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Veterans impacted by exposure to burn pits slowly making progress toward benefits

ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos interviews Marine Corps veteran Kate Hendricks, who is battling stage 4 cancer caused by exposure to burn pits while serving overseas.

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  1. I’m so glad I missed that deployment by a few months, too many friends suffering 😞

  2. In 2010 we were forced to smoke next to our burn pit, and eat & slept only 25 yards from it.

  3. I’m proud to have been a participant in the Long Term Exposure study that led to the Burn pit registry.

  4. I remember watching a military movie where I guy was punished and had to go burn human fec*s in a metal container. I thought it had to be fake but then I looked it up. Nope, not fake at all.

    When I was younger my dad made me stand close to a fire while burning leaves in our backyard. It was pure hell keeping that fire going. I would smell smoke out of the blue for years after that. He didn't give me any mask or anything. I refused to ever do it again afterward.

  5. Dad was exposed to Agent Orange and didn't even realize it. It took his life, and it's almost impossible to prove.

  6. Well when you can't kill good… you burn poop 💩

  7. Get better Kate. Yup! From southern Colorado. Be strong!

  8. How scary. I had skin cancer. My dad was allergic to the sun as well, like my son is, as well. All forms of cancer can be prevented, but we seldom know that. Great story! Yup!

  9. You are doing great stories. Thanks for the perspective! Very well done!

  10. Thanks you for your service. Sad that majority of veterans had been lied too and made expandable assets. Most of the time it’s best not to serve. Because you’ll never know to whom is you’re serving! Veterans need more help and better care and respects ❤️💯

  11. I seem to recall a big case against the military a few decades ago¿ regarding soldiers suing the military/government. The soldiers had been exposed to (god knows what) smoke coming from burn pits they had been ordered to work at, on "area 51". Because it's a testing facility noone was allowed to know exactly what chemicals the soldiers had been exposed to.
    Unfortunately that's about all I remember.
    My overall point is that the military has been well aware of the chemical dangers they consistently expose their soldiers. And the military/government always plays dumb.

  12. Are we sure this is service related or is it just some greedy no-good veterans trying to pull one over on the honest never-done-nothing-wrong taxpayer?

  13. Why do our veterans not have any help

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