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US withdraws from Cold War-era arms control treaty with Russia

On Friday, the U.S. and Russia withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the United States announced that it will test a new non-nuclear cruise missile. Behnam Ben Taleblu from the Foundation of Defense of Democracies, reacts to the U.S. and Russia pulling out of the deal.

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  1. Was the "Nuclear Arms Treaty" really a "Treaty" between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. or just an "Executive Agreement" that Chris Wallace was a witness to while President Reagan sat in the Oval Room back in the 1980s? A real "treaty" must be approved by an act of Congress. A "treaty" has the same force and effect as if it were on par with a federal statute. No president can nullify a federal statute nor a treaty adopted by Congress. The title above reads, "US tears up historic nuclear Treaty with Russia" in the above captioned video. (not this one, it's a copy and paste from a prior comment).
    Question: Was the agreement between Ronald Reagan and the U.S.S.R. really a "Treaty"? The Constitution states that all "Treaties" must be adopted by both Houses of Congress. Treaties have the final and full effect as Federal Law.

    The President of the United States has no power to nullify a "Treaty" without an Act of Congress.

    Only Congress can vote on and approve a Treaty which is really an agreement between two or more sovereign states. Once approved by Congress treaties become the "law of the land". Nobody in the Executive Branch can nullify a "treaty".

    So Mr. Chris Wallace, was it a real "Treaty" that you personally witnessed and watched being signed before you with you own eyes in the "Oval Room" by President Ronald Reagan? Or was it simply a disguised piece of paper which purported to be a "treaty" never adopted by Congress?
    Or was it just an "Executive Agreement" made to look like a "Treaty"? Thank you in advance for your answer, hopefully we might see one from you. Hopefully.

  2. The only thing that can be good from this is that . Russia , China , USA , Un ect.
    Formulate a new nuclear arms treaty with enforceable accountability measures. Enforced by the body I say collective of participating countries. There's more to gain by honoring then the other choice.

  3. Dow 30,000 by 2020. Remember this.

  4. You have to accept that your government is destroying the world. We have to pay for it. That is what happened in the past and its happening now. Why? Because we allow it.

  5. And Moscow Mitch is not much help when it comes to the Russians. He and the stable genius owe too much to Putin. Who cares about the threat of nuclear war?

  6. This had nothing to do with Russia or the US why the treaty was withdrawn. It's China because they were never a part of the treaty and are actively developing such weapons. The US was the only one losing its technological edge by fulfilling a treaty others were not following.

  7. I highly recoomend you all to chdck out the Peloponesian war by Thucydides. True story about the biggest war in the Ancient Greek history. Athens (democracy) vs Sparta (authoritarian) and the war statyed over a treaty that was broken

  8. When Children from around the world presented Gorbachev with a glass globe of the earth, he cried. It wasn't long after that agreements were signed… and after that the Wall that divided Germany came down. He was a great Russian President.

  9. Back to an Arms Race, stupid Trump has reactivated the Cold War.


  11. NATO sides with washington, i'm shocked. Oh, its all russias fault, the mindless narrative continues.

  12. Headscarves of the Muslims.
    In the Netherlands, face-covering, like the Muslim woman, is forbidden now. Parliament has curbed this through legislation, no longer permitted in government buildings and offices. We are also looking into the possibilities of banning the headscarf wearers in government buildings and offices. It is good that this sneaky Nollone is forbidden. When will the rest of the western follow?

  13. moscow mitch get him in line..

  14. THEY COULD have! They obviously didn't feel like it bc the US was complying with the INTENT and Russia was free to promiscuously violate it UNTIL they fear the products of U.S. ingenuity and the costs of competing — why should they?

  15. Leftist sheep are crying again….
    President Trump keeps killing outdated and crappy deals to renegotiate new and better deals.

  16. Looks like the Democrats Russian buddies are stabbing them in the back! Sad, that they still take Russian money to finance their campaigns.

  17. If Donnie did it, it’s a bad deal.

  18. The Kid President Has Done Nothing For The Population Just Has The Corporations and Bigger Shareholders Juggling their Investment and The South American Nations Beneficiaries of Economic growth while American are Stuck with The Hardships From His Administration! Governments Collecting Money for A War Chest

  19. Learn your black history, you know the 400 year . and then call the Russian Belligerent violators.

  20. I like your glasses Charles!

  21. Stock market: dips

    Trump: "We are pulling out of the Iran deal"

    Stock Market: up

    Stock Market: dips again

    Trump: "We are pulling out of this Cold War agreement with Russia"

    Stock Market: 👀👀👀

  22. Excellent idea let's go build some tests some and then tell him not to make any. Why they watch us build our makes a lot of sense. But the newscaster should not have said in the beginning we are "BOTH" in VIOLATION

  23. Every international treaty signed in my lifetime has been designed to weaken America and tie our hands. HE SHOULD pull out of them all.

  24. from me? fck talmud! God Bless Goodness!

  25. I don't want to go back to another cold war where we were staring down the barrels of each others' "nuclear guns".

    I don't want to go back to time where only a simple little insect bug could damage a circuit
    and a set off a potential nuclear war.

    I served on US military vessels where we could not confirm or deny the presence of our nuclear weapons.

    Haven't we learned anything?

    Must the human race wipe out itself to learn this lesson?

    The Democrats yip and yip about the so-called threat of Global Warming.

    But they never saw the pictures and videos of victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    The bombs used on two days are little firecrackers compared to the bombs in our
    modern arsenals today.

    God Help Us.

  26. I'm glad my job helps fund billionaires killing people for their own gain

  27. Nothing happens except a proxy war. Also, possibly a proxy war supporting Hong Kong against China.

  28. …so more contracts for Lockheed Martin and Boeng?

  29. Well Trump-Tards now what he is destroying everything . Your wish is coming becoming reality we are becoming an ISOLATION COUNTRY

  30. Awesome now I can buy a real AK47

  31. For some reason, the Fox Business channel is enundated with America-hating liberals. Or so it seems.

  32. faux news has their spin ready. These guys are just the GOP news station. Same reason McDonalds is so successful, it's bad for you, but it just tastes so good that many will eat there.

  33. Only under Trump would this happen.

  34. he is seriously wearing an ascot…Fred from scooby doo…

  35. sooo….time to reactivate all heavy bombers in the graveyard that havent been chopped up and round up all static display B52's and convert them to G or H models?

  36. This also just shows that the Russians screwed with trumps election if this is happening… god I hate the dicktator so much he needs to BURN FOREVER IN HIS HOME

    His home meaning hell
    Him meaning trump

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