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Victoria's Secret models urge CEO to protect them l ABC News

More than 120 of the biggest names in fashion signed an open letter to Victoria’s Secret “to express our concern for the safety and wellbeing of the models.”

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  1. "Millionaire Model Agency Boss and Close Friend of Jeffrey Epstein — Who
    Is Thought to Have Information on the Epstein Case — Has Disappeared"

    Jim Hoft September 2, 2019
    Jeffrey Epstein once allegedly had three 12-year-old girls flown in from France and delivered to him as a birthday present, a former “sex slave” says in newly released court documents.

    The allegations, reported in August by Joseph Curl, are contained in more than 2,000 pages of a 2005 civil suit brought by Virginia Guiffre, who claims she was forced to become a sex slave for the psychotic billionaire. Those documents were released Aug. 9 2019— just hours before Epstein allegedly committed suicide.

    According to Guiffre, the three young girls from poor families were flown in and molested by Epstein. The French girls worked from MC2, the modeling agency owned by Jean Luc Brunel, a longtime acquaintance and frequent guest of Epstein’s.

    The Daily Beast reported the outrageous charges.
    The details that eventually emerged were often shocking and occasionally bizarre. For Epstein’s birthday one year, according to allegations in a civil suit, he was presented with three 12-year-old girls from France, who were molested then flown back to Europe the next day. These same civil complaints allege that young girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, few of whom spoke English, were recruited for Epstein’s sexual pleasure. According to a former bookkeeper, a number of the girls worked for MC2, the modeling agency owned by Jean Luc Brunel, a longtime acquaintance and frequent guest of Epstein’s. Brunel received $1 million from the billionaire around the time he started the agency.

    Epstein’s friend Jean-Luc Brunel had such a reputation of abusing models that 60 Minutes did a segment on him years ago.

    But now millionaire Jean-Luc Brunel — who is thought to have information on the Epstein case — has mysteriously disappeared.

    The Daily Mail reported:

    A millionaire model agency boss who is thought to have key
    information about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal ‘has disappeared like a
    ghost without a trace’.

    Jean-Luc Brunel (born 1947) has vanished as police seek to ask the Frenchman ‘urgent’ questions about the paedophile.

    Investigators are making enquiries in Brazil, the US and Europe and
    French prosecutors are also pursuing claims relating to the financier,
    who died aged 66 before he could face the latest allegations.

    A friend of Prince Andrew, predator Epstein killed himself in jail on
    August 10 2019 as he faced child sex trafficking charges.

  2. what's all this 'out of touch' bullshit? it's undies for christ's sake, not he Supreme Court…
    VS is failing because their line is ugly, uncomfortable and poor quality… all the feathers and angel wings in the world won't make up for that…

  3. Very interesting, but I have heard from many models how well Victoria's Secret treat them! What do you guys think? I would personally love to work with Victoria's Secret, especially because I am a curvy model.

  4. The models demand seems legitimate to me.

  5. This company is done. CEO was besties with Pedo Epstein.

  6. Bye Victoria’s Secret runway has been cancelled. Move on hoes!

  7. L brands is split half and half. Victoria's secret having all these issues with abuse , harassment , and verbal abuse , while Bath and Body Works selling candles and kickin' it .

  8. Victoria secret is a shallow company. Their marketing worked at first to brainwash girls, but their product failed. They overpriced low quality bras and other undergarments. My bras break within a year from the underwire. I stopped buying bras at victoria secret. I recently bought $5 bras from Walmart. I am saving a lot of money now. I am not spending hundreds of dollars on bras that do not last. I feel robbed, and I expect more on the quality and durability of the bra.
    I am not saying epstein is right, but a lot of women will do anything for rich and fame. I do not think all of these women are angels. They probably just mad because victoria secret cannot afford to pay them what they think they deserve.

  9. So now they decide to not be homophobic and don’t even think about signing Nikita dragun because after wat you guys did to her she will never join you guys

  10. Like these females are not aware they put themselves out in a sexual way. Be assured these models have made a great deal of $$$ themselves. No one forced them to walk runways in underwear or pose and posture in provocative ways.

