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Video shows chaos as suspected Dayton gunman tried to enter bar

Surveillance footage showed people running into the bar to escape; Connor Betts, 24, was carrying 200-round-capacity magazines and allegedly fired 41 times, police said.




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  1. Bruh gun violence is getting out of control

  2. Nut case. Ain't nothing you can do when people snap.🤔

  3. So, if we had mental hospitals, this guy would have been on a very tight leash as soon as he made those disgusting threats. It's not the gun, IT'S THE PSYCHO that's the problem.

  4. It’s like we can’t go no where

  5. White guys are scary
    Here to in South Korea they are shit Americans go back to your country

  6. Nice video to scare the public. Another staged drill mistake, the bodies are wrapped up a little toooooo quick with no medical around. Sorry folks i know it looks scary but its supposed too. Just another training drill for propaganda. Rule 2. Cnn is leading the way with it has OBTAINED video and exclusive information HAHAHAHA yeah SURE YA DID ratings BOOSTER, for a tanking NETWORK.

  7. The reporter is blinking so much. If u cant handle FAKE lashes DONT WEAR THEM.

  8. So they kn he was a nutcase! Wow! Speechless!

  9. 12 finally killed the shooter I’m glad we learned our lesson since the parkland shooting bruh I can tell you when that happen the police was at my school for some reason then on the news they reported a mass shooting at the high school in parkland and they said the officer for the school dint know where the gunshots where coming from? Naw he was to pussy to go inside btw guys he was Armed

  10. This shit is getting out of hand smh

  11. Whites back at it …wow insane

  12. Thank you cops
    And people say cops don't do shit please don't disrespect cops by throwing water or anything at these man that risk there life's everyday

  13. He looks like he'd be more inclined to draft a list to kill girls and rape boys. Good thing he was put out of commission within seconds of opening fire.

  14. There need a law to have these parents to go to prison for life for not reporting thier fuck up kid

  15. There is no such thing as a 200 magazine knock it off!!!

  16. Where that turtle shit head Mitchell watch him block everything to do with gun laws. 6 million from the NRA seriously Turtle Mitchell nice campaign donations. Its sad about the lost of life from Sandy hook to El Paso now this F the NRA. What kind of Virginal-man takes AR hunting (sorri ladies ) no comparison you're vag are more tougher than these guys. Insanity we got to fight and voices out and vote who ever goes against new got rules. Please dont forget fight…. vote

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