Monday , April 19 2021
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Varney: Chaos in Hong Kong, China strengthens Trump's position

FBN’s Stuart Varney on how the Hong Kong protests and the China’s economy are impacting trade tensions with the U.S.

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  1. Colonize HK again. Used to be UK, now US got its hands dirty.

  2. Only people like " me " will be stupid enough and believed in Fox's news comment.


  4. No, we are all in it together. We're winning…

  5. If Trump does not support Hong Kong's cry for freedom, I will not vote for him again.

  6. Glory to Hong Kong:

    For the tears we have shed upon our soil…
    For the pain which we have felt in this turmoil…
    We keep our heads up, our voices strong…
    May freedom live in Hong Kong!

    For the the fear that looms overhead…
    For the hope that moves us past our dread…
    We march in our blood, our martyrs along…
    May freedom grow in Hong Kong!

    Deepest night we shall not be in fright…
    In the mist, a new day breaks with chants and light!
    Stand with virtuous minds and unbending spines,
    the pearl we hold will always shine!

    Now come children of the motherland…
    The time for revolution is at hand!
    Freedom, liberty, they belong in this land!
    Glory be, to Hong Kong!

  7. If the US liberated Hong Kong, there would probably be war between the US and China

  8. Bring them down President Trump . Bring them to their knees .

  9. "China strengthens Trump's position"
    didn't trump just delay new tariffs again?

  10. Imagine that. A foreign people waving high and mighty a flag that they feel represents liberty and independence. Stay strong Hong Kong 🇭🇰

  11. Chinese political prisoners sell their body parts

  12. America is supposed to stand for freedom,
    but for Hong Kong, America is sitting it out?

  13. those people in hong kong better come & establish a country in U.S

  14. This is the results of getting China off the American welfare program, fair and balanced trade or no trade at all.

  15. The economy in China is bad. Just like the US. Both leaders are lying to the world about how good the economy is…

  16. The real Anti – Fascist are in Hong Kong !

  17. We love 💗 USA 🇺🇸 too. Not just HK. 🐣

  18. Lol I find this report so funny

  19. no wonder why Americans got shot everyday.

  20. The American petro dollar will fail first. The USA is like a cornered animal. Very dangerous and likely to strike out.
    The world knows the HK protests have been orchestrated by the Globalists.
    come on FOX. tell us about the protests in France

  21. Football players bums schould see this

  22. Now where’s that 12 years old tryin be edgy?

  23. Trump is winning? The important thing is whether the people of Hong Kong are going to win this one. The people of Hong Kong have everything on the line. Varney needs to put his thinking cap on and consider what really matters.

  24. The People of the United States welcome the GREAT people of Hong Kong.

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