  11. Well, i mean when you are in the industry, everyone knows this is what happens.

  12. It's nice that v.s. finally folds under a little more peer pressure! Kendall is a tranny and they hired her before! I knew they were a sellout! But this is just ridiculous! Not like anybody of the world gives a crap about God! That's why hell exists in the 1st place! It was built for the fallen so- called angels /devil's really.But anybody that commits murder or sells their soul or takes the Mark of the beast rfid chip automatically goes to hell.Neither one is forgiveable! But the later ones whether selling your soul directly or taking the mark of the beast as far as I am concerned is selling one's soul.
    Same thing for murder actually! But one can actually lose their soul for any sin! By dying in their sins.Losing your soul is a great loss to God! Especially since he paid the price for our sins so we could be saved and be happy forever if we would repent and do the will of the Father!If God didn't love us he wouldn't have died for our sins! He didn't want to die.He never did anything wrong ever! He did it out of love for us and for God!If the devil's didn't hate us they wouldn't want our soul so bad or encourage us to sin .Or mock us they laugh at those who sin it's the only joy they have.Which is ironic becuz they were the 1st to sin! They will always be miserable Losers.

  13. They need to recruit ugly models

  14. First of all, how about raising the age of the models to 21. Secondly, go back to the original message – which was catering to older women who wanted to feel sexy. VS has really lost its luxury branding once it started catering to a bunch of teens and younger women. Back in the olden days, the models were sophisticated and womanly such as Tyra Banks and Stephanie Seymour. This brand was about adults! It was very rare to see teens in the stores. But once they went Hollyweird everything went to shit.

  15. That's good both genders are being held accountable.

  16. VS is going downhill at this point. They only cared about money and that strategy never holds up.

  17. Our overlords run everything. They have unlimited wealth like Jeff Epstein, the devil. The spirit of the devil walks among us today.

  18. Well the devil just got up and walked out of jail. The spirit of evil still walks Among Us.

  19. Hope Hicks told Congress don't ask me anything. I'm just an underwear model.

  20. Epstein was killed!!! So we will never know

  21. if douzen said that… We know it is the truth

  22. Epstein is dead I’m sure he was innocent

  23. Do more for sexual abuse by making millions in tiny underwear. Girl power.

  24. The problem is that a lot of these perverted men like Jeffery Epstein are treating women and especially young women like sex objects. Jeffery Epstein, the one-time friend of Donald Trump which Trump denies his involvement with Epstein.

  25. Isn't this declaration a decade too late?

  26. Smh 🤦‍♂️ your hot …

  27. Come on baby. You know you want it.

  28. Victoria Secrets
    1. Lack of diversity ✔️
    2. Lack of real beauty representation ✔️
    3. Lack of body positivity ✔️
    Come on! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  29. Don't be sucked in to this obvious Ploy for media attention from Victoria's Secret it's a sex industry where women take off their clothes and parade around to draw attention

  30. So you put your body on display and then were surprised when you were treated like a sexual object? (which you are)…

  31. The fashion show adds on to the dangerous rape culture we have in America by having a whole show dedicated to showing females in their underwear to billions of people. Their is no other show like this for men just females where models sell their sex appeal unfortunately.

  32. How about this, stop having a show that exploit women’s bodies

  33. Ed Razek está pendejo al decir que una "mujer perfecta" es la única fantasía, que valla a ver Porn Hub y que se de cuenta que cualquier vídeo con cualquier tipo de cuerpo de mujer tiene millones de likes, un Cabrón no va a venir a decirnos que nos gusta y que no, que chingue a su madre, atte Una mujer mexicana, y sí, veo porno alv.

  34. As a photographer I can't even begin how it makes me feel that someone who calls them a photographer would do anything to make a model feel that way. This is why individual photographers have contracts not only to protect themselves but models and clients as well.

  35. Don't sell your body like a piece of meat go work hard like the rest of us!

  36. Two words: Jeff Epstein.
    Case closed.

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