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Vaccine Watch: How far away are COVID-19 booster shots?

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff looks at how Pfizer and Moderna are developing booster shots to target virus variants.

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  1. I can't believe that there are people who actually agree with yearly booster shots. This is fucking insane.

  2. “You drink it.”
    Lone Watie to the carpetbagger in “The Outlaw Josie Wales.”

  3. how would anybody who had the vaccine know if it works ? hmmmmm !

  4. Covid will comeback every year like you need the flu shot.

  5. This will never end. Every time it gets close, the government will just release another variant.

  6. Sweet! Free blood clots!

  7. Every year, for the rest of your lives. Covid is here forever, because you allowed it to be.

  8. Ah yes, gotta create an artificial demand for their product somehow…Pfizer and Moderna shareholders will be pleased. I expect big bonuses for their executives.

  9. My screen name should shake every person in America to their very core.

  10. Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it,
    for a disease so deadly you have to be texted To know you have it
    and you still have to wear a mask.

  11. Indefinite MRNA gene therapy Vaccine programs, Universal Basic Income, Digital tracking “Health” IDs, Social Credit Score system…. All apart of the Great Reset .. I hope people start waking up and see what’s going on

  12. Paid-trolls, paranoids and bible-crazed are hilarious. Meanwhile, we're getting our shots and getting on with moving our country forward.

  13. Miracle worker in 2021 yr. Way maker song listen to.

  14. I don’t have to worry about boosters because I’m not taking the JAB ever!!

  15. Tiffany Dover is still MIA

  16. I’m so benevolent, I’m giving you all my shots.

  17. Over 2,000 Vaccine Deaths…

  18. Why don't they talk about therapeutics? South African variant? Hypocritical since we can't call covid-19 the CHINA virus.

  19. Why can’t they kill AIDS? Oh yeah, it’s not spreading to the rich.

  20. The eternal "vaccine". Keep THE LIE, THE CONTROL, THE TOTALITARIANISM going………………….
    FORCE the American people to have to take the shot!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to 1984. Beware of all the "variants", there's a new one each week just like the TOP 40 hits. 1984, baby!!!!!!!

  21. It only stops when we all say NO MORE. That’s only way

  22. Booster? So more money for a long time for the companies and they don't even know if they work. Flu shots are only 30% effective IF they guess the strain right.

  23. Still have not heard anything about possibility of amplified CD8 T cell toxicity towards non immune system cells which use MHC-I to present the spike protein. Granted most of the vaccine is going to dendritic cell, B cells and Macrophages which will direct the immune response we’re looking for. But what about the uncanny ability of LNPs ability to transport their cargo into virtually any cells in the body. Ie crossing the blood brain barrier and delivering the mRNA to neurons which then could lead to CNS inflammatory responses and CD8 orchestrated cell toxicity. Please Pfizer and Moderna show your LNP trafficking and tissue tropism data. Why only molecular and cell biologist the only people concerned about this.

  24. 100% experimental gene therapy vaccines, that have ZERO long term safety tests and the makers of are immune to civil suits for damages… yeeeeeeah, okie dokie 👎

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