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Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks to Detroit Economic Club | USA TODAY

Vice President Mike Pence is expected to deliver remarks about how the administration’s economic agenda is benefitting businesses.

Vice President Mike Pence will be heading to the Midwest in the coming weeks, with speeches planned in Detroit and Indianapolis.

The Detroit Economic Club says Pence will speak to the organization Monday at the MotorCity Casino Hotel during an event rescheduled from earlier this month.

The former Indiana governor will then speak August 28th during the American Legion’s national convention in Indianapolis. He also addressed the military veterans group last year during its convention in Minneapolis.

Pence’s office says he’ll travel September 3-6 to Europe, with stops planned in Iceland, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The trip comes as new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to negotiate a new deal for leaving the European Union at the end of October.
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  1. @8:52 OK, maybe PENCE NEEDS A BEARD!!! Ads Gravitas…. Get the Beard or GET OUT!!!! IMHO

  2. Ben Carson NEEDS HIS BEARD BACK!!! He looks like a little kid with out the beard.. IMHO

  3. The Donald Trump collection of ties are made in China & Bangladesh

  4. I am a local Hong Kong born Hongkonger, thank you Mr Pence. Also, thank you all Americans to support Hong Kong's value, an Asian society in the East with Western value and British characteristics. Sino-British Joint Declaration is a UN registered joint agreement to be made by UK and China in 1984, guranteed Hong Kong people to run Hong Kong under the sovereignty of China, after 1997, with One-Country-Two-System framework. This officially states that Hong Kong will be treated 50 years unchanged, until 2046, after the handover of the British Colony from UK to China. After 22 years of handover of Hong Kong to China now in 2019, our democracy has not been progressed any step, and also, our personal freedom has been gotten great threat and sufferings originated by China. China did say that the Joint Declaration has be outdated without practical meaning nowadays, China Government is absolutely a lier and lie to the World with eyes opened. Never trust China!!! Hong Kong in NOT China and Hongkongers ARE NOT Chinese! Hong Kong is Hong Kong, we are Hongkongers! Please support Hong Kong and Hongkongers fighting for our own democracy, our own freedom and keeping the life styles of our own. Thank you Mr Pence again and thank you all Americans!

  5. Ben Carson needs to shut his lying mouth

  6. @ Jane Hyden – You suffer from TDS, seek some mental help.
    Hispanics with Trump Pence 2020



  9. Isaiah 45:3-7 God says he creates evil. So as I've stated before, there is none good but me. I've searched hearts for sometime now.

  10. Free and fair with China Communist Party? Lol
    Things do have to change Vice President. Before they infiltrate the western world and bring us 1984
    Nice work Ben Carson

  11. If the Statue of 🗽 Liberty were human,… she'd be crying her eyes out in utter shame. Shame,… & Embarrassment…
    for about ten seconds…

    But then,… All of a sudden, she'd RISE UP, the STRONG & FRENCH WOMAN (Immigrant) THAT SHE IS… And RISE that TORCH of hers straight up as she always has for the last HUNDRED YEARS or so, and TELL US with PRIDE,…to RISE,… RISE…, my sons and daughters,… RISE my brothers and sisters,… RISE my fellow STRONG "AMERICAN" WOMEN,… RISE my cousins, distant relatives, fellow immigrants, and friends,… against this BLASPHEMOUS TYRANT Rise,… and get rid of him and his kind in 2020!!! With my unwavering TORCH of Freedom & Liberty, I will SHOW YOU THE LIGHT!!!

    At the time I write this (18 Aug. 2019), it is unknown whether he will be impeached or not.

    With "Trump The Skunk"'s Sexual Exploits, "Wild Bill"'s Sexual Adventures, and "Jack" Kennedy's "Discrete Affair" with "Suicidal" Famous Movie Stars, Can You See A Trend Here? Their getting worse and worse, every time.

    These Modern "Presidents", have taken the Presidency of the USA and have turned it into a complete mockery. We have lost all respect among other World Leaders, and made the USA a complete laughing stock.
    The butt of all jokes.

    It's time to TAKE BACK our Country,… Enough is Enough! WE the people,… do declare to ALL Presidential Candidate Hopefuls, and Legislature Leaders, that we DON'T want this kind of behaviour, and we won't TOLERATE it in our Leaders any longer, and we will NOT take it lying down, no more. No way, No How,…NOT in OUR Country!!!
    YOU WILL RESPECT US, because this is OUR Country, and NOBODY in OUR Country, pushes us around! Foreign or Domestic,… NOBODY!!!

    "The Land of the FREE, and the home of the BRAVE,… Sweet Land of LIBERTY,…To Thee I Sing! TO…THEE… I… SING!!"

    Either shape up,… Or ship out…! And if you don't shape up before the 2020 Elections, then we'll GLADLY pack those bags for you and show you the door on your way out, these upcoming elections!!!
    Don't go away mad, now!! Just go away!!! Far,…far,… away!!!

    Wu-Ju! 👏 Yeah, Baby!😃 😄 !!!

  12. That Tokyo lie was really disgusting.

  13. Love Dr. Ben Carson. He is such a wonderfully good man .

  14. Rep admin, fine even if they lose 2020. They got tax cuts they wanted, f*** the rest of us

  15. Everything is going downhill thank u Trump😈🔥💥

  16. Curse transfer already started. Iran tanker released Usraeli requests denied. Yemeni hits Saudis oil fields and military bases. Afghanistan after almost 20years of Ameraeli back to the Taliban. Showing a waste of 19 years. Syria still evicting proxies from the region the Kurds thought they would steal. We have even got to the divine intervention direct energy hits. Mecca was flooded with an unbelievable amount an ferocity of water. India a weather nightmare in several locations. Jaw dropping teardown in India.

    Some unbelievable wrath already unfolding. Mystery Babylon, the whore is the last domino. All others falling or have already fallen. It's a two for one, it will take out the apartheid man made up state of Israeli with it. The bulk of it's income comes from the whore. They cannot survive without it.

  17. Not dreams or plans deferred but permanently cancelled. 5G, iOT, virtual augmented or delusional realities–wake up call coming soon. Look at Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Greenland, Iceland, India, Japan, Russia, China, Turkey israeli and Saudi Arabia too see how that is playing out. Land masses are in the blender in some cases, falling apart, being blown away, shaking, landsliding or under serious water flooding and pound and ground. You haven't seen anything yet. You reap what you sow.

    Checkout Two Preachers weather compilation and World of Signs Nared King to see all earth's teardown events happening in 2019. It's so bad it makes you glad you are saved, if not extremely nervous. 400 years is up now all hell will break loose for japheth and all who drank from her cup aka Aneraeli and is-not-rael. Take a look at just Mecca alone hit by everything imaginable. Neon ain't going, all of Saudi Arabia is under attack by Yahawah or by proxy, Yemen.

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