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Varney: Dem front-runners rail against rich, but are millionaires

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the 2020 Democratic front runners railing against the wealthy despite being millionaires themselves.

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  1. I can't believe Jay-Z let Hillary use him as a prop

  2. Well y'all voted for billionaire, who only helps… other millionaires and billionaires. That's it. What's your point?

  3. Hypocrisy in its best. Capitalism made them millionaires, now preaching socialism for the rest of us.

  4. The Democrat front runners are doing this to become multi millionaire and hopefully billionaire if they can earn lot more trust from the poor.

  5. Jim Kerry who says corporate billionaires doesn't pay enough taxes. His wife's family owns the Hunt ketchup brand. You know Jimmy not going to raise his wife's and friends corporate taxes . He Voted for tax increases in the Massachusetts legislature but avoided paying those taxes by parking his yacht away from Massachusetts and park it in a tax friendly marina in another state. But yet you snowflakes keep getting on your knees , bowing like the zombies you are.

  6. They are socialists and will steal money from the rich to give it to the poor, the laziness and the weak.

  7. Stuart! You hit the nail on the head!

  8. Wow, I didnt know warren is suggesting making businesses have to get direct go aheads from the govt before being able to do business. Do people realize how scary, and pre glasnost communism this is? I just can't get my head around it. Has someone taken over these peoples bodies, or what?

  9. With deep deep deep deep corp pockets

  10. Made their fortunes off the AMERICAN TAX PAYER?!?!?! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!
    Colleges and Universities NON PROFIT??? How do they keep their doors open and where does all that tuition MONEY GO?!?!?!

  11. So it's okay for us to take your money but we'll keep ours! Really people, how can you lead, when all you do is want to take. (our money, our guns and our basic rights) Go to Hell all you greedy lying Democrats!

  12. If you wish to see something -ANYTHING Beautiful turned to fecal matter in "A New York Second", just put it into the hands of ANY Governmental BUREAUCRACY. They'll turn even the most BENIGN & simple concepts into TOXIC SOUP. Trust YOURSELF. "Any government that can promise to give you everything can take it away." -T. Jefferson

  13. $ocialism spelled: C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-M thrives when the public is DUPED into believing The Government knows better than YOU what YOU NEED to do with your WORK ETHIC. Once Government convinces us OUR MONEY is THEIR MONEY the CON is done! Then ONLY The TOP POLITICIAN$ CAN BE RICH. -Just ask a Venezuelan. They KNOW.

  14. Unlike many of these politicians. Sanders doesn't take corporate PAC money for his or his campaign's benefit. The fact that he's worth $2.5 million is largely due to the fact that not only he worked serveral years in a government position, but he written a book that sold successfully. You're strawmanning sanders by claiming that just because his net worth is 2.5 million he doesn't want to raise his own taxes as well.

  15. Yeah Uncle Bernie, how did that $15 an hour wage work out for your campaign?

  16. No wonder they don’t want term limits….easy money…fool the low IQ people…

  17. Can’t get blood from a turnip

  18. Reporter, You Told, What These Forked Tongue Presidential Candidate's Have Been Hiding From The Voters. Their Wealth.
    Thank You.
    An None Of Them Voted For The Tax Cut ; President Trump Was Waiting For American. Families. Not One. President Trump Finally Got The Tax Cut. And Pelosi Called It Crumbs.And These Democrats Of American Congress Want None Citizens. From Another Country MexicoTo
    Vote In Our American Elections Not Knowing Our Countries Laws, And They Are Not A Citizen Of America And Vote To Affect The Outcome Of An Election That Affect American Livelihood.
    Democrats Have Know Knowledge of The Working Americans.
    They Are Running For President Of The United States Of America But Have Kept Close To Them Their Hidden Agenda For Wanting To Be President. It Always Comes After They Have Won The Election. It Never About Us.
    His Name is Jesus. Trust Him.
    Read : Isaiah Chapter 26.

  19. Like the brainwashed Trump cult has any room to talk about billionaires since the rich is all their narcissistic scum of the earth traitor criminal president cares about.

  20. Hypocritical Manipulators at it's Finest. That's what we have here.

  21. They don’t understand capitalism. They think there is only limited amount of money to go around.

  22. Sure they are rich. Multimillionaires but they want to be billionaires. They must be jealous with Trump. LOL!!!!!!

  23. Typical liberal hypocrisy!

  24. Corrupt politicians. Glad there’s a sovereign God in charge.

  25. I concur. Pure and simple esurient

  26. All Dems do is lie and steal

  27. But they ARE the one are RICHEST PEOPLE.
    They are SHOOTING to their MOUTH!!

  28. Let's have fat Trump's net worth now.

  29. not new people…Pelosi, Clinton and comrade Sanders.  nothing new here…why they got into government.

  30. brilliant video,, best wishes from England, very clear/honest and to the point,,, same in england the elite are fighting to keep their rich jobs but take money from us wage slaves to to give to the E U to ship in muslim invaders to my homeland with OUR OWN TAXES

  31. The democrats are whores plain and simple!
    Kamala Harris spreads her legs for preferential treatment!
    Just ask Willie Brown, he doesn’t deny it!
    In fact he brags about it!
    Kamala knew Willie was married!

  32. Funny how you go to Washington Dirt poor and come out a millionaire. Someone tell me how that works. I’m sure there’s a few of us willing to try it!

  33. But how did they get rich? Politicians???? From what jobs???? Hhhhmmmmmm

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