Friday , September 24 2021
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Veteran told he can't fly American flag in yard

After 20 years without a complaint, a Georgia veteran was ordered by his homeowner’s association to remove an American flag from his yard.

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  1. Tell them to go F_________K themselves

  2. This is why I will NEVER live within an HOA neighborhood or home. The negatives far out weigh the positives that's for sure!

  3. America is a fuckin stolen country I agree wit da government

  4. The violation notice was sent "in error"? Who out there truly believes that rubbish? Someone doesn't want to be perceived as being "unpatriotic". Expose these arseholes for who and what they represent and do it now. They seem to be brave when an old veteran is their target but when the T.V. cameras roll, different story.

  5. Move to Saudi Arabia you leftist haters.

  6. Now hire a big time Law suit lawyer and sue the shit out of the association! You'll own every house in the association!

  7. We can burn the flag. But can`t fly it in our property. Bull__T!! My roof my rules. Get over it.

  8. The locals should have taken the names of that department or council and let the whole nation know who and what they are.

  9. Nice home for a veteran !!

  10. Another leftest Socailist Democrat ashamed to be an American got owned.

  11. Everyone that loves this country and believes in the FREEDOM it stands for, should FLY THIS FLAG PROUDLY ANYWHERE THEY WANT!!!


  13. This has gone too far. You keep your flag flying. God bless you for your service.

  14. This leftist corrupt government needs too be fixed.

  15. Shut up Uncle Tom you're not even a part of this country LOL

  16. HOAs are a nightmare losers with power is a dangerous combo

  17. What a way to thank someone for what he or she did for your freedom…Back when he fought for the freedom we enjoy I bet he never thought someone would tell him to pull his flag down..

  18. Good for the vet….and what kind of idiot could possibly be.offended by old glory?

  19. Why do these vets live in a HOA

  20. Are HOAs should be dismantled, permanently.

  21. Probably some eastern hoa member that resents America.

  22. c,u just have to put the idiots in their place and say NO,MY DAMN FLAG STAYS.NO TROPHY FOR U.

  23. Every loving american should be on lawn of the cowerds who told this proude american to take down the stars and strips.

  24. Yes the homeowners association got caught with their hands in the cookie jar reverse their decision real quick

  25. Plant foot appropriately ASAP !
    John Mann Capt USMC ret.

  26. Way to go HOA you bunch of friggin ass wipes! Yeah you better turn it around. I bet we have new hoa leadership soon!!

  27. Its a triggered cuck liberal. Id get a bigger pole and flag.

  28. They gave him permission!?…..
    Oh hell no….trippin for sure

  29. This really pissed me off…..

  30. Whoever told this man that he is not allowed to fly the American flag in America should be stood out in front of the public and shot for treason.

  31. Tony, a friend of mine was told the same thing……………….he had his home painted red, white and blue. The home owners association crapped their pants due to the fact that painting your home in those colors WAS NOT in their little bullshit civilian anti-American by-laws. Right up their poopchutes. SEMPER FI

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