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Varney: Warren dragged 2020 Dems to the 'unelectable left'

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on the impact that Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-all plan would have on doctors and patients, as well as the political implications of her pushing it.

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  1. But what if she does get elected?!? That's scary!!!!!


  3. Isn't her net worth something like 20 million? That means she is either a capitalist and earned it legally or, who knows. In any event if she gets her socialism she will have to relinquish her funds so that everybody can be "equal." I have seen her with a different platform depending on what crowd she is addressing. The silliest one was where she said "women don't need men." Talk about delusional.

  4. Time will tell. It may be that there enough Marxist-indoctrinated Americans (thanks to every thing from "public" schools to prestigious universities) to elect someone like Elizabeth Warren, especially since the nation faces galloping inflation in the future or a rise to normal for interest rates, either of which will bring on the financial catastrophe that a few lone voices (e.g. Peter Schiff and Ron Paul) have been warning about for years. In that environment, there may be enough idiot votes in the USA who will conclude that "Marxism is the answer".

  5. Bring the Living-Wage Jobs back to America and we'll have Health Care! It worked in the PAST!

  6. Lefty liberal liar loser that wants to be in charge. MAGA WWG1WGA TRUMP 2Q2Q KAG DEPLORABLES FOR THE WIN

  7. I am offended when I see her standing in front of my flag.


  9. warren liar heather get lost

  10. Thank God people are speaking out against these idiot Democrats running for office. FREE AIN'T FREE.

  11. Hillary said she would run. If she is sure of winning. We all know what that means. VOTER FRAUD. All of the illegals that are here, are to vote DEMOCRAT, Governor DeBlasio is letting 900 inmates out but they have to vote DEMOCRAT. Everybody being paid under the Table, will vote DEMOCRAT. Our Crooked Politicians I believe are going over to other Countries to do what they can so everything can be RIGGED. I believe George Soros is working overtime to make sure it happens. This is what I think.

  12. Native Chief is running it

  13. Nor she or any of the other Dem. candidates have a snowball's chance to win over Trump. It's almost painful to watch them lie like dogs, oh wait, I don't want to give dogs a bad name! Trump 2020, WWG1WGA

  14. Warrens $52,000,000,000,000 (52 trillion dollars)
    Divided by roughly 450,000,000 people (working, non-working kids & disabled, etc)
    = $11,555,000 per person (11.5 million each)

    Ok, so the $11.5 million is 10 years so
    $11.5 million divided by 10 years = $1,155,500 per person per year.
    BUT, figuring only 1/3 of the total population actually works then
    $1,155,500 * 3 = $3,466,500 per year per working person.

    That $3,466,500 p/y p/p on a weekly paycheck = $13,343 per person per workday.
    How many people can afford $13.3K per day out of their daily pay?

    Warren is an idiot!!!

  15. So I have a question about her plan to only have Medicare for all and do away with private insurance. MANY physicians now won't see Medicare patients because Medicare can take months to pay what little they pay, which is usually well below market rates. I worked as an RN for a large orthopedic group. In one particular case Medicare wouldn't cover OUR costs for a hip replacement prosthesis, not cost including any markup, cost that we actually paid for the hip. So does Warren intend to make ALL physicians accept her Medicare for all or are a lot of physicians and future physicians just going to find another line of work? I know in Canada and some other one payer systems people are allowed to pay for their care themselves instead of waiting years to see a doctor but that in no way would take up the slack when you do away with private insurance.

  16. Why leave out Bernies name. His plan is just as devastating.

  17. Warren is absolutely crazy. The largest tax revolt will result if she were ever elected.

  18. how many weeks a guy/gal gotta work to pay for a knee replacement surgery at minimum wage?

  19. If she becomes potus (unlikely), we will wake up to a living nightmare.

  20. The best plan is to get government out of health care and back into the free market try that it used to work

  21. Can we get Warren different clothes than the black leotards under the different color jackets?   She is out of her mind besides her poor judgement of clothes says a lot for the candidate.  She dresses like she is going to the grocery shopping.  Does Warren think we can trust her with all her lying statements and made up stories she has told the American people.  GO HOME WARREN you do not represent this country.  SOCIALISM HAS NO PLACE IN THE USA!!!!!!

  22. I wouldn't vote democrat even if it were at gunpoint. I'll vote Trump then take the bullet.

  23. Warren says middle class won’t pay for it and I believe her ! ….. Cuze there ain’t gonna be any middle class left with this stupid f*cktard plan ! 🙄. shhhhhhhh!t !

  24. The Demo rats are trying to sell you a bill of goods! They don't EVER plan to do any thing but get your vote! That is the face of the new Communist party!

  25. You can PAY INDIAN Medicine Men with Chickens!You can Buy Chicken with FOOD STAMPS!!


  27. Sorry to say….This screeching old woman would be far better than that disgusting thing that's in there now

  28. Another Michelle Obama Drag Queen Candidate.
    I bet Sodom was governed by Men in Drag & Make-up Screwing Everything & Each other.

  29. Her entire party is looney left. Unfortunately she might be the most sane of the bunch.

  30. YouTube is suppressing audio on this video. Virtually inaudible.

  31. Waren is not ”left” she is a COMMUNIST!

  32. this drunken bimbo is dumber than cortez and thats to put it mildly.

  33. She's anti-America, anti-male, and anti-white. She hasn't got a chance.

  34. The plan is to open the door for Hillary to come out and save the Democrat party

  35. All this dem. infighting is to clear the way for "you know who" to throw her hat in the election ring !

  36. idiotic democrats would have us living like Venezuela in a years time.

  37. Mrs. Warren is on the nutty side, I'll bet she wanders around the house muttering to herself and her plants.

  38. I not for him but at least Bernie doesn't look like he just came from the gym. Does that women own any clothes that are not black stretch pants, black T-shirt and tennis shoes? Oh I forgot she wears a different color sweatshirt type jacket. But I think she only owns 3 colors of those.

  39. Jokahontas is a fuckin fruitcake

  40. This thief is never GONNA BE PRESIDENT. She thinks she is ROBIN HOOD and actually believes she can take what ever she says is crazy.

  41. It's being exposed to the country and world just how dumb and brainwashed what's left of the democrats really are.

  42. You want to see America collapsing just vote socialist.

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