Vice President Harris to attend Tyre Nichols funeral in Memphis

NBC News Correspondent Antonia Hylton and legal analyst Paul Butler discussed the latest developments in Memphis following the death of Tyre Nichols. Vice President Kamala Harris is set to attend Nichols’ funeral.

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  1. They were charged first because of the clear case severity of the beating that they gave. The other man didn't. Always trying to make it about race and blame it on white men. Whenever white men are the first to try to do something Injustice is about these things. Right now continent of Africa at this present time there are more slaves and killings of these slaves, than ever us history

  2. Kamaltoes couldnt be bothered to visit southern border, but always time to do some race hustling…..

  3. tyre is not gonna be the last. why cops in the US has a different behavior on hostage taking showing fear & cowardness. why in simple traffic or other simple situation they muderously overly over reacting?

  4. Where is she when a cop get`s buried? Then she is nowhere to be found. But when a guy does not listen to the police then she shows up.

  5. It's the only thing that Acholic Kamala is good 4

  6. Its so annoying that black police officers could get involved in kidnapping, torturing and kilking their fellow blacks. This is the irony of the whole thing. Blacks should support and protect their black brethren. In this case they are abetting torture to blacks. Blacks in America, who will you turn to if your own black fellows are against you? Style up and preach love to each other so that we dont witness similar scenarios in future.

  7. How does the MSM lie? It was all blacks that killed him …. MSM needs held accountable

  8. MSM only shows white ppl , even though it was all BLACKS that killed him .. blm right ? Lol

  9. Is the vice president going to attend every funeral of victims cops have killed regardless of color?

  10. There's more to this horrific Death arrest. I Guarantee you involving cops.This seemed like a personal Grudge someone has on someone to do this to them .

  11. Condolences to this young man.

    Sharpton and Harris are grandstanding. They do and say nothing about the senseless black on black violence in the inner city. They care nothing about black people. What about all the young people murdered in the streets.

  12. Has the police union said anything about the police?


  14. Talk about a publicity stunt! Kamala Harris is a joke!

  15. Why was he stopped? Was he intoxicated????

  16. They don't even want her @$$ in the Whitehouse did NOTHING about the border but she wants to show up at TYRES funeral to do what???? NOTHING AGAIN if she would have taken a stand when she first came in to defend the American people this may not have happened !!!! FAKE KAMALA you won't change NOTHING but your flight back to your RICH lavish life with the same ppl that HATE u most!!!! ENJOY CARROT DANGLER 🥕

  17. Completely the criminals' fault, why didn't u just comply? Attention seekers looking to sue.

  18. The person voted in to reform this vile, corrupt, system of injustice is going to attend the funeral. Another photo op and speech filled with gibberish. No tangibles

  19. Tyre Nichols your mission on earth is over. Now rest in peace with our Lord in Heaven. And the world shall never forget you.

  20. Harris the useless TNUC will go to a funeral for a Photo OP but will not go to our overrun borders.

  21. Rip peace my hearts goes out to your family salute my brothers and sisters we all lost to bad situation thoughts prayers with family. Rest in paradise king


  23. Not that we want to make it political or anything

  24. People die everyday. That raicst broad only attends black funerals for PROPAGANDA

  25. They were all complicit in the death.
    They all should have been charged and arrested.
    Young Master Nichols was targeted by these thugs.
    This in fact a pre-meditated act by agents of the police department.
    Paul, please try to stay current.

  26. God knows the POS aint doin nothin else.

  27. Vice President is not interested in “Stop African American hate”, only stop Asian hate because she is Asian. Maybe one day we will get strong presidential and vice, that are for everybody, maybe… So, why is she coming? Her voice is mute and out of touch.

  28. This is going to be a clown show

  29. Harris…do not intrude on the deep grief of Tyree's family. Keep your mouth shut … show some dignity.

  30. ROMANS CHAPTER 13👈👈👈👈

  31. You hope that they stomp him huh and that's exactly what they did be careful what you wish for now this is going to come back to haunt you

  32. Kamala Harris is a former COP!!!! SHE CAN'T BE TRUSTED!!!!

  33. I want to appreciate Dr.Aluda for giving me back my life again, I was diagnose of Genital Herpes for 2 years, after using Dr Aluda herbal medicine, I got cured. All thanks to Dr. Aluda I will be forever grateful to you sir🧡🧡

  34. i wouldnt allow chuckles there

  35. Wondering why they calling it a funeral tomorrow, when they already had funeral two weeks ago he was cremated!! Lewis funeral on airway n Scottsdale do your homework don't take my word!!

  36. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈It's a Bible Issue
    My Country Feedback USA 🇺🇲
    Greetings 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
    Back to the Bible
    This Tortuous Regime must go. The whole Regime is guilty not just a few people. The whole Regime must vacate their positions. They should see this themselves. They should see themselves as a liability to civilization. They should see themselves as the Ku Kux Klan. They should see themselves as criminals. They should see themselves as unfair. They should voluntarily recluse themselves. Nobody should have to accuse them and tell them that they were wrong. They should already know that. They should already have known that they were wrong on the very night if the incident. There has been an abundance public education on this very topic. So, this whole situation is actually 🔕🤐 mute.There is nothing more to say. These people of this Regime have judged themselves. These of this Regime people weighed themselves in the balance ⚖️ and found themselves wanting.
    Of course they can keep always throw themselves on the mercy of the court. But on the other hand, how much mercy did they show to that fellow American on the night that they destroyed him? None?
    It is my opinion that the entire Regime must bear the consequences for their lack of mercy. They must bear the consequences because they failed in the area of Mercy and holiness. "Be ye holy for I am holy, saith the Lord." Back to the Bible. They are constantly failing in the area if holiness and mercy.