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Verizon dumps Tumblr for fraction of $1 billion purchase price | Techbytes

General Motors and Volkswagen plan to focus on fully electric vehicles, and a first edition set of Pokemon trading cards sold for $107,000 at an auction.

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  1. They are both stolen and owned by Arabs using mind control weapons. Verizon I controlled by the infidels at the FCC.

  2. Hey Verizon, I just saw a television ad for Spectrum TV,
    internet and television for $44.99 a month for one year, and Optimum for $49.99
    a month for one year, so, tell me again why I can’t get in on any of these
    deals? oh, I forgot, I’ve been redlined out…I’m going broke paying you almost
    $200.00 a month…which now seems forever…and without end…

  3. Banning porn on tumblr = banning drinks at the bar

  4. God vw has to be the worst car company out there with them using Jetta headunits in expensive Porsche models 🙄

  5. Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should all go away….

  6. Tumblr is one badly failed experiment of a site. The website and the majority of its users live in a constant state of toxicity. Staff will literally let them get away with murder, users constantly dox and suicide bait other users over ridiculous petty shit.
    The explore page half preaches taking care of your mental health, and half goes out of its way to tear at just that.
    I finally broke free from tumblr when user @gaypitbull riled dozens upon dozens of people to suicide bait me after a disagreement over the fucking recent QUEEN documentary.
    I mean . . . These people are psychopaths. I will go out of my way to avoid anyone who claims to use Tumblr in real life, and you can just smell it on some people. It literally corrupts your personality, makes you cult-like.
    But sure, banning adult content for cash, that was their problem.

  7. … and now you know why your Verizon bill is so high, and why it's about to go up even more!

  8. And surprising no one, a site of people firmly against tech capitalizing on their usage was not a sound idea to buy to milk for money.

  9. Who tf uses Tumblr💀💀💀

  10. After the president banned the porn….

  11. No surprise There the Day that Tumblr banned Adult Content I Said I Bet Verizon is either going to close or sell off tumblr & Look I Was Right!!!I Guess tumblr was sold to WordPress Owner Automattic

  12. That’s what they get for taking our porn 😭😭😭😭

  13. Lol guess I should go through my Pokémon cards , I’m sure there is a few that are 20 years old 🙌

  14. Tumblr was only popular for porn. LoL they drove their own business into the ground.

  15. Yup… that went well. Oh well, I am sure that a big business like Verizon/Yahoo can survive burning through 1.1B in 6 years. Not painful at all!

  16. I tried to delete my tumbler account but they wouldn’t let me, so I deleted all my info and content.

  17. If only I kept my pokemon cards

  18. Volkswagen claiming 0 emissions yet they faked the CO2 output from their studies.

  19. I wonder if the company who bought or will buy tumblr will be less strict on adult content to bring back the site to how it was before early December of last year

  20. I always thought tumblr was an adult site. I cant believe those chumps banned the adult content in it

  21. Give me back my porn on tumblr

  22. Pokemon SERIOUSLY that expensive, waste of money, totally overrated.

  23. Ha ha! I have a blog on Tumblr. No wonder they dumped it. It's a heap of shyte. Nothing works properly. Stuff is disabled on FireFox. Amazing how I put up with it after 75K+ posts.

  24. Tumblr is SJW trash!! I hope it gets shut down. Fuck yeah Pokemon ahhhh

  25. Lol, Tumblr gets dumped.

    Yeah, that's what happens when you go overboard with the fucking algorithms! Susan and Twitch better take note!

  26. THat happens if you restrict our exist . You can die in flames Verizon.

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