Thursday , January 20 2022
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USMCA gains outweigh the losses, director says

Former Commerce Department Deputy Director Chris Garcia discusses developments on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement as it awaits congressional approval. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Nothing more than NAFTA 2.0 changed to NAFTA 2.1.

  2. Forget China, give all our business to Mexico and South America.

  3. America don't make deals with transsexuals lunatics like Trudeau .

  4. The only thing really holding this up is hatred for Trump…never mind the good for the country this deal will bring

  5. 3 years and Trump Has Done Nothing to the Criminal Pedophile Traitors 
    More Talk
    More MSM sedition 
    More BS
    the Traitors are Free 
    This Patriot is Over Trump

  6. Trump is a pro at bankrupting companies, now he's endangering millions of peoples jobs and budgets with his tariffs. And if you think this will create jobs here in America, you're a naive fool. Farmers are being hurt, prices are going up. The American poor and middle class will be hurt. People who support Trump and believe his bs are clueless.

  7. This muppet is too smiley.
    Get a new one to sell us the replacement migration agenda.

  8. Junk deal. The old deal is better

  9. Same OS, said same thing when pass nafta in 5 years 20,000 empty empty buildings with all them business saying closing and moving to mexico with its workers, I was at 4 of them back then, we are moving our factory to Mexico, wages are lower.

    Why do I see this being the 2nd gutting of usa. lets see that generation is mostly unable to rise up and 2 generations later there so indoctrinate with books that they fight for any other nation then hear the truth
    less they had strong familys that taught them about Treason of Nafta with indept understanding.

  10. Funny…Canada and Mexico are saying the exact same thing. I wonder which one of three is lying? Lol

  11. The US should make Mexico the next china why not

  12. EE.UU and MEXICO
    lot family's are mixed now
    lor United states veterans are joining their retirements in mexico
    in BAJA CALIFORNIA and all mexico 🤗 we love USA


  14. I wish I could site my source, regardless it wasn't the Leftist media. Their source were Mexican journalists. There is a real difference between Mexican journalists, and US 'journalists'. The main preoccupation of US 'journalists' is fabricating lies about TRUMP, whereas, Mexican journalist who report on crime, and corruption in Mexico are subject to assignation everyday. The reality is virtually the entire Mexican economy is controlled by the drug cartels. Mexico's two largest 'industries' is oil, and drugs, and I also have to add illegal immigration. The two largest are controlled by the cartels as well as illegal immigration. Yes, I know there is always the 1 in 10 million exception, regardless to quote the Mexican journalist 'no illegals cross the border without payment to the coyotes who pay the cartels. Whatever you subsidize the more you get. Thank GOD for TRUMP..

  15. One more comment: Are any of you familiar with how the United States lost much of the textile industry? It could be an educational thing for many to appreciate how that change occurred… several decades ago. Stop thinking that the ten second sound bytes of info we receive from ALL sources actually convey the depth of a subject

  16. Reading through several responses it is apparent that many people don't appreciate what "abrupt" change does to any complex system: One does not abandon a trading partner instantly; if one wants to alter a situation it has to done over a period of years. Hundreds of thousands of people's JOBS are connected with trade to China – regardless of what you approve of – all manner of transport (ships, trains, trucks); retail sales jobs; as well as middlemen who make things work.
    You want to stop trade with China (it's ill-conceived) but at least do it in an organized way so you do the least damage to the overall economy…. and while you're at it consider the contradiction to free market concepts that have been the cornerstone of conservatives for decades.

  17. Dems are gonna repeat there stubborness by holding every bill hostage .trying to negotiate non related subjects .
    They are dragging there feet till after debate.

  18. Yeah take out people back we don’t want these illegals here in America take all your Mexico illegals back to your country we don’t want them here they will be sent back soon anyway stolen documents they all stole the documents so security is not real drivers license is not real

  19. What a Win-Win situation! Go for it!

  20. 500 million people in USMCA. What a great deal.

  21. The Dems are free loading off ppl! They are all about themselves! They get rich you stay poor…

  22. Vote out the Congressional Democrats.

  23. So like Japan then Canada-Mexico takes USA corn with e-commerce.

  24. Canadians are becoming richer through American economy while Americans living through weekly paychecks.

  25. 2:37 "they want to achieve the American dream" this means assimilating. I know of people who have lived in the country illegally for over 60 years and still do not speak English. Hispanics naturally born in the US refers to themselves as "Mexican" and not "American". The reality is, 78% enter illegally versus legally.
    60 years ago, China was dirt poor. Now, they're the 2nd largest economy in the world. They kept education as a priority, which has never been a priority in Latin countries. China had a 1 Child policy. With the combined Quinceanera and Machismo mentality, it's highly unlikely they will ever implement a similar policy in Mexico or any other Latin country. Speaking of priorities, the Mexican government has had a Space Program for the last 10 years. A program for their people??? Nothing.

  26. Nancy Pelosi is holding it up. She is the enemy of economic progress.

  27. Do the Democrats still represent the unions? And if so do they represent the blue collar jobs or the white collar jobs in America? And the answer is. White collar jobs. Weird but true.

  28. The US economy is strong.. BUT IT SLOWED A BIT… Don't you love it..

  29. Don the Con only tears up treaties & uses the Constitution for toilet paper 🧻

  30. Bloviating Blowhard wants the votes of the party he can’t stop demonizing & dehumanizing for his Cult of Hatriots to target 🎯

  31. LOL at trump rebranding nafta and calling it a good deal. trump supporters might be the stupidest fuckin people on the planet

  32. A crime that Congress holds up anything that will not only benefit Americans but if it makes Trump a winner, the Democrats close their eyes and play dumb..oh wait, they are already dumb!!!!!

  33. And that idiot Justine just sent 2.6 5 billion to fight climate change in third world countries. We the people didnt agree to this

  34. if its good for america the dims wont pass it.. period

  35. Democrats hold up everything thats good for America. Pure and simple, Democrats Suck!

  36. Corrupt democrats doesn't care about our country,they want to turn our country into a third world country.

  37. USMCA is D.O.A. just another glorified form of NAFTA- basically a name change to satisfy queen trump. Your full of crap that queen trump wants more immigrants- the only exception is for her properties

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