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Venice underwater as historically high tides continue to rise l ABC News

The famous Italian city is swamped and the government has allegedly failed to complete multibillion-dollar flood defenses.

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  1. ⚠️ Global warming people ! ⚠️

  2. My grandmother is from Venice 😢

  3. the worst part is the ecoli and fecal bacteria in the water ..this overruns the sewers and puts raw sewage in the water in which they are standing.

  4. Americans know what Venice is?

  5. Buid the trump wall trust me

  6. Honestly
    Who gives rat’s A* s , we’ve homelessness , hunger , our teachers have to work 2-3 jobs just to keep up with their bills , our kids can’t payoff their school loans bcz of the greedy fkn bankers & u want us to worry about fkn Vince & fkn Paris & Notre Dame 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  7. What do you expect, it’s surrounded by water

  8. All treasures shall be sunken.

  9. Yo remember Far From Home?
    Maybe Hydro man is real
    The real question is where Mysterio?

    Spider-Man is a menace

  10. The last time Venice flooded like that was back in the 1960s and I think they did a better job of getting it under control back then than they are doing now. SMDCH

  11. Is this Venice Beach I always heard of?

  12. This plane(t) we live on has experienced many floods before this one. Some covering the buildings completely. These iconic cathedrals and monuments have seen water before and have survived. Hence them being built from stone. They are centuries old. And not built when mainstream tells us. Much older. Much more advanced and civilized civilizations before us.
    The pyramids are a perfect example.
    I feel bad for the residents in the area.

  13. Shouldve accepted that climate change thing

  14. only when shit hits the fan does the government do anything

  15. My name is Marilynn Page I am a Targeted Individual I live in Kettering, Ohio and I am tortured every day by white supremacist and psychotic registered sex offenders from Dayton, Ohio.

    Chapawee Zonta


    Targeted Massachusetts


    Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Coverup



  16. They should just take the water and put it somewhere else.

  17. I’m not high tides it’s been sinking for decades

  18. They seem to be more interested in the 'treasures.' Ok, have the Italian army remove the treasures and take them to a city that does not have the constant flooding problem. Once that is done, what are the Venetians going to complain about now? You want to live in a former swamp, well what do you expect? You want to live in Hawaii next to a living volcano, do think your house is not going to burn down?

  19. 'let's find the whistleblower amongst us who 'leaked' the video because he/she/them are NOT immune from persecution according to OUR laws'…………as oppose to the whistleblow (jobber) who's hiding under the skirts of lady justice planted there by the congress's left. You know what (genuine) whistleblower? stay smart and stay hidden. give them an example AND taste of their own medicine.

  20. Typical ABC. Do a while story about an event Venice's own mayor has connected to climate disruption and don't say a word.

  21. Maybe don’t build a city literally on the water.

  22. Yeah you can say in Italy there is corruption, it is someway true. Just think about the EU criminal system against mediterranean countries. How much money they stole from us for years. We could use those money to protect our cities, our bridges and streets. They hate italians and they are just mean people, we created civilization, they create deseases. Thanks frau merkel, thanks macron and sarkozy, thanks all the EU and Nwo leaders.

  23. Guys this wasn't just a random rise in the level of water, rainstorms have been hitting all of Italy this entire week, and that's what's causing the flooding.

  24. If you build your house on water, eventually it will sink. Still a bummer though.

  25. Till this day i am not able to understand why build city on sea

  26. Well it is said that by 2100 the Venice will be totally gone

  27. ITALIANS will take care if the SITUATION, God WILLING ,
    Am a TUNISIAN who just love ITALY
    Forza azzurri

  28. That's what you get when you erect a statue to Satan.

  29. The government should have done something to prevent this a decade ago, please don't blame climate change, blame corruption

  30. God bless Venice. This is heartbreaking. 💔

  31. You build a city on a tidal swamp and then complain that it periodically floods.

  32. I was just there last summer😭 this breaks my heart 😭

  33. The direct cause of this week's flooding was the combination of high astronomical tides and a strong storm system in the Adriatic Sea. A storm surge from the low pressure system swirling in the Adriatic along with Epstein being murdered helped raise water levels in Venice.

  34. pokemon Sword and Shield release and water release on Italy

  35. It was even higher flooding way back 50 or so years ago. It has zero to do withe Climate Change Theory

  36. Thanks Disney! Venice has run wet and dry for decades if not centuries. Nothing new here, and yeah Venice is sinking. (so is New York) It aint global warming. Meanwhile, looks like another cold winter in the USA. If the summer of 2020 is another cold one, I'll start believing the sunspot theory of climate change.

  37. In the mid 1960s the water got to a 2" higher level. So I guess climate change was happening then too. But the Co2 levels were lower hmmmm.

  38. So, you guys want to report on a city in Italy but not about the Italian modeling girls who were molested by Epstein? Who by the way didn't kill himself.

  39. What do you expect?
    Building a city on water doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do in the first place.

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