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USA TODAY Editorial Board endorses Joe Biden for president | USA TODAY

USA TODAY Editorial Board on Biden endorsement: Trump violates values.
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For the first time in USA TODAY’s history, the Editorial Board is endorsing a presidential candidate. Several board members explain why.

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  1. Journalists shouldn’t be bias in the first place

  2. Camille Caldera is fake news!


  3. Only came here because they were reporting Biden will win,just like they said about Hilary. I was right there doing it again.

  4. Since Jan 2020, Worth Health Organization already told Trump about coronavirus broke out in China, but Trump said coronavirus only a kind of Cold not care of it, thus let coronavirus spread out the whole America. What a shame president.

  5. This type of mindless bias is why I unsubscribed from USA Today.

  6. I love your humanity in understanding Trump lacks empathy for humans Thank You

  7. What? USA Today endorses Biden? Has Biden been cleared of the allegations? How can a reputable paper endorse a questionable character? It is possible that Biden could be exposed to China’s blackmail. Most likely the mob-like regime holds a lot of incriminating evidence against the Bidens. Did the U.S. government reach a consensus that China poses a serious threat to national security, American values and the American way of life?

  8. No Bias.

  9. i am disappointed. you totally neglect Biden family's ties to CCP and their crimes.

  10. why USA today will support a crimal Biden , should CIA start to investigate the editorial broad of USA today to find out potential spies working for CCP in USA today?

  11. All lies!
    And they don't care

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  13. Boycott the garbage paper from today!

  14. All Newspapers and All Media are for Biden. Ownership made them do it. It's all about the D in front of his name even though he is the absolute worst candidate I've every seen. Biden's very corrupt as not reported by most outlets. I wish everyone knew about Hunter's Laptop and his father's involvement to sell our country to China for personal enrichment.

  15. What a shock! You mean they are partial to the Dems?? Liars.🤬

  16. Common sense dictates that no sane person would vote for Trump. USA Today is clearly left of center so why do Trumpeters watch this? If it's self validation you're after, watch FOX "News".

  17. How do you find such stupid people for your panel?

  18. You are endorsing a guy who is 78 in Nov. He will immediately be impeached . America doesn't need his problems.

  19. Why would anyone pick Biden at this point? If you are in bed with the Dems, just hold till the Joe Biden corruption facts come out. Then make a choice or do nothing. Says allot for the USA today's poor leadership.

    Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪
    Trump/Pence MAGA 2020 🇺🇸

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