Sunday , October 24 2021
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US southern border sector exceeded 300,000 border apprehensions

Antonio Garza, former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, discusses how some 2020 Democrats are calling to decriminalize illegal border crossings.

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  1. The Democrats want to decriminalize Crossings just Bikram Lodge everything we don't need Congress what are they there for set the draw pay payroll check why don't y'all do you like Donald Trump Congress and don't draw check you wouldn't be there long he's there because he loves our country you're there for a paycheck and a steal from us

  2. I, I, I, I, I feel like its… I, I , I, I…

  3. That is a size more than an army,this is an invasion and they should be shot when they cross

  4. Time to build the wall and deport illegal support president trump 2020

  5. You know I'm surprised there isn't landmines running along the boarder.

  6. Uh, guys. Illegal crossings are a civil offense, not criminal.

  7. Wow, that’s a lot of manufacturing !!!

  8. What is wrong with these Democrats they are seriously psychotic

  9. Screw the dems🙄!!!!! Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

  10. Dems got to go👉….so get OUT

  11. Not one of these democrats talked about ways to change the laws to maybe lessen the expense and time. They don't care about immigrants who come here legally. They just want permanent underclass.

  12. We cannot absorb them all. Our housing prices and goods will all go up

  13. Just unacceptable, no more illegals aliens!!

  14. Demorats should have there bank accounts seized by we the people to pay for this

  15. Funny thing is they must think all of the legal immigrants want all of that competition?

  16. 300k apprehensions means the Socialist just got roughly one third million more Illegal Alien votes for Leftist to finish revolutionizing the USA. STOP THE INVASION! KEEP USA SOVEREIGNTY,SECURITY,DEFENSE AND ELECTORAL INTEGRITY!

  17. Way to go, Ambassador Garza! Keep immigration LEGAL ONLY!

  18. Decriminalizing illegal border crossings is the same as saying America is no longer a country. The Democrats (aka Communists) like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are traitors who are against having our own sovereign nation of America. The Democratic Party is very toxic and dangerous to the survival of the USA, that much is obvious.


  20. Disgusting. Shame on the leftists in congress.

  21. The USA is a sovereign nation and a few idiots in government don’t get to decriminalize crossing illegally. Who lines their pockets cause the coyotes and some who call themselves activists are profiting with all this illegal activity.

  22. Decriminalize crimes for Central Americans, and lock up Americans for 🐴 💩

  23. Bet if we were executing people at the border for crossing illegally so many wouldn’t show up. Detaining and letting them die slow deaths is way more inhumane. How about taking care of the people who are already here instead of putting so much effort to appeasing foreign criminals who do not respect the laws of the land. Think about it, if someone successfully enters illegally how likely are they to abide by all the other laws and regulations beset by the US government? Their status ensures they will only continue to break more laws not follow them. Giving them some rights will only encourage them to try even harder and get in by any means necessary. You try to get in the wrong way- you lose your life, you get in legally- you get your shot at the pursuit. One of the problems is the removal of all illegals would devastate vast portions of the American economy, as they hold many types of jobs your typical American would refuse. I would recommend making all present illegals citizens and close the doors for a few years. Then reassess.

  24. The Democrats want Open Borders because it adds Tens of millions(hell hundreds) of the Ignorant, Uneducated and Unskilled to their Plantation….just how they like them…Dumb and Clueless with their hands out.

  25. Can someone finally do a peace on the wall construction? How much is done? Where etc. etc. and put this on internet. Let us SEE this wall.

  26. This Globalist shills answer is MORE Immigration…Which is what the Democrats/RINOs tried to pull with the most recent attempts at Amnestia….they wanted to increase Legal Immigration to 5.2 Million…Im sure it would make the Koch Bros happy …Americans so much..

  27. Not enough! BUILD THE WALL!!

  28. So, will passports, x-ray machines and other security checks at airports be immoral next?

  29. Great! Still need to see more deportations in cities! Trump 2020

  30. That's why Trump is a tax fraud and liar and con artist. He said there was millions of people climbing over wall. Mmmm. That's why when he opens his stupid mouth he lies.

  31. All 300 thousands illegal undocumented Democrat voters!

  32. We can't allow the USA to become the United Nations of the world. We are a first class country and will not survive a invasion of ILLEGAL ALIENS of any kind. Stop this crap now, or forever be doomed to a third world country. Your choice! STOP ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS / INVADERS FROM ENTERING THE USA. DEPORT THOSE THAT ARE HERE. (IMPLEMENT E-VERIFY NOW) FINISH THE WALL, FINISH THE WALL, FINISH THE WALL. MAGA!

  33. If I came to your country, I will speak English.

  34. "I was surprised… Someone probably looking to stand out in first debate" in Amb. Garza's view, when compared with, "this is an outrage. We have laws for a reason. etc."… Let's us all know what the meaning of "reasonable" is, in the Ambassador's view. "I can understand why little Johnny went over to the electric socket with a screwdriver" is about the equivalent.

  35. Libscum are human garbage


  37. America's total failure with border security. No one to blame but Trump. I for one am sick of losing on our border security Mr Trump. Do something. You have done nothing but let more illegals in than any POTUS in history. FAILURE!!!!

  38. Turn them all back soon as we get them we should not be holding them taking care of them or helping them we have our own citizens that need help

  39. 300,000 new welfare recipients and future gang members invade our borders.

  40. Ass…m
    Sotro are mritha kono din soman hote parena na .
    Ateb sotro ek din prokasito hobe
    Biso basi .

  41. Russia looks at your border madness and laughs. How dumb and shortsighted is it to give power to crazy democrats and to let zombie hordes into the country without any control?

  42. 300,000 trespassing cannot be decriminalized. How secure makes it to make decriminalize trespassing when thousands cross border without a legal procedure and NO proper documents?

    Democrats are using open borders for political campaign and it's a failure to Nation which is a major security risk. Decriminalize is allowing risk of attacks and increase in crime rate.

    And USA is not a public garden or a sanctuary or a paradise to world that people just come in. And Constitution about immigrants and refugees must NOT be selectively interpretted for a political gain or election campaign. The Judges have failed to rightly interpret Constitution and divide the truth for National Security & it's Sovereignity interest. But involved with past Presidency and Administration to have Trade/Commerce under lawlessness of Judiciary whom Obama appointed.

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