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US Trade Rep. Lighthizer on historic 'phase-one' China trade deal

United States trade representative Robert Lighthizer discusses the historic ‘phase one’ of the U.S.-China trade deal that is expected to be signed on Wednesday.

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  1. Dobbs, here’s an idea: Shut you mouth and allow your guest to explain the deal. Dufus Dobbs.

  2. So Trump is planning to convert these hundreds of Billions of dollars worth if tariffs in trade. Pretty smart move. I don't know if it will work fully but this is smart

  3. This is the greatest President since Ronald Reagan. His approval rating is rising and that makes the Delusional Democrats pissed off.

  4. Yeah you're going to check them you're going to police them and then one year or 4 years some idiots going to cave in I understand Bloomberg has got tremendous financial interest in China

  5. Believe it when I see the deal done and signed . Socialist farmers of America . USA USA USA

  6. China must return and pay back USA trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars that they steal from USA and stop any use of any kind of American inventions and 100%OF of the whole intellectual PROPERTY must not be able to used by any CHINESE, ZERO, ZERO TOLERANCE ZERO TRADE, ZERO TRUST ZERO DEALING WITH CANCER CORRUPT COMMUNIST CHINA GOVERNMENT BECAUSE CHINA IS INFECTING EVERYTHING THAT THEY TOUCH IN THE WHOLE PLANET SO STUPID FOR ANY HUMAN BEING TO TRUST CHINESE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS SPECIALLY XI JINPING THE WORST DICTATOR IN HUMAN HISTORY.

  7. Let's keep doing more same old same old, in 5 years China will elect our next president, no matter if we like it or not☆ you can't say they didn't try, a little.

  8. I hope for the best in this deal with China. But have you thought of the dog that has had his bone taken away. The dog will act remorseful for stealing the steak wrapped bone from your kitchen counter. The dog will watch where you bury the bone (as if his nose won't tell him). Within a day or two you come home from work to find a sleeping dog and a reopened empty hole where the bone used to be.

  9. Anyone can criticize, in fact it takes no particular intellect and absolutely no effort. I would like to see more PROBLEM SOLVERS then problem CREATORS with no solutions.

  10. the communism revolution will start soon from the heart of the capitalist world US

  11. Mr TRUMP is a toreador,
    He takes THE BULL BY THE

  12. Ambassador Lighthizer fell short this time. Practicality has been the excuse for decades, same old same old impracticality. The CCP is laughing all the way to the banks, that is Goldman Sachs and the other five fleecing cohorts. Phase one, sounds more like phase none. Can't wait to see the details, I hope it's better then William Barr and Company. Why am I thinking not? This so-called trade deal sounds more like Omnibus deal China Style.

  13. The trade deal means nothing if there aren't legal protections that are recognized and respected by the Chinese government.

  14. ♓🅾♓🅾♓🅾♓🅾♓🅾♓🅾♓🅾
    Nixon opened up China
    Nixon was celebrated for it…
    That's Globalism….. 34🚩🚩🚩

  15. OMG; he sounds like a cross between Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton. I think the economy is about to get sexually assaulted without the courtesy of a condom…

  16. Trump version 50 billion USD. China version 50 billion yuan.

  17. TRADE DEAL??? You lying pieces of dogshit. That lying piece of s*** president just retreated from the China us trade War. He says a couple of pretty words that you dumbasses grab hold of and run with. Faceit the orange orangutan blinked like usual. He's done it with Russia China North Korea Iran blah blah blah blah blah. No wonder that shitholecountry is the laughing stock of the world.

  18. I like Lighthizer. Hope I'm right. Sounds a lot like his philosophy is in the right place.

  19. Communists always cheat! Decouple now!

  20. Lighthizer is a real OG

  21. China have been humiliated beyond belief by Trump. It’s a humiliation the communists won’t forget.

    TRUMP 2020, the ONE who could make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN & KEEP IT GREAT AGAIN! and SAFER.. China can not beat TRUMP & AMERICA.😍😍😍

  23. Do not sign it, it takes China off the manipulation list it’s that simple


  25. The agreement wouldn’t force them to make economic-policy changes Washington had long insisted on. The U.S. doesn’t get the fundamental reforms in Chinese economic policy it sought to help American businesses. And levies remain on about $370 billion of China’s exports. Since 2018, Chinese negotiators had pushed what they called a 40-40-20 plan: They said 40% of American demands were doable because they involved reforms China planned anyway, 40% were negotiable, and 20% were off-limits, impinging on national security. Beijing would buy $40 billion to $50 billion annually in agricultural products, Lighthizer said, about twice what it has ever bought from the U.S. Mr. Liu didn’t contradict him but didn’t confirm the claim. This is to boost the markets.

  26. Thank you for not caving in, Trump! MAGA!

  27. If china does not live up to the agreement, we should “write off the debt to China”. Just not pay it. Why would we pay a debt to China if they’ve been cheating us for decades.

  28. President Trump's America First is 21st century American Idealism. 🇺🇸🗽

  29. Boomerberg is gonna look really silly if he spends a billion $ and still only gets 5% approval

  30. No more deals with the communist fascists.

  31. Few Americans know what the real China looks like 'cause they have been so biased.

  32. Congratulations to Mr. Trump, the most stable genius and a true friend of Chinese people. US won and will be great again and again.

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