Thursday , May 13 2021
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'Very odd' Japanese Prime Minister was met by VP, not president: Whiton

Former state department official discusses Biden’s meeting with Japan’s prime minister on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’ #FoxBusiness #FoxBusinessTonight

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  1. why one side double defence

  2. After Donald Trump nothing should be odd to you crazies

  3. bottom line is biden is a moron

  4. All hail the new usa soviet union of biden the pupit president of america.

  5. Sleepy stumbling joe Beijing was asleep so phoney smoked kamalaaaa took over

  6. The Prime Minister should have said who the hell are you?

  7. How come blm hasn't demanded that the Whitehouse name be changed…isn't it racist….

  8. Harris is actual president… biden has more than once called her president.

  9. he was nappy time
    or making poopies
    lost in one of the wings?
    im just sayin!!!!!!

  10. Heard no one met him at Whitehouse heard he didn't even go to Whitehouse wow!

  11. "Fake News":
    Prime Minister Netanyahu met US Vice President Pence in Washington DC, February 16, 2017.
    VP Pence meet w/Foreign Leaders w/o Trump. VP Pence took diplomatic trips around the World w/o Trump.

  12. Because joe can't even tie his shoes he's a potato

  13. What an obnoxious crude behavior from the US "President;" condescending and downright rude as hell!!! I'm sure the 25 year old's running the White House know how much of an insult it is to force a Prime Minister to meet with a female understudy than the man responsible for the agreements and treaty.

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    For real crypto is profitable
    Crypto is the new gold

  15. "Cackling Heels Up Harris" 😆😌🤣
    Gross jezebel,….😩

  16. He was sleeping. Give the old man a break! Lol

  17. That's because he's a Potato Head

  18. I think you're simply confused as to who is the President.

  19. So P Biden has VP Harris greet the Japanese prime minister; instead of doing it himself. There will not be a state dinner for a visiting foreign leader. And P Biden is leaving town while the prime minister is still in Washington. Biden is afraid of the Chinese.

  20. That's because the US GOVERNMENT IS NON ESSENTIAL

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