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Vice President Kamala Harris’ historic rise

A look at Vice President Kamala Harris’ journey to becoming the first female vice president of the United States.

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  1. Historic rise with historic lies

  2. Yeah it’s pretty historic that the election was rigged and they installed an illegitimate president and VP all while the world was watching. You treasonous traitors only think you got away with it. The clock is ticking

  3. Such a great moment for our great nation!! Love 'momala'!!

  4. The only thing historic about Kamala is she was the least popular democratic candidate for President back in January of last year, after telling Biden in a debate he was "racist" and helped bus her to school. Her popularity remained low, and still remains low, after Biden selected her for VP because we all know she is faker than her maniacal laugh.

  5. Was at work so I didn’t watch. Did she plagiarize any more MLK speeches yesterday?

  6. Can’t wait for the Military to arrest her treasonous ass

  7. Young mothers get your daughters blow pops. Teach them young how to please a man and they too will become Vice President

  8. Hopefully making good history and good job 👍🏼 not just blah blah blah 😒

  9. ABC's not talking about the Portland riots yesterday how come ??????

  10. She didnt vote for trump.. Joe said she aint black

  11. Seem to remember her saying a bunch of terrible things about Joe Biden when she was campaigning for president but I guess now that she's vice president she no longer believes that..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she's as phony as the rest of the left

  12. We can all sleep a little better tonight!!

  13. Quote "I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I've been challenged by so many people, and I don't frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn't have time either." D.J. Trump

  14. She seems more Phony than Hilary Clinton. Congrats, I didn't think that was possible.

  15. Gotta love it..the dems are already pooping on each other..TRUMP IS THE GOAT

  16. So whos your favorite rapper who is alive? Kamala Harris : deeeerrrp Tupac!

  17. Where’s Tulsi Gabbard? Oh yeah, went back into the shadows after her God awful moves in Washington

  18. From making a career sending Blacks to prison to her knees then to the White House

  19. So she going indian or black this year?

  20. Biden almost lost to TRUMP because she was his running mate.

  21. ABC doesn't realize that a lot of people from California are GLAD she's out of here.

  22. Her comment on smoking weed, lying about listening to 2pac and snoop, stereotyping Jamaican people and her putting innocent people to jail for smoking marijuana will be the worst and most negative thing she ever did, but imma give her a chance only to heal America nothing else. She is mostly focused on her indian side and less on her black side imo

  23. I love her she’s a good woman and I think she will do real good and she is real pretty too ,she got it all I’m really happy what a nice thing after all that crap we been through with this Nazi tRump now we actually have nice people caring people in charge

  24. She's trash …you will see

  25. Haha…..she needs to be drug tested!

  26. Garbage. Was the worst democrat in primarys.

  27. Her people back in India must be very proud of her, too. She is smart and beautiful!

  28. She rose up from her knees….

  29. The media, tech corporations, and celebrities fawning over a political leader is what dictatorships do. Dangerous times ahead

  30. She is so phony. Typical DC rat.

  31. no more faith in election after 2020

  32. Just ignore the negative comments about the VP, hate only destroys the one who's carrying it. Good luck Kamala!

  33. Framed an incident man for murder….

  34. List of accomplishments by kamala harris

    1. Being black

    2. Being woman

    3. Locking up and destroying lives of low level drug offenders in California

    4. Denying a man on death row a retrial over new evidence that would exonerate him

    5. Having an affair with a married man

    6. Implying that the president she is now serving under is a racist

    7. Telling a convicted sexual offender that she was quote "proud of him"


  35. by making up fake stories about herself and helping the democratic party steal the election via election fraud

  36. I cannot wait to waking up tomorrow. New day.

  37. The dynamic duo – Joe and the Ho

  38. She's such a sweetheart!We couldn't have gotten luckier then to have got Camela Harris for Vice President.

  39. Let's face the reality. The primary factors for choosing Harris was skin color and gender.

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