed Forces.

  21. Was there a motive here

  22. It takes a special kind of stupid to engage military police in a firefight. 🙄

  23. Please be kind to people. You’ll never know when some strange person will snap and pull a gun on you these days.

  24. Can we see his picture? If that were a black man they would have blasted his face and kept repeating black man black man black man black man black man black man black man black man black man.
    I want to see his face.

  25. He should have went to fb hq

  26. Time for people I. The usa to get there guns out its the only thing going to stop these pos

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