Thursday , September 16 2021
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Venice Beach local outraged over homeless crisis

Venice neighborhood council member Soledad Ursura discuss California homeless crisis on ‘Kennedy’

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  1. They got what they voted for. Definition of insanity.

  2. The politicians already got trillions from their china virus agenda they don't care about anyone paying taxes, that's nothing to them.

  3. Keep voting for Marxist Democrats and see it escalate.
    Watch these liberals move to red states, inorder to escape the anarchy
    while still voting for Marxist Democrats.
    They made their beds, now they should lie in it and STAY OUT OF RED STATES.

    "When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion –
    when you see that in order to produce,
    you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing –
    when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors –
    when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work,
    and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you –
    when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice –
    you may know that your society is doomed." – Ayn Rand (author of Atlas Shrugged)

  4. Californians elect these leftist fools and this is the predictable result. Zero sympathy.

  5. Thought they were cleaning this up?
    Oh well.

  6. This what the local government wants is to let it totaly collapse. Then they can take totally control.


  8. Drugs and alcohol and insanity all are a product of exhaustion and futility. Being homeless is being without a place to rest. take away the cause, Karen.

  9. Easy solution vote them out. Dems our America Scum.

  10. 1:07 you forgot huge medical bills and poor financial planning I've talked to the sane homeless and there's plenty of good people mixed in with the homeless group. There is a housing shortage $1500 for a bedroom $2000 for a 1 bed apartment

  11. Homelessness is not a problem…homelessnes is a SYMPTOM of our society and the greed it seeks. Back in the 80s and 90s all the movie stars would drive past their city turning into a sewer of humanity everyday and get on tv and CRY TO SAVE THE RAINFOREST. And drive home to their mansion past all of the systems rejects. Everyone ignored the problem when it was starting because everyone just wanted to make more money. We have serious problems with our financial system and the way it rewards the least essential humans far more than the essential workers. We learned this from covid.

  12. A big quake an a lot more be on the beach.

  13. Most of the VB homeless migrated there from other states. For every decent one there's many freeloading, noisy, violent/threatening, deluded, drunk & drugged up greedy grifters. They don't care that they've turned it into a vermin infested, filthy, hazardous hell on Earth. Unless there is effective, decisive & competent action now to permanently keep them away, it will sink lower for many years. Possibly for generations. The locals who legitimately live &/or have businesses there need to be heard. They deserve that, respect & safely at the very least. Something their voted in Democrats seem unable to provide.

  14. People complain about elected officials, But keep electing.them

  15. Vote for democrats suffer the consequences

  16. "California is such a high taxed and difficult to work in state." Yup, Recall Newsom!

  17. citizens should take turns going to the bathroom on the mayor and council hmes

  18. People didn’t pay enough tax for the homeless

  19. This is failed democrat policies . They've been in power for decades ! Next time election comes around vote for quality people instead of people who are in step with a vile , perverse agenda. Calif. going Socialist-communist soon , then the Gestapo will come and terrorize you for speaking out ! Vote the Speaker of the House out of office and all the henchman representatives that walk in lock step with her. This has happened because you don't watch your politics !! Now change it , while you still can !

  20. Yeah it also has to do with high rents and low wages but yeah keep saying get a better job and you will keep seeing this .

  21. They are just going to move and ruined other states please stay and lounge in your decadence!!!

  22. What happened to the Sheriff cleaning up this mess?

  23. They cant clean it up 1st of all public access

  24. I cannot fathom what democrats get out of creating cesspools of homeless and drug addicted people. And people still vote for them. Just mind boggling.

  25. They are cleaning it up. What kinda BS news coverage is this.

  26. Here is a major problem anyone who starts saying especially for any particular color is not acceptable we all belong, we are not a color we are human beings, WE ALL BELONG TO LIVE SAFELY.

  27. over in az they had vegrentcy laws and put those pepole to work road crews cleaning street and side walks this could be done voter infinite many states send there homeless and nut to calif the buy a bus ticket this ben done for years they tell them it warm and cop cant arrest you we need to send them back and arrest them i fear i this is not done most calif will be uninhabitable except in a few hi wealth areas were privet cops are respected and they deposes of bad people like berzel before olimpics sad bad tel levery one have your city step up and put these pepole on work crews before they are harmed

  28. The politicians don't live there so why do they care for

  29. Bl😩ah bla😩h blah and it keep😫s happening 💰California🛳💰 blah blah blah it gives😩 your gives💲💰 the reporte🤑r something to bla💲h blah about😩

  30. yes Ursala we agree with you schatze

  31. That's because Nancy pelosi is from there

  32. Fear-mongering, and misinformation at its finest! nobody does it better than Fox Nonsense!

  33. Lose 10's of millions, idiots.

  34. People are leaving San Francisco to go to New York??? No one with an IQ over 30 lol.

  35. LIES:: They're cleaning Venice Beach up now.

  36. This is the whole point. Democratic Party wants to create poverty, chaos, and destructions all around them so the poor keep them in power to print money feeding them creating a cycle to stay in power. If Democratic Party fix the whole system then they no different than republicans then are afraid of losing their seats and power so they chose to create poverty and homelessness surrounding them to stay in power.

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