Utah governor after signing social media laws: ‘Kids are very smart. That’s one of the problems.’

Gov. Spencer Cox (R-Utah) signed sweeping social media regulation laws for minors last week. Now the question is how they will be enforced.

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  1. Soooo. I guess I look elsewhere to learn WHAT the 'new laws' are? 👎🏼

  2. This is about the same as the hub putting ”are you over 18” kids Will just lie


    As history persists nothing has changed

    Our days are more dangerous than before.

    Most never seek the true facts or answers

    They just follow the clowns they fear or adore.

    The falsehoods of life shadow man’s soul

    Testing our faith, temperament and resolve.

    Real heroes defend, unite and liberate

    Facing problems with a mandate to solve.

    Some gain wisdom by their own mistakes

    While too many agonize from conceit.

    Far greater are deeds achieved by the truth

    Than any practiced by lies and deceit.

    The words of the wise are heard in quiet

    More than the loud shouts of screaming fools.

    Wisdom and knowledge cause stability

    In the lives of those who use them as tools!

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web

    George Bush Tom Zart

  4. "Kids are Very Smart, that is one of the Problems" Republicans are the Problem

  5. Republicans don't deserve to breathe

  6. Smart kids are a “PROBLEM? So so very disappointing to hear that.

  7. If you want to restrict your children's access to social media, how about setting rules with them instead of depending on the state to do it for you? How about talking to your children?

  8. I feel like the Utah governor knew about children being smart individuals but decided to sign a stupid nanny law just to see the outcome.

    If I were a child in Utah, it would've already failed because I figured out how to break through parental controls. For this law, I'd just need to relocate my device or lie about my age. Same-O games.

  9. This law is unconstitutional, and a violation of the right to happiness. This is not the government jib, its the parents.

  10. Not enough money for education. Class sizes with children’s behavior nowadays would benefit if there’s only 20 kids in the classroom. Not 25,30,35 or more. I work in maintenance at a large school district. Spend 2 weeks in the classroom helping and it will be clear what’s needed.

  11. This is proof that Republicans and Democrats are equally unfit to lead our country.

  12. kids are smart like DeeBees robots from gears 5 LOL

  13. Chuck Todd hates all Republicans. This deep hatred stems from his abusive father and alcoholic mother.

  14. this will be as effective as age gates on websites, honestly i bet only republican children are met with difficulties trying to access this.

  15. Crypto currency and NFTs will outsmart the banking system in the neareqst future serving as a global fiat. Already making over 85% proflt from my current lnvestment ❤️🤩

  16. Get a vpn it’s easy

  17. Um he's saying adults are dumb then 😂

  18. Parents allow the kids to do what they want. It shows the state that kids run their parents. Your little kid isn't as good as you thought. Now we're waiting on the sexual predator upgrades later this year. It will be as young as 14 can be classified as a pedophile for sending sexually explicit anything. And to add onto that, companies are now enforcing the terms of use binding contracts. Kids who break age requirements will be prosecuted, and parents will be on the no internet list. We're finally moving in the right direction

  19. I love the grounded reality of this channel!!, Despite the recession, I no longer depend on Government Grants since I acquire $16,400 bi weekly profits.

  20. kids are very smart and that's part of the problem ..yup that's a republican.

  21. LOL, imagine having your government sign this into law as if it is going to change anything. What a nanny state…