Monday , November 29 2021
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US,Taliban agree to remove US troops from Afghanistan: Gen. Keane

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane on the future of the U.S. role in Afghanistan.

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  1. If we leave Afghanistan that's gone give them power to create nuclear weapons and build planes & more weapons just to invade the US not saying they'll get far but they'll make an impact and take several lives just for US to go back to war in Afghanistan to fight a more powerful war & they'll have more resources this war will never end for 1 because we already invaded them off false accusations of 911 in the new propaganda video for isil a little boy said the war will end on US soil which I highly doubt but that just goes to show you even if we were to pull out the war that doesn't mean they are going to be cooperative with the US & they still will plan to invade us!!!!

  2. Afghanistan War based on 911 lies. Bring them all home now.

  3. This analyst make me laugh lolzz

  4. In feature no one dare to touch Afghanistan.

  5. the Taliban are the army of Allah , only a matter of time before they take control of Mecca than lead the islamic nation

  6. America quits again. We did this in Vietnam. America quits before the fight has begun okay. This is bulshit these soldiers deserve more respect. We should take the kids of these politicians and send them over there and let them die and then the politicians to

  7. When the last Muslim is killed, then we can expect peace.

  8. I think our troops need to leave a 20 year war idiot's we have drones morons just another war monger

  9. The Western world has no choice but to wake up and realized what their ancestors had known for over 1000 years: Jihad is for all time!

  10. What an embarrassing defeat by the Taalibaan.(spelt phonetically) They are the toughest fighters in the world and they proved it.

  11. America got some nerve we can't trust the Taliban American government is the biggest most corrupt nation in the world fake news .

  12. Afghanistan must be a 21st century story like of South Korea, a democratic nation with a strong economy and the presence of US military base. However, at the end of the day Afghanistan is for afghani people, its culture and traditions. Taliban, Afghan govt. & its people must make peace first amongst themselves by enacting a written constitution that will ensure the justice, equality and liberty for generations. May peace prevail🙏

  13. Thats 5 billion dollar saved in a 10 yr period..
    There you go.. That's the funding for most parts of the border wall

  14. So we gave Afghanistan back to the Taliban. Jesus Christ.

  15. At what point do you stop generational wars ? Keep intelligence there , do covert ops, but let’s leave already- trillions of dollars spent on some blight in the desert…. think of what amazing things we could have done with all that money – we could have changed humanity for the better. Nope let’s spend it and keep spending it on policing a desert culture that will most likely NEVER change.

  16. China would be thrilled as well if we pulled out of Afghanistan. The General is right but WE the PEOPLE want our troops back.

  17. 8600 troops is not very much

  18. It’s funny I have never owned a gun , but I have shot one ! But today’s society scares me That I should purchase one!! To defend my family , my Country & Our Constitution God Bless America!!

  19. Sounds like AOC & Rashida Tlaib hmm!!

  20. We can be back in literally minutes! Leave now!

  21. The military complex is alive and well. Everything is in our strategic interest. Like the Roman Empire our reach has exceeded our grasp.

  22. It’s like getting caught with cookies jar, stay we lose our young men, go home Taliban wins Isis & Alquida wins !

  23. Ok, if we leave and then terrorist return then I fully support sending over a few MX missiles. It's just as General Keane says. This is a generational way of life for those idiots. I for one am far beyond spilling anymore US blood over there. Wipe them out completely if the terrorist return.

  24. We can't trust the Taliban??
    Can the Taliban trust us?
    Trump has lost our credibility by reversing so many deals that the US government has made with the world.
    Who's to say the next administration won't reverse his deals.
    Now you see what Trumps actions have done. The world can't trust us to keep our word and that is dangerous and kills diplomacy.

  25. The Taliban is no better then ISIS. Why are we even making any deals with them??

  26. american white loner boys are killing more americans then taliban ever could.

  27. Sometimes you have to pull out if you want to put it back in.

  28. Great, get the hell out of there, shouldnt have been there anyway. Quit wasting our tax dollars and Americans lives!

  29. What about the enemy of 9/11?No? Thought so.

  30. Get out of Afghanistan we’ve been there to long! This is the military industrial complex at work they’ll never get out there!

  31. After 9/11, the US, including the civilized world pledged to root out Terrorist org Taliban & Quida. Now the US wants to negotiate with Taliban & allow them power, because of war fatigue. That's Taliban's victory – expect more attacks once they take over Afghanistan!

  32. Taliban miss u more then u leave Afghanistan 😢

  33. India should help US to counter terrorism in Afghanistan.

  34. 03:38 Sorry, whose foot on whose throat?

  35. Yet, ISIS still exist? US got Bin Laden's son? Will it be considered victory? Or does victory exist since Vietnam?
    We'll just call it "victory unobtianable"!😢👍

  36. Is this another Vietnam cut ant run. From what I can tell the Taliban has agreed to nothing. They do not recognize Afghanistan’s government and won’t even talk to them. Trump will claim victory but Afghanistan will lose.

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