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Video: 1st underwater expedition made to the Titanic in 14 years

Salt, currents and bacteria have caused the hull to start to collapse, scientists said; images showed the doomed ship more than 1,200 feet down, at the bottom of the Atlantic.


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  1. Can’t believe it’s already been 14 years 😓

  2. I suppose technically ABC is correct saying the Titanic is more than 1200 feet underwater, but to be more accurate, it's more than 12000 feet down. 1200 feet is almost reachable with SCUBA equipment.

  3. You welcome Goerge and thank you ABC news I am on the alert

  4. Tired of seeing George after every video. He's boring.

  5. 2 seconds of video for 10 seconds of George and station identification 🙁

  6. Isn’t the titanic submerged 2.5 hours underwater how did divers make it all the way down there?!!!

  7. I did not know humans could dive to see the titanic without there brains blowing up?

  8. What are they looking for? Survivors?!

  9. Wow it's been 14 years since the Titanic sank #neverforget

  10. Why are these comments so random???

  11. Count the portholes! It's not the titanic.

  12. What a Waste of money. Should have taken the money and done something useful and help save the planet 😉

  13. NO ONE CARES about the Titanic! You Have SEX TRAFFICKERS Working At ABC NEWS

  14. I need a work visa someone help me 😐

  15. eerie and sad to think that everyone who was onboard the Titanic is no longer alive. All the survivors that night are too now passed.

  16. moree……. i want MOOOORE FOOTAGE!

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  19. Those fish must be living a life

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