Thursday , December 3 2020
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Varney: Voters can give the left a reality check

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney gives his take on American spending and taxes.

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  1. We Workin Harder Ya SToopid DumBAss,Most Of Us Got two jobs.

  2. Make a financial donation to Trump 2020!

  3. See we have a spending problem… But and a big BUT. Everyone gets dependent on the crap. That being said you can’t just take some of the stuff away or people will hissy fit.

  4. Maybe Trump 2.0 can fix this after his re-election? I hope so, there is much inefficiency and waste with social programs and the government keeps getting bigger. And not any better.

  5. Audit California Federal funding I'll bet Pelosi, Newsome, Harris , All pocketing aide money.

  6. We could save millions by cutting all paychecks to congress, especially the ones running for president who get paid their salary and are never in their offices! Also cut all their benefits, which we pay for such as travel, vacations disguised as foreign travel, healthcare and any retirement benefits!

  7. the last election was a landslide,this next election's going to be an avalanche

  8. Stupid leftist still see as Trump giving tax cuts to the rich because they don't care whether it saves me $200 bucks a month, it doesn't punish the rich guy. They don't care what % of taxes the rich pay always should be more.

  9. When you consider the Democrats want to bankrupt America through their schemes if they collapse America it means they can then and America over to the UN and then carry on with their agenda of a world government these people are working across Europe to dissolve governments and replace them with administrators this is what the EU has been doing for the last 40 years now then moved on to the second phase of doing away with the governments of America Canada and Australia the truth of the matter is all the time there was no action against these people behind the scenes there agenda just rolls on do they finally have the power they want and then NZ God help us because they know been looking at the final solution for the people of this world may believe they are the Chosen race and they had the Divine Right to rule meaning I have the same ideology as the Nazis in the second world war how long before I have concentration camps just like the ones in China

  10. Any Democratic president would be like dejavue Obama years. You go to work they send you home early. Then eventually you don't go at all. Don't know about you but I like my fatter ot paychecks that Trump made possible.

  11. DemocRATS work for Satan !

  12. We should just let the Commercial D.O.C. Shawshank Academic Institute run the vocation, and let Andy Doframe Cuomo vacation on probation…this Time and Pressure political cooking show is getting old…yknow ?

  13. Criminal trump for prison 2020.

  14. Criminal trump is a bumbling idiot and trumptards will believe anything.

  15. So true, mr. Varney. If l spend more than l have, my bank sends me a letter of overdraft. Over spending by our government should never have been tolerated.

  16. The Dems spending packages are designed to BREAK this Country Economically. FREE

  17. America has a socialist scum problem…drain the swamp and disinfect.

  18. Can't wait till space force drops the trump bombs on the dems in 2020!

  19. Corporate and capital gains tax rate should be zero percent.

  20. Too bad a lot of our states and county systems don't know that the more money people have the more they invest and spend and save which is good for us all.I agree our leaders have a spending problem, throwing good money after bad.

  21. Why not increase the military from $700 to a trillion?

  22. Dems got the reality check in 2016, Varney.They have been insanely bitter over being so soundly rejected. What they NEED is a full frontal lobotomy, using a surgical baseball bat! Many Dem seats nationwide will be lost in the 2020 election…

  23. Spin it anyway you want.
    The national debt has jumped 13% in 3 years.
    That ain’t good.
    If your personal debt was climbing at that rate, you would be completely screwed.

  24. The Dems lied about it during Reagan and they lied about it during Clinton, etc., etc., etc.
    Did you expect anything different?

  25. What cracks me up is that the three Democrat front runners are all old, white people.

  26. what about trumps genocide of the kurds

  27. Democrakkk are the worst at finances, look at California, New York and Chicago

  28. I'm waiting for the 1st candidate
    that offers Free Frees.

  29. Spending more than you take in, equal a deficit Wow somebody tell the Dems.

  30. Those Democrats who are spending most our taxes dollars daily .

  31. Where had all the s.s. gone?

  32. Shocker….have they ever been right? Get used to it folks politics as usual is hopefully ending.

  33. Did anyone stop to think that it's because the economy is doing well… Thanks President Trump!

  34. Stuart just got his due from the greatest President ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Varney is the best, love watching him! Yes the left are going to face reality! They have a hard time trying to sell there socialism, they don't have crowds at all, but MSM keeps trying to tell the American People they are ahead in the polls and they know what is best for us! We see where they run things, look at the places they have always run Horrible and run down! Sick and tired of incompetence for SURE! Trump by a Land Slide in 2020! ❤🇺🇸

  36. Democrats lie and hate America. Varney tells the truth and loves America. I choose Varney!

  37. SORRY, INCREASE for social security FOR 2020
    ONLY 1.6, while RENT Control in Los Angeles
    Was increased in JULY
    4 percent
    What a RIP OFF

  38. Our wonderful wonderful President Donald J Trump!!!

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