Sunday , November 1 2020
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Varney: Democrats have run Iowa caucuses into the ground

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on the chaos the Democratic rule change has caused at the Iowa caucuses.

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  1. Democrats never seemed very intelligent, even when I used to be a democrat, I always thought their IQ's were low, I just chose to overlook this fact. Now I'm voting a straight Republican ticket

  2. Democ🐀Rats come to Gov just for corrupted & President Trump is right there they can't corrupted like use to be for over 30 years!! Democ🐀Rats must goes investigates themselves!!

  3. Love the fact that conservative podcasts and tv are ripping the hell out of these stupid swamp rat Democratic morons and trump must have thought this is the mob that just keep giving him a victory in 2Q2Q.

  4. Andrew Yang, after surviving as one of the few Dem candidates with a shred of credibility remaining, comes off looking like a goofball by blaming the Dem app's performance on Trump. Science… best guess.

  5. Wonder how many corpses voted this time?

  6. Shifty Shitf says he knows exactly what happened in Iowa. He will let everyone know as soon as he finishes making it up.

  7. Who think it's President Trump's fault?

  8. thank you varney, Trump 2020 : )

  9. I can hear Opra now: "YOU win a caucus! AND YOU win a Caucus, AND YOU win a caucus!! EVERYBODY WINS A CAUCUS!!!!"

  10. Rigged rigging cheaters it that’s what happened butti and Hillary link to app etc voter fraud folks. Burn Bernie burnout

  11. Circular firing squad 😂😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇵🇷

  12. What's this all about? "Russia Deploys S-400 in Cuba" now what???

  13. Demo-rat party in 2020 DOA🤦‍♂️

  14. Those pesky Ruskies , there'er at it again.

  15. Guaranteed the Bernie gets burned again….Hilary gave the order to stop him

  16. TRUMP2020 baby. TRUMPJR2024. WWG1WGA.

  17. the democrats haven't worked in the past 3 years why start now?

  18. So much hate in this country, so much division it breaks my heart. I wish people would just stop and try to be civil with each other.

  19. Obviously Biden has too much baggage. Warren is too insane.

  20. So much money and effort wasted over a wooden spoon.

  21. Democrats run Everything into the ground. No surprise here.

  22. Microcosm of everything wrong with the Democratic Party.

  23. Don't worry; the Dem's got this! Every candidate gets a PARTICIPATION TROPHY!

  24. Don't worry; the Dem's got this! Every candidate gets a PARTICIPATION TROPHY!

  25. Don't worry; the Dem's got this! Every candidate gets a PARTICIPATION TROPHY!

  26. I've always said that Trump is way anti social! He's the guy at the party who is too strange. The one that everyone is referring to as "Hey DICKHEAD" by the end of the evening. I just heard an interview with a guy who was at a night club 20 or so years ago.. He remembers telling Trump to "shut up " of course!!! Imagine being at a gathering and having to listen to Mr. Needy……I am the best. I know all the best people. I am smarter than everyone…Blah…blah…blah…

  27. Bend over Berniebros and prepare for the Bern again. LOL!

  28. The Dems would muck up a wet dream .period

  29. LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST is with Trump, who can be against him? These caucuses alone show it all. And I loved President Trump's GENIUS and TIMELY Tweet that destroyed satan's son Hussein Obummer!

  30. Will this APP, used in Iowa by the Democrats, be used again in New Hampshire? Will we be treated to another disaster in New Hampshire?

  31. The president's unable to defecate? So many Foxnews people's tongue in his Rectum??? Truly remarkable

  32. The dumocrats are all loosers

  33. Dems needed to teach Floridians how to count dimples because they were too dumb to run elections. Maybe now, Floridians need to come to Iowa to teach Dems how to count votes.

  34. Trump has already done what Bloomberg has promised to do. He is for illegals, full healthcare for them, free education, and everything else, but he will not come out and say it. Just like the other Dem candidates, they cannot say who will pay for it.

  35. Total chaos for the democrats ,trump by a landslide 4 more years!!!!🤓😄😄😄😄

  36. What a bunch of cartoon characters

  37. Bernie will screw up this nation if he becomes president. Don't forget his wife. Does she still run her college?

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