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US, Venezuela confirm secret talks regarding Maduro’s potential exit

Retired Navy commander Chris Harmer on the report that the U.S. and Venezuela are in talks about Nicolás Maduro’s potential exit.

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  1. Contact for sanctions yes but for exiting his post as president of Venuezuela that is just fake news

  2. He can join Snowden in Russia. Putin has a collection of traiters.

  3. Maduro could exile to California and be our governor. The Democrats here would love and welcome him here. Communal apartments are already a thing here.

  4. I hope Maduro will remain in power.

  5. Propaganda against another leader.
    Evil US government.

  6. "For the good of the Venezualan people" Haha! No one actually believes these lies though. And with their investments in the country I doubt China and Russia will let the US invade and pillage as they always do.

  7. Pelosi, Cortez, Bernie and the other loony liberals would give Maduro a warm hero's welcome if he relocated to America.

  8. And deport our commie socialists out of America.

  9. Sicked and tired of this regime change. Haven't we learned anything? Let those people make the initiatives to start the change. Let them rot if they don't change.

  10. FAKE NEWS. there was negotiations but wasnt about maduro's exit. If thats all USA got he wil be president for a long time to come. There was a meeting in moscow. VP and the defense minister of venezeula was there also. Moscow plans to send 2 warships to help with the USA aggression in venezulas waters. in whichj Fox failed to report.

  11. Let's go to REAL NEWS …THE REAL VAGABOND or even- RT ..

  12. THE NEXT devils' TRICK ON MADURO; B. 4 ABDUCT TRY BY CIA; Just another try to brand him a 'PUNK, TRAITOR, SNEAK, Crook- as all of them are. NOTE How they put his name in w/Idi, Qadhafi, such …(UNIV. LIARS! FOX NEWS N.W.O. OWNED!!)

  13. The Venezuelan oil industry was nationalized in 1976, long before Chavez or Maduro came to power. According to one Fox News economist, about 70 percent of businesses are in private hands. It is a mixed economy and was intentionally NOT based on the old Soviet model where the state controls all means of production because as Castro famously told Chavez, it is “not 1960 anymore” and he, interestingly, urged him to keep the majority of businesses under private ownership (even Cuba now allows small businesses like beauty shops to operate). Corruption and mismanagement have plagued the country under both right and left leaning governments, but it was the huge drop in oil prices which set the stage for the hyperinflation Venezuela now struggles with. Chavez had initially set up a sovereign wealth fund to help Venezuela deal with the boom and bust cycle of the energy business but then dismantled it when oil prices skyrocketed, and everyone thought that with “peak oil”, prices would continue to escalate. This mistake combined with Venezuela’s reliance on the sale of oil for the majority of its revenue and more recently, the crippling economic sanctions, have all contributed to the crisis it now faces. I have visited Venezuela, and it is a beautiful country with a vibrant culture, and I’m a big fan of their innovative El Sistema music education system (I regularly perform with a superb musician from Venezuela who was trained under this program) so fervently hope that there will be a negotiated rather than a military solution….

  14. Just tell us AFTER he steps down. Smh.


  16. The foolish remains foolish. Maduro ain't going nowhere, it's only a US wish and dream for him to leave but it ain't gonna happen as long Russia, Cuba, Iran, and China are alive. Those days of overthrowing governments around the globe through military power are over. Veznuella is armed to the teeth and will be supported militarily by Russia, Iran, China, and Cuba. A good lesson for the US was in Georgia 2008, Syria 2015, and Ukraine 2013 where Russia obliterated their proxies.

  17. You can't believe a dictator would betray another country to save him self?

  18. Fox full of Crap, they said the last time that he had a plane ready to whisk him out of the Country and Maduro still there, America you have lost , not only with Venezuela but also with NK and going to lose to Iran, Thank the lord for Russia and China.

  19. Gonna write a Marxist storybook. "The Bus Driver and the Bartender."

  20. Maduro is going to be the next governor of California. He'll be a lot better than Gruesome.

  21. You can bet your lunch money, that China is paying attention to this

  22. Oh yes send him to Nancys district, He can live in a tent on her front lawn.

  23. Make Madurai the new president of californica

  24. No talks regarding sending Venezuela our traitorous Democrats? Burnout would excel if he had the chance to milk the poor.

  25. The USA will provide him w sanctuary and tons more cash to last him a lifetime while he lives The High Life in a mansion somewhere

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