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Vanessa Guillén investigation leads to 14 Army officials being punished

Fourteen senior army leaders at Fort Hood were fired or suspended after an investigation that was prompted by the young soldier’s death.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. It should be 100+ but it's a start I guess.

  2. Most military men are like this.

  3. Shut that place down. Rip vanessa, she didnt do anything wrong.

  4. How about life in prison, more cameras, and shame on all them.

  5. Fired or suspended? 😂😂😂🤣🤣 Immunity for everybody?😁

  6. It's about time the "good ole boy" network was broken up at Ft. Hood. We were saying that 45 years ago qhen I was stationed there.

  7. Hoping to hear more on Gregory morales

  8. Fired or suspension is not the proper punishment for sexual crimes. Hopefully a true justice can prevail inside US military this time.

  9. painting it a new color doesn't fix the car when your having engine troubles. These types of issues aren't new and they are obviously still happening. I hope they do actually make real changes instead of just taking a placating approach to the outrage.

  10. Americans are not even safe in their own Military !! Sad !!!

  11. Beautiful Angel … Rip🙏

  12. What? The take away is that they should of listed her as AWOL? Look at Gregory Morales. How did that help him and his family??

  13. Oh no they were fired. And set free. To the world where they can continue doing what they were doing at that base.

    🤦🏽‍♀️ horrible punishment

  14. If she was black they would be going to prison but since she is Mexican they don`t care

  15. And find out who ordered Robinson to get rid of Vanessa??!

  16. How about FIRE AND PRESS CHARGES!!!

  17. This isn't justice …. Justice would be putting them in jail…

  18. Bruh bro killed himself it's over with no one else to blame but herself

  19. The kid who was cought 19 killed himself because he don't want to be in prison even his only gf helped him 🙄🙄 so sad see this in USA ower own military bases new rules new law new officers

  20. Fired or suspended???
    The are the killers of so many killed young soldiers!!!
    They deserved to be in prision !!!
    Fired …really???

  21. stop paying top military leaders who failed salary !!!!!

  22. Funny how its been 4 yrs of investigating trump and 260K people died from corona virus, yet nobody found him guilty of treason.

  23. I have lost all Respect for the Army you are all sick. I want to see all this Top commanders in jail for life. we all know this was there doing.

  24. It must be pointed out that Venessa was murdered by a black man and not white. Had the perp been white this would have been bigger news and the suspect pursued more vigorously.

  25. “Soldiers” there have been a
    problem for a looong time! Just ask the locals.
    It is beyond unacceptable that this poor girl got MURDERED AND DISMEMBERED ON BASE!!!

  26. What do you expect from Fort Hood? Named after a Confederate General … There is only one solution: CLOSE DOWN FORT HOOD!

  27. Her Disappearance,then when they found her in a Concrete block & she had to be "Identified" by her hair! That literally shattered My Soul.
    She Deserved a Long & Happy life!
    May You Forever Rest In Peace! 🙏🏽😞😔😔

  28. Just a way of saying the military smacked their hands and said their naughty for the public to see. That is the extent of their punishment.

  29. Is there a serial killer! How many more soldiers usually Hispanic need to turn up dead! I am shocked and disgusted xx

  30. This makes me happy to hear. So many soldiers went missing from Ft. Hood and I’m glad changes will be made in the military

  31. So after all of this hullabaloo and all of these speeches the bottom line is that if you're complicit in someone's murder in the armed forces you'll just be relieved of duty or fired!? And do I hear anybody at ABC talking about criminal charges being brought against the staff and officers in charge?!

  32. Okay. civilians may think this is justice, but military know otherwise. You don’t get fired like civilians, you get moved from your position and sent to work in another unit. Bet everyone either got an article 15 or a letter of reprimand and maybe a demotion with some extra duty. The highest ranking one of them all probably got forced into retirement and they will all still collect their check and be around other soldiers. I’m sure not all these males are related to Vanessa’s case, could be connected to other crimes. Soldier’s still continued to die after Vaness’s case on Hood, not even under a microscope does that base’s soldiers have fear.

  33. I still want to know how she was killed in a secure area that requires logged access to that area. I still want to know why the base did not go on lockdown till she was found. Seriously, lose a weapon, nobody goes home, lose a Soldier, big fucking deal. That priority needs to swap.

  34. I want to know who cleaned up the area where she was killed… something doesnt smell right yet

  35. Fired and suspended?!?! That’s not enough 😡😡😡

  36. Why do this guy's eyes look crosseyed???👀 👀 👀 👀

  37. Thank you ABC for keeping this story alive. What happened to this young woman is horrible and heartbreaking. No other Soldier should go through this again!

  38. This is justice for all???????????
    if a civilian kill another civilian spend 20 30 or more years in prison 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 but this is America the beautiful.

  39. I bet they all were republicans.

  40. It’s about time things are changing for the safety of our troops 👍

  41. Its all bullshit no one is going to get punished someone passed and the killer is passed no justice

  42. Those NO good scm bag so call "leadship N 3-star {SHOULD BE reduced to major n WHY on earth he retain 3-star after all these, I will NEVER comprehend indeed!}" SHOULD Be reduced rank [the so call 3-star general SHOULD be reduced to Major and do not UNDERSTAND why there was NO mention of SO-WELL-deserved-reduction-rank-that-got-almighty-very complicent NEXT TO GOT I bet, 3-start general's rank SHOULD be reduced to Captain or Major, if I have my way, the 3-star WILL BE reduced to "private!" and ALL the 13 officers' rank should be 3-Or-4th (using NFL fouth down) rank below" AND all, yes including the 3-star got, should be send to "labor camp for 6-months hard labor military camp" cz these scm so call leaders deserve NO less indeed! The drakula killer may be worse in other ways, Robinson MUST be send to labor camp n HOPEFULLY fellow labor camp prisoners take VERY good care of the Robinson cold-blood-"body chopping" human-faced wolf plus. HE MUST be hanged "slowely" if not here, but at the least after his death whatever that time be cz he, the Specilist (usually E-4) Robinson, the Vanessa Guillén's body chopping killer, shall be "fried in his soul 'eternally indeed' cz he, we know who, deserves NO less indeed, so be it indeed!

  43. How about Court Martial?
    FT Hood has had a problem for a Long Time

  44. It is sad that young Soldier was murdered on post but what really pisses me off is that NOT ONE news outlet gave two fucks about the Men that went missing. And those people that got fired or suspended, most are so up the chain that they have absolute zero to do with it. Imagine firing the CEO of Amazon because a warehouse worker got killed by another.
    Sad to say the Army is just trying to smooth out the PR nightmare that has occurred.

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