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Venezuela has become a narco-trafficking state: Negroponte

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Negroponte, discusses a report that the US State Department has been engaged in secret talks with Venezuelan officials to oust Nicolas Maduro, President Trump’s immigration policy, and the Hong Kong protests.

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  1. He answered questions with questions ._.

  2. Who would take the word of this guy?Honestly, he is part of the problem ,part of the swamp,that Trump said he would drain.

  3. We have NO business in Venezuela. Our economic siege has already killed 40,000 people mostly children and old people. Shame.

  4. Ambassador John Negroponte pro consul of Honduras. Negroponte was critical in creating a failed state in Honduras. He has blood on his hands. Negroponte needs to be accountable for his crimes.

  5. us should take out the leadership and install a capitalist government.the neighbors US and mexico will help with reconstruction.

  6. Oblama/clinton/comey/harvard/epstein deamoncrats are the humiliation of the world.

  7. USA need to act now take military action now now support it USA need to eliminated those criminals now now USA help free venezuela now USA do not allow Russia here with armament USA act now do not wait anymore kicked out Jose Cuban rats now support USA love USA pray for USA proud of USA hope USA do something now for Venezuela they need help now now🍄🌺🌸

  8. Open Borders + Amnesty + Voting Rights = Civil War

    Bottom line it's about votes and power not "the poor children". Close the border period. The only aid the west should be sending to the third world is unlimited condoms and birth control pills.

  9. Does this guy actually believe these poor sold out trafficked kids are with their parents? I suppose he also believes antifa isnt funded by rome, the u. n. and soros LIKE THE CARAVANS ARE WORLDWIDE – HE'S AN SES GLOBALIST MARIA – COME ON –


  11. It is time for the United States to open the door for Central American Countries to become US Territory, with a pathway to Statehood. Stop throwing money, at failed outcomes. Negroponte; your policies in the past have sucked, and they suck now. Move to Canada.

  12. Same old script every time USA. Vilify the current leader (democratically elected or not) in whatever way possible, find a way to depose him (by forceful invasion if necessary), privatise all the natural resources, then just steal them as fast as you can extract them! Oh and while you're doing the stealing, keep the country in perpetual conflict as a distraction. Just look at the history of US theft "interventions". Works a treat every time!

  13. Venezuela was doing just fine without Us sanctions and blocking their oil revenues, all because the Venezuelan government nationalized their oil and ran off the big Zionist oil companies that were ripping them off! that's what this is all about Donna trump said let's just go into Venezuela and steal their oil while Russa and china were willing to pay for their oil but NO!! the nwo Zionist have to take it for free! That's theft plain and simple and as far as drugs are concerned all the central American governments that are considered our friends are the one producing and exporting the drugs under CIA Management with heroin coming in the USA flown in by the CIA from Afghanistan and our troops are there to protect the flow and production of heroin this administration is trying to call the kettle, Black, and is accusing the Venezuelan government of doing what the US is really doing how can you people not see this and admit it

  14. Latin Americans are inherent losers! Send them back!

  15. Simple fix-just turn them around and SEND THEM BACK.


  17. Why would we give money to South America? Are they giving us oil or computer chips?

  18. the world is a narco trafficking state hahahaa

  19. Not so much a secret now, Is it?

  20. 4 millions of people have already left Venezuela and it's not over yet. South and Central America better brace themselves for massive inflow of migrants. USA and Canada as well.

  21. Drug trafficking is the only cash crop they have.keeping them in detension for 20 days is more of a health check than anything else. At least if we are forced to let them go we know they are not carrying a diease

  22. Obama and Hugo are not that much different….remember Hugo giving Barry that Book?

  23. That's what happens when you don't have a 2nd amendment.

  24. i know Negroponte is a ………. and I say leave Venezuela alone to its own destiny and not take it over

  25. Don't believe the hype people. It's all about the Fed controlling their central bank. This has all been orchestrated.

  26. good show guy's love you all

  27. Ill take the kids and mother and father USA

  28. United States will kick their butts USA USA

  29. Sorry but I don't agree with throwing more money at the problem, those corrupt politicians aren't going to help their people, where did our fat checks go b4. Sorry I say HELL NO!!!!!

  30. And this segment is sponsered by the koch brothers…

  31. "Secret talks" Lol, I doubt its secret now..

  32. listen you bald dumbass, you've been giving foreign countries money for years and years and years, now it's time to make them earn it and Donald Trump will make them do it. You didn't do the job, Donald Trump will do it now.

  33. Increase aid??? Well yes we've been sending aid to Central Americas for many years, don't look like that helps the people there. As you can see people flooding the border for decades. Where has all the money gone to?

  34. Trump….Putin….Kim….Xi….Maduro, International Criminals

  35. Your losing it America.  Fox News is full of Crap, they said the last time that he had a plane ready to whisk him out of the Country and Maduro still there,  America you have lost , not only with Venezuela but also with NK and going to lose to Iran, Thank the lord for Russia and China. America belongs to honest Americans and to the American Indian

  36. That was the whole idea, starve them out, cut off their funding and ability to feed its people……………….NOW WHO IS GUILTY OF ELECTION MEDDLING……………….

  37. You think your propaganda still hold water? Leave venuezuela alone. Stop starving the people. Bully.

  38. This is a wonderful business. They need work so let people work I am an atheist I'm watching from Alaska

  39. Soros must go down with antifa, we all know who is funding the racist liberal left democratic insanity, it wont work simply because we have a non politician that does not need money, just wants MAGA like the rest of the Unolited States citizens

  40. What else did you expect🤷🏻‍♂️best senario now is for California/Mexico to become one state

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