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US officials look closer at mysterious explosion in Russia l ABC News

U.S. officials are reportedly looking into whether a new nuclear-powered missile was connected to a nuclear accident that killed seven Russians on Thursday.

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  1. They will look closer looking from the not-so-secret base in Estonia? Lol.

  2. Chernobyl: Is that little bro I hear?
    Failed ICBM: hi big brother
    Chernobyl: :O

  3. ABC worrying about other country then their own😂😂😂

  4. Ok, that does explain the plane in the thumbnail. Dumbasses

  5. Nothing secretive about it. The Russians told us what happened. Of course the Russians are liars too so don't belive a word they say. Boycott RT News which is really twisted news with a biased Ryssian slant mixed with half truths….and a dose of 100 proof vodka.

  6. Old weapons are no match for chemtrails. Governments could cheaply SPRAY PEOPLE with poison or germs and kill billions of people cheaply.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ✈

  7. What business does the United States of America have in Russia? Unless the United States of America is invited to help the Russians, stay out of Russia. You guys have runaway deficit thanks to you last three presidents. Hopefully your President Trump helps you out with that.

  8. Waiting for the next HBO movie “Chernobyl 2.0”

  9. A Russian who immigrated to the west before the fall of the Soviet Union told me that the government was having all sorts of nuclear tests in one form or another all over the Soviet Union.
    It was known that mass amounts of people would suddenly get cancer in certain areas.

  10. Lol that part about the missiles being able to hit anywhere in the world makes me laugh. ICBM's can hit other planets let alone other countries. It's been that way for decades. What is this new missile supposed to achieve.

  11. I didnt know Wolverine was working for ABC.

  12. Is Putin in hiding since this incident?

  13. Controlled narrative; accidents. Reality; (3) sites Bombed in less than 30 hours, (2) in Russia and (1) in Baghdad munitions depot, duh. Hellllooooo Bolton. Pompeo…..

  14. If it was a nuke…
    7 is quite a small number…

  15. Pp trumpakov is looking into it….haha

  16. Who cares? Russians are ignorants

  17. Always laying about Russia, I believe Rt is the best news I have ever seen.

  18. Russia says this new missile can reach around the globe…well they'er having a little problem getting it off the ground…that's what happens when you fill the stupid thing with vodka comrades.

  19. I think Russia tried to make that invincible bomb

  20. Element 115 anitmatter reactor testing

  21. … : "American and European Scientists are reported to suspect that this was a program to develop a new nuclear powered missile; Russian President Putin has claimed it's able to reach anywhere on the world…"

    Me: Metal Gear?! It can't be!

  22. What is the condition now?

  23. Its clear cut thermobaric blast on a massive scale since its an ammo dump. Nothing new. Move along.

  24. 0:41 is that an artillery shell with the fuse removed being carried by the soldier? Why would an artillery shell be at the site of an test rocket explosion?

  25. Russian complained HBO made them look bad, then they go and do it again

  26. I love Russia, India and Russia best friend all time.

  27. I feel bad for the Russian population, they have to endure these dangerous experiments and the potentially blown to Smithereens or poisoned by radiation all in the name of Putin's ego, the world would be a better place without Donald Trump, Putin, North Korea's Kim Jong-un, and whatever the name of the Chinese president name is, those leaders bring us closer and closer to World 3, and their egos are going to destroy the life on this planet… we have to get those egomaniacs out of power, so the world has a better chance of thriving in peace and not war.

  28. Fk russia n the US🤬🖕🏻

  29. keep building these reactors and bombs your on a roll.👌😂😂😂

    k-129, chernobyl, kursk, admiral Kuznetsov, and now this 😂😂😂 the United states nor its allies have nothing to worry about. Russia is causing all the damages to their land on their own. Keep making these controlled experiments your excellence is showing. 🤣🤣🤣 Russia is it's own enemy within it's own border. We will just watch yall from afar. Damn and I thought kamikaze pilots and ISIS walking bombs were crazy yall are doing things on another level.

  30. Man we make things complicated. If Putin told it in front of his people, they already have launch ready weapons, what other engine they are testing during the blast put us in more danger. Might be another super weapon, My request for both world power to stop the testing as soon as possible. Nuclear weapon for deterrence is worse choice. If you used it, it will kill enemy faster but you will suffer from radiation more and go for slow death.

  31. Feel so sorry for poor Russian people where evacuation cancelled for political posturing, not their personal safety.

  32. Was not a reactor, was botched missile test that has contaminated area unhabital. Sits at bottom of ocean leaking. Russia's body count will rise.

  33. miniature nuclear weapon test

  34. ABC needs to investigate the leaking Hanford site, before spouting off 🧐

  35. Wow. Can Russia just stop with the nuclear everything? Their track record EATS ASS from Chernobyl to Mayak, to Ignilina….. to the Kursk, to the recent nuclear submarine accident. They even dumped nuclear waste into the arctic circle! It's pretty clear to my eyes that they're never going to learn from their mistakes!

  36. The want to bang the r15 and the real threat is nuclear weapons!

  37. Chernobyl, Kursk , seems like Russia's worst enemy is Russia itself

  38. Sounds like Putin needs to work on his Targeting system a little more.

  39. ok then america russia tells u its secret then u need to return the favor its on russian soil so its russias probelm the uk and the state need to keep there fingers out of other peoples problems alway russia russia like both our countrys are clean both are far from it plent of war crimes from blair to bush

  40. Я прошу Путина увидеть эту фигуру и представить себе человека, поворачивающегося, чтобы взглянуть на древо жизни

    I asks Putin to see this figure and imagine a man turning to look to the tree of life

  41. Couldn't have happen to a more inhumane group of people.
    Russia buys black women in particular from Nigeria into slavery.

    Hope their next accidental explosion is in Moscow. And pass the disasters to their allies: China, Iran, and North Korea.

  42. Russians surely must be one of the dumbest people on earth. After decades of terror and murder at the hand of an evil dictator, they still allow themselves to be ruled by another dictator, and apparently are proud of it.

  43. Strange that the seven people that were killed at a “non-nuclear” blast site were “scientists” just hanging out out an ammunition dump when an unfortunate accident happened…With Russia’s track record I bet all of the seven “recorded deaths” are alive and well.

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