Friday , October 23 2020
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Varney: Democrats' division will be on display at tonight's debate

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on President Trump rolling from victory to victory as Democrats display their pettiness and division.

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  1. President Trump will easily win re-election, and liberal heads will continue exploding for 4 more years.

  2. People better back the president, But give Glory to God only. I hope people truely truley care

  3. When Dems debate, nothing gets said and nothing will get done.

  4. A must read……None of these Dems will be running against Trump period. That's right….none. The billionaire Bloomberg is sitting in the bush waiting to be anointed as their King. No Clinton, no Michele no Biden. Mr. deep state Bloomberg will enter as the Dems common sense guy and eliminate many of the Dems dumb ideas. He will spend huge money of his and the deep state. Pelosi has delayed the impeachment show to conflict with the Presidents state of the union address. The people of the world will be watching Mr. Trump to see if democracy is coming to them including Iran. I believe Don Trump will and should delay his speech until after the witch hunt trial. The free world is at stake in 2020 my friends and the Dems must stop the President at all costs. You have our vote Mr. Trump and God Bless America.

  5. What Democrat debate ???
    There's a President Donald j Trump
    Rally on tonight.


  6. By Far The Greatest President In My Lifetime !!! TRUMP 2020

  7. He can't be beaten unless the dirty rats have some unscrupulous plan up their sleeves like voter fraud at the ballot box…i hope the government have some kind of strategic plan in place to counter act this .better late than never …go Trump 2020 baby👍👍👍.

  8. Jokes on you. I won’t be watching the debates!! Can’t take any more insanity! 😂

  9. and the folks who still have a functional conscience will be watching the Trump Rally!

  10. There’a a democrat debate tonight……..?

  11. A display nobody will watch.

  12. Bloombum ads before vid??
    Good use of resources ding bat.

  13. Bet this debate is one of the least-watched in history!! Rather have my eyes burned out with blow torches than watch that garbage.

  14. I love, support, and share with everyone to watch Fox News, but I no longer watch "The Five" as long as this party-pooper, illiterate, idiot Juan Williams is there who needs to be kicked out of Fox News and be replaced by the brilliant, informative, bold Mr. Varney.

  15. Crocodiles fighting for a

  16. There's a debate tonite?? Lol!!

  17. Girl: “I’m a socialist”.
    Me: (Trying to impress her) “Yeah, I don’t understand economics either”. 🤣

  18. I would rather watch pin dry then this train wreck!

  19. This debate will be nothing but a little socialist and a lot of socialist any vote for a Democratic Socialist Dreamer is a vote for socialism wake up America this is not a black-and-white issue. Just look at the facts look at all the districts run by democrats homeless on the sidewalk feces on the sidewalk giving illegal aliens driver's license

  20. President Donald J. Trump is the Man. Democrats hate him because he is destroying communism. Which means the Democrats and their 2030 UN agenda.

  21. Democrat debate questions are weak and a farce, softball questions and the moderators let them lie wih impunity

  22. Democrats do not care they will do anything to put more money in their pockets from the taxpayers.

  23. It'll be allwhite… I mean all right.

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