Thursday , January 28 2021
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Vice President-elect Kamala Harris speaks

President-elect Joe Biden held a press conference to introduce key members of his foreign policy and national security teams.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Her post say that she cares about this country, but her prosecution record says otherwise. If liberals actually looked it up rather than go politico, fact checker, etc. they'd know she know that she has a history of sending innocent people in jail and a good amount of them were black.

    Kamala Harris isn't African American. Her father is Jamaican and her mother is Indian.

  2. Did she eat a peanut butter sandwich prior to speaking?

  3. widespread fraud all over the usa is fact, and the faxr that is bamned in all platforms is condirms it. ✝️

  4. She's very nervous and looks realy tired and unwell. The thought of going to jail for committing treason must be weighing heavily on her.

  5. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Brazil is pleading for urgent help, help us Kamala, President Bolsonaro is a madman and is decimating forests to Indians and a good part of the Brazilian population. HELP !!

  7. Complete fraud. The clouds are getting darker. Most racist and sexist election in history.

  8. Its sad this women became vice president because of her skin color and not because of the content of her character. Sound familiar?????

  9. The world is doomed with somebody like her in the White House she makes Americans look bad

  10. I happy to see The First Woman Vice President, But not this Woman. She doesn't even like Biden and They're many other Educated, Respectful Women Biden could have chosen. The only reason He chose her is because she's Black and Indian. Biden should have chosen the right Woman for the job no matter her background.

  11. 'My career has been about keeping people safe'
    'Never again will you be threatened by disposable income, freedom or racist American ideals'

  12. 'I've always believed in living lavishly on the public dime- nothing embodies this more than this group of crooks'

  13. Who is paying for this fake office? Better not be taxpayers money!!! I want an investigation right now!

  14. At this point,, Joe is like weekend at bernies

  15. She doesn’t look so hot

  16. Kamala keeps on looking up at a specific point as if she's reading off something.

  17. You..Harris are a real twit! No one likes you! How in the world did BIDEN & YOU win this Election is beyond me!

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