Vermont man dies after fight at middle school basketball game

Authorities are investigating after a 60-year-old man who participated in a fight among spectators at a middle school basketball game in Alburgh, Vermont, has died. WPTZ’s Lauren Granada reports.

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  1. Thugs! Savages! Animals! Look at the race of those violent creatures in Vermont behaving like wild monkies over a basketball game, the usual suspects!! Their dangerous behavior is in their culture.

  2. So because adult males felt the need to become physical, a student is going home without his father tonight!! Was it worth it??!!how many kids did he have?life insurance? Who's going to help with the bills, rent mortgage food etc

  3. bet they live in a nice neighborhood

  4. The racist comments that would’ve found themselves on this video, If this was a black parent fight…

  5. The 60 year old should have warmed up first, but with the winter blast, it’s understandable. LOL!!!

  6. I guess white people are just wired differently.

  7. Where is FOX news at??? Crickets……

  8. I wonder what these comments would be like if this happened at a predominantly black school.

  9. Grandpa got knocked out acting like a child away from parents at a high school game,it's just sad but that's how the cookie crumbles

  10. Amazing, a piece of news where MSNBC did'nt make it about race…

  11. This doesn't really have anything to do with the video but I'm 57 years old and have noticed way over the top aggressive drivers the last 7 years or so !

  12. Yep, that's what these thugs always do!! Don't call them parents, call them what they are, hudloms & thugs!!

  13. Arrest every participant and ban them all.

  14. They follow the example of bad behavior on entertainment and social media . People are easy to program .

  15. White on white crime. Damned animals

  16. White on white crime😂 🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. Why is it so necessary to lambast refs?

  18. Can we all agree that the real crime is filming this in portrait mode instead of landscape mode?

  19. All because of a middle school basketball game!!

  20. It's just a game. Even at the national level it's still just a game. Friendly compilation to better each other and to share our similarities. Cheating and violence is never acceptable for both players and fans. How do you have a whole gym full of people who obviously love the game hurting each other? What happened to taking a loss with dignity

  21. Lmfao basketball in Vermont?? That’s like knitting sweaters in Compton!!! 😂😂

  22. They should stop all sports at that school

  23. Absolute ZERO class of the entire gymnasium. Nobody there showed any adulthood.

  24. And we wonder why people don’t want to ref, coach or attend games? I did my time with it and I have seen things at games escalate to the point of being dangerous.

  25. luckily nobody carried the guns…otherwise, another mass shooting.

  26. Fight that started over a referee call at a middle school basketball game… I didn't know they had such magnificent trash in Vermont.

  27. Someone get the Darwin award

  28. WOW, 1st white basketball fight.
    I didn't see that coming LOL.

  29. Wow, is this America nowadays!

  30. Pathetic.
    Every adult out on that floor needs to identified, doxxed and charged.

  31. I hope those involved reflect on their behavior and begin setting a better example for their children… shameful.