US warns Putin against using nuclear weapons

The White House says it is prepared to impose additional costs on Russia if necessary. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News: SEE MORE at LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER : #abcnews #goodmorningamerica #putin #russia

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. The fact that Vladimir Putin is so cavalier with threatening Ukraine and the Western world with nuclear annihilation, should be a good indication to his own people about how little he cares about their safety and or existence.

  2. JUST DO IT PUTIN SO WHAT THE black AMERICAN AND biden and kamala CAN DO FOR IT😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😝

  3. Americans should warn back themselves, if they do not wants to die in pain or in vain.

  4. amurica nuke japan not 1 but twice, also they used Agent Orange in Vietnam still lost the war, and will never be able to recovery even decades later what they did to Vietnam, (don't forget U.S used BZ (3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate) on there own soliders in the Vietnam war) not to mention they bomb other countries for decades too, amurica likes to play the blame game, but they're the true hypocrites, and warmongers, but since people are brainwashed by there western propaganda and media they can get away with it.

  5. Nuking cities where we already kill each other 🤣🤣🤣

  6. I mean like whoever invented nukes was dumb for doing it

  7. Do we got any pirate ships or like

  8. Or like we can clone an animal and make it super big hey I thought of something funny can you clone an animal and make it real giant and then it’s dead it’s a dead clone so you use it as gasoline

  9. Giant laser beam electro magnetic repelling ass thing

  10. Well Russia threatening Nukes and not even Black Russians would stop it is another level of awe and shock

  11. Putin remainds me of Frieza from DBZ. He would rather see everything destroyed than to lose at anything in life

  12. It is awful that humans have slaughtered each other for as long as they have existed and that shows no sign of changing at all. But without a change in human nature, humans will not survive. We may be a so-called intelligent species but we certainly do so many many things indeed that are the opposite of intelligent.

  13. Brandon 2024, if the world survives.

  14. Let's go Brandon, FJB!

  15. Any Response from the US that's not military to a Russia use of tatical nuke will destory the West forever. US must not run away from this the best way is to beg ukraine to accept the referendum if ukraine keeps fighting Putin may use the tatical nuke option and chemical weapons option. Putin is not afraid to fight the US doesn't want to face Russia 😂

  16. I wish. I had a spaceship to leave earth

  17. Putin not stupid
    Its all about that region in ukraine please dont forget the civil war that happened years prior, violence isnt the answer this all could of been avoided
    Tbh usa telling people whst to do with numes when havem setup across the world

  18. FYR, after the 1st defeat of US Army in Morocco by other Army, Putin( Old or Young) who came here with his army and brought the ceasefire between Different armies , took the control of the land and give the right way to Americans to.have access to.the land by Asking me 1st the authorization to have access of the country.Basically he was based in city close to seaport because i have seen him having access toSubmarine
    But After that there was betrayal of someone or a country?which makes him struggling for sometimes and obliged to.leave the land or Not.

    P.S: For Austria, may be relationship of Old Putin with Mum of hybrid

  19. An this is how it ends well considering if Russia does hit the us with a nuke the us has a pride issue an they both will end the world

  20. It's no secret Russia is going to attack US. Christians know. Putin might be the Russian gov that is going to hit US underground causing tsunamis. I never understood until now that it's obvious we have an entire network functioning underground. Even Trump has an underground tunnel leading from FL to NY. Imagine all of the crimes our gov and people are commiting right under our feet. Smh I do think Putin is going to strike US soon. I left the city life to garden. War is coming to our soil. But We are going to win. I agree with Elon Musk. Release the stick. Ukraine's neighbors will be next and eventually US. We the People are scarier than a dictator. We put our leaders in a bunker. Putin will be the next Bunker B*tch and his own will stand with US, Ukraine, and our allies. We the People don't play with our own gov; let alone, someone elses. We f*ck each other up; let alone, a foreign invader. Our hoods alone are scarier than Putin.

  21. I wouldn't underestimate Putkin with anything.

  22. Stay out of it, US. Not your business.

  23. Its about to be fallout 5

  24. If Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons, the US cannot stand still. If the United States does not respond, China and North Korea will also use nuclear weapons.

  25. Love and light upon usa. Hoping for peace and harmony

  26. US has the capability to counter nuclear weapons.The enemies dont know.

  27. Russia never threatened to use nuclear weapons. Actually listen to his speech. He warned against attack on Russia.

  28. The USA wants to end this world.

  29. End of the world is coming 💣💣


  31. Another great hit from the same folks responsible for last year's Afghanistan pullout.
    What else could you expect?

  32. AMC STOCK is about to explode! short squeeze incoming

  33. More like were threating Russia were the bad guy instigating the whole the we think we can beat Russia in a this type of war wrong we're all toast except the elites

  34. Can they target SF If they drop nukes? I’m tired of this life and I’m not too far away…

  35. Putin is going to solve climate change and cool the planet with a nuclear winter. He will also reduce the population. He will be like a climate hero.

  36. WOW!….That should do it!
    I'll bet Putin is shitting his pants now!!👍

  37. All the NATO allies and America have more nuclear weapons than Russia. Putin better relax himself before he starts a real nuclear war. America doesn't want war.