Friday , January 21 2022
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Video Shows ‘Golf Cart Gail’ Calling Police On Black Father At Soccer Game | NBC News

Witnesses recorded an incident where a white woman called the police on a black father who was coaching his son from the sidelines. Police found no wrongdoing and did not detain the father. It is the latest in a string of occurrences where white people have called 911 on black people who have done nothing wrong.
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Video Shows ‘Golf Cart Gail’ Calling Police On Black Father At Soccer Game | NBC News


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  1. And as usual, the cops show up anyways. Morons

  2. There had to be a white woman there to articulate it for it to be understood, but it still didn't really matter because no one cared

  3. I'm grateful that my experience as a Patrol Security Officer (in LA and OC County, CA) taught me that all races are not as bad as society to claim them to be. There are more nice people as a whole with just a few bad apples thrown in.

  4. For some reason I just love this women😍😍 who was a witnes to this

  5. are we not gonna talk about the heavy breathing

  6. Sir we are gonna have to arrest you anyways just to be safe . We don't know what happened . Your gonna have to take it up with the judge.

  7. she is fat ,she can’t walk ….wow,hope the golf cart doesn’t collapse………k.c.

  8. She thought he would be arrested, tased or shot since he was Black, that's what that fat troll was hoping for.

  9. yes they need to be fined for stupid calls like that, this is ridiculous

  10. the white woman who recorded this video is so sweet you can hear he compassion as she can barely hold it together while talking to the cops and pointing out that the other white woman was causing the issues

  11. He's supposed to be grateful that the cop did not vote/arrest him for nothing. Do your job. Cite her for improper use of an emergency number. Obviously she misrepresented the situation enough to get you there.

  12. Lord thank you for the eyewitness.

  13. Golf cart Gail she has nothing else to do trump going getvin the best up

  14. How was that golf cart able to move with all that weight on it? Something isn't adding up in this whole situation.

  15. She is just jealous God he jumped up and she's too fat to jump Up

  16. Why the fu k does everyone calls the cops

  17. she called the cops because SHE KNEW BEYOND ALL DOUBT that the cops would believe her over the black man. That goes without saying

  18. Who is breathing into the Danm camera

  19. Stop selling golf carts on craigslist these people wont leave home to annoy others minding thier business.

  20. dam that person is breathing down my neck

  21. I just wish these losers would have the balls to admit, "I just called the cops because he's black". Come on…. It's blatantly obvious.

  22. Trump gave them the OK, no need for these disgusting pigs to hide their true nature. America the racist new wet dream if FDR and Truman only knew.

  23. You can tell the lady that was recording is emotionally upset! THAT'S HOW IT FEELS TO MOST BLACK AMERICANS!

  24. She is obviously nothing but a cow who thinks she has power.
    Get a life Golfcart Gail.

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