Tuesday , November 24 2020
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US, North Korea to resume nuclear talks

Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst and Ret. Gen. Jack Keane discusses China’s hypersonic missile and possible denuclearization talks with North Korea.

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  1. I'm quacking. Humans tend to use military power against each other. Some may say its protection, but it will never get rid of the true meaning of why we have this kind of weapons.

  2. If California got nuked now, I wouldn't even be mad.

  3. gonna watch a bball game ?

  4. Is Kim trolling for Trump again. What kind of fish would you call Trump. Maybe a Sucker.

  5. Why can't we just get along? What has anythings come to. If WW3 happens, I'm not surprised.

  6. Ask President Macron ,about the speed of those Communist ICBM's and how long will it take for those ICBM's to reach Europe.

  7. WHY do we let China have a ballistic middle that can reach the USA?

  8. If anyone thinks that the US is behind on any technology 😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣

  9. We should not trust Communists….period!!!!These are people who do not believe in One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All!!! And sad to say some in this nation don't believe it either…They don't want justice they don't want liberty and they don't want freedom for their people …..They Want Control…….

  10. Iam Vietnamese. Have a nice day to all

  11. Wow China gets her Sanction's for threatening world with weapon's and China south China sea, OBOR is establishing it's presence inside Nation's. So UK, EU put their sanctions on China now?

    NoKo meeting is interesting and known about schedule meeting after stepping on DM zone.

  12. "Oh…humm…. that sounds terrifying…" you read my mind sister.

  13. I wouldn’t worry about China’s military. It’s probably made from inferior metals and put together badly. Like most made in China crap.

  14. Nobody's launching anything nuclear.
    This talk is fearmongering to earn revenue only

  15. Fools never act so proud before any aftermath.
    The fact that they can fire missiles near other lands is a good enough reason to disable them quick.

  16. you are doing exactly what the dictator wants you to do is make a big deal about his military equipment guess what the American people you know what we're going to tell him "so what" we don't care! we're not afraid of him he is a dictator he is an antichrist do you not realize how evil that is but we cannot put fear out in the media because America has God he does not he took God out of his country

  17. Nothing will come of it – Trump approached it the right way, gave NK a real chance at being normal, but they are just too fickle and insecure.

  18. Good job 👏 North Korea.
    With President Trump and United States, You going to be fine… The first 10- 20 years are important into a smooth transition.

  19. Can't wait for dancing with the Stars next year. The whole dumb donnie administration will be on there😂😂😂 The ones not in jail that is

  20. South Korea has an economy that is 40 times larger than the economy of North Korea, and twice the population. The South Koreans can provide for their own defense. We have been in South Korea for 70 years; it is time to leave.

  21. That’s stupid, what the heck is crazy, old trump doing talking 2 the evil kim jong un & North Korea & even thinking of selling nuclear weapons 2 nk is crazy & stupid & should not happen. Has old age gotten 2 pathological liar trump & Alzheimers, which his parents had, pathological liar trump is 73.

  22. All of North Korea and China have to do is wait it out and see who the next president's going to be and that's what they're going to do because of it the Democrat and we'll all go back to normal nobody's going to make a deal with Trump

  23. You may have the capability and the means more than China but with the mistakes that I've seen United States make in the past three four five six years I really do think that you're incompetent on accomplishing any military attack you failed in Iraq you failed in Afghanistan you failed and Syria can you failed in the Vietnam War also failed in North Korea in the Korean War so far you've been nothing but a failure in anything you've done and you've also been attacked twice with your pants down to your ankles in your butt hanging out High Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and this will happen again because ignorance goes a long ways with the United States been well-proven lately and with the circus clown are on Capitol Hill they should get an Emmy for the best soap opera

  24. China wants to be free from the globalists so, I doubt that is to scare the U.S. Don't listen to the media's craziness, narratives given by the globalists themselves. China would probably use them against the globalists if they could but they won't.

  25. Kim is waiting from an other American presidential blow job!

  26. depressing.😑✌❤🇺🇸

  27. Trump….Putin…..Kim, International Criminals

  28. Japan PM Abe said they violated of the UN sanction. Why won't Trump do anything? UN should call Security Council immediately!

  29. Koreans are hard workers, I'm sure their country would flourish if they can make a deal for peace.

  30. North Korea just launched a missile about an hour ago, into Japanese waters

  31. NoKo is just BAITING P. Trump!…Just like the Chinese!…BAIT then BOLT!! [and THERE IS NOTHING INSIDE those missile tubes…EXCEPT HOT AIR!]

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