Thursday , August 11 2022

Uvalde school shooting: Tracking the law enforcement response | ABC News

New information continues to shed light on law enforcement’s response the day the gunman killed 21 people at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Should have let the fire department handle it.

  2. How did the teacher get back in if the door was locked? She said she ran in, so she obviously didn't use a key. She probably stuck a pebble inside the bottom of the door frame to keep it from latching and then didn't bother to remove it because she was panicking and just kept running. Obviously she doesn't want to admit it, because it would mean she got 18 people killed by violating regulations by propping the door open. We know there was a rock involved because how could that have been made up when the original version came out? Seems like an odd thing to make up out of thin air.

  3. Every so called police officer there should be fired. Their non-action was despicable.

  4. I think Arrendondo and some of them can be charged with dozens of involuntary manslaughter charges as well as abandoning their post and cowardly acts as government peace officers

  5. The officers may actually be criminally liable for the deaths of some of these children.
    They were aware of the situation and that if they did nothing to stop the shooter (which they are sworn to do) it was highly likely if not certain that more children would die.
    This charge is involuntary manslaughter.
    Their inaction at the scene was certain to result in the deaths of innocent children.
    They were so negligent and reckless in their inaction that any sane individual , especially an individual sworn by oath to protect, would of and should of stopped the killing. They were able to, trained to, equipped to, and required to by the law.

  6. Imagine all the little kids that bled to death while waiting on the cops cowering in the hallway

  7. You, the media, are 99% responsible of all these schools and mass shooting. Just freakin stop turning those shooter into celebrity. Treat them as a number, for exemple mass shooter #1, mass shooter#2 etc.. Strip them of their name, history, make them become nothing more than a number, a pathetic statistics, make sure that nobody ever know what those losers names are. Put the spotlight on the victims and their history, their family, make them known by the entire world. By doing so, im very confident that mass and schools shooting will drop by a lot

  8. No father would have stood there outside of those door if he had Rifles, Shield, and Bullet Proof Vest……

  9. Cowards…When you hear shots in the classroom that have young children present, do you have to wait for someone to tell you to go save their lives? How can they stand a few feet from the door and do nothing, absolutely nothing? 19 cops to scared to take matters into their own hands and let 9 and 10 year old kids fend for themselves against a guy with a gun, what a bunch of cowards. Unfortunately, these kids were slaughtered while cops hid in the hallway with way more firepower than they needed! A massive cluster f*** by the people we depend on to help us when it really matters. I can’t imagine the absolute feeling of helplessness that those kids felt in their final moments when nobody came to save them…

  10. The ballistic shield is a red herring. Police are trained to engage a shooter immediately no shield necessary. There's no time for getting shields or keys. Pathetic disgraceful disgusting cowardly… Surprised he didn't wait to have a cup of coffee brought to him…

  11. It's the teacher that keep the door open an her lawer is lieing about the teacher an we don't believe that are the real videos of that day of the killing thoes videos are from the active shooter training thats took place on March that's we think 🤔🤔🤔🤔 because the say they was waiting for Shields an vets an back up with more powerful guns …this don't add up in those videos show cops with shields an R15 an vet on them …you see they cut the video only show that part

  12. Where the 911 call from the funeral people, who were shot at first. Where the command center, we see none. Who was giving order outside the school?

  13. I like the way it was done great video

  14. “OmG sO bRaVe! THiN bLuE liNe. THeY neEdED bAcKuP” can’t stand that blue line bs anymore

  15. Who told them to stand down? Who let these children die while parents waited outside listening to the shots go off minute after minute?

  16. Teachers need to have their own weapon. Cops aren't there to save you. They are flawed and un perfect. OVER AN HOUR and everyone in there is completely helpless. Something needs to change because these shootings won't. We have too much evil in our society. Even if you take a way the guns, of which will never happen there are more brutal and sinister ways of dying.

  17. What happened to the police response to the grandmother being shot in the head? Does the Uvalde PD respond to any calls?

  18. Ya.. I have no words.

  19. Nobody could have possibly made this more tragic even if they’d tried.
    Asking for any sole survivor to speak up while the gunman was still in the room? Absolutely sickening.
    Look at all those officers running away to safety, then returning for that photo-op once the shooter is dead.

  20. Texas has led everyone to believe that they have been handling active shooters sense its conception. This is a black eye that will stay with the police for ever. All the police training revolves around their safety and they forgot about the safety of the babies. Shameful cowards that will not be charged. The people deserve what they where promised, not drug flooded streets stained in blood.

  21. We need more money for the Uvalde police department! If they had an armored response vehicle they could have stopped this. I support ALL police. God Bless Texas!

  22. The question is, What penalty should there be for life lost due to cowardice, other than just job loss?

  23. Criminal negligence on these chicken officers 😡 Everyone there in the hallway needs to turn in their badges.
    The Chief needs to be removed from the police department and charged with the murder of these children.

  24. It's a small town with alot of broken 💔 nothing bit prayers from them..

  25. 100 years ago the on scene commander would be publicly hanged. My how times have changed.

  26. The Police took too long to help the KIDS imagine the fear the kids had for that long of a time period it must have been a nightmare that just never ended the kids that survived the things they saw there traumatized for life. You’re a police officer if you’re Putting your life first over Protecting KIDS the community. You gotta get out of the job. Being a police is not the job for you.

  27. Pure cowardice!! I’m beyond angry! What happened to the oath to serve & protect?? Those teachers & kids were totally failed….. May they all Rest In Peace🥀🕊

  28. Buyback programs

    Raise the buying age to 21 or 25

    Make it a felony to leave weapons unsecured where a minor can access them

    No more sales to people with a history of domestic violence!

  29. Cops acted cowardly.

  30. So basically, cops waited till shooter finished doing what he went in to do before taking the offensive. Wow. What a shame.

  31. All those cops are a bunch of cowards. How do you stand there when you have weapons & protective gear? Dispatch has been told that children were still alive. Then in typical police fashion they lie & try to cover up their cowardice. If I was any one of these officers I would have already handed in my badge & left the state & got as far away as possible so I could wallow in my shame & cowardice. None of these police officers involved should ever carry a badge again.

  32. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THIS! They are hoping we forget!

  33. biggest shooting response failure in modern american history, how sad that this is how those officers will forever be known and remembered…for what they DIDN'T DO 🤦🏽‍♂🤦🏽‍♂

  34. All cops are cowards frauds defund

  35. Time to move on. Guns don't kill.

  36. This was a total complete failure. Those poor kids and teachers paid the price with their lives. This is such a tragedy. My heart goes out to those poor children and teachers families. May God bless you all. I hope justice is served. ❤️❤️😢🎚🙏

  37. The officers shown running were running AWAY from the school to go to another call. Everyone shows it like they were running towards Robb. Wrong