Video shows kids flee through woods during Nashville shooting

Security video from a home near The Covenant School in Nashville shows children and teachers fleeing through nearby woods during the deadly attack.

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  1. All 3 of the kids who were killed are my sons age. I have hugged him extra tight over the past few days. It breaks my heart people would seek to hurt innocent defenseless children.

  2. People like AOC and others are to blame for pushing "end of the world propaganda," affecting these already psychotic cowards to devalue life and go on these attacks !!

  3. Id be forever in that teachers debt for saving my kids like that well done to her ❤❤the gun shots and sirens are scary just hearing it fru video imagine what those poor babies must be feeling 😢

  4. Do you like the TRUTH?

    What we know;

    School address: 33 Burton Hills Blvd, Nashville, TN, United States, Tennessee (33)

    How many people died?

    3 children

    ALL children happen to be age 9 (9 upside down is 6 = 666)

    3 adults

    Mike Hill 61

    Katherine Koonce 60

    Cynthia Peak 61

    ALL 3 adults happen to be over 60 (= 666)

    (the number 33 is a number satanists LOVE because Jesus was crucified at age 33)

    Hopefully people will wake up and realize that most of these events are planned by satanists in the government to go after the guns while mocking God…

  5. my heart hurts for the little ones out there that had to go through anything like this. my heart goes out to those children whose last moments were living in fear. in all my school years we barely had fire drills. during highschool we had a shooting lockdown every year (just my junior and senior year). this fear of being murdered at school wasn’t a thing or thought in my mind before high school. poor babies.

  6. This country is sad af

  7. This is what happens when you encourage and spin up the mentally disturbed

  8. Poor babes, their childhood is stolen from them


  10. These incidents surely bring tears to my eyes. As an educator my heart is so sad seeing little souls who do not yet understand their universe yet are being calibrated to terror, running for their lives. This same terror was, and still is being experienced by beautiful young souls in other countries, other cultures. I know that the hypnosis derived from denial rooted in hate of other ,greed ,envy and arrogance, spells insanity. Energy is real. Love is real and so does Under cover evil. It is now a living entity, it materialize in unpredictable tangible ways in its quest for balance. The absence of truth in its pandemic state is extremely difficult to be corrected in mass. It is nature's law that energy must return to it's original place of conjure. The sphere for the psychi is in a state of cancer. If this is not corrected, My God how many more will be wasted? I can not accept that the Devine Creator is Cruel. Why did we came into being in the first place?

  11. "I don't want to die". We have to do better for our children.

  12. Poor babies !!! 👀🥺❤️

  13. I’m in tears😫😩 This cannot be our norm.

  14. No one in the cars or trucks bothered to out of their cars to help little kids on the road??? OK Tennessee…

  15. So no one thought to get out of their cars AND HELP THEM!!! What is wrong people

  16. Remember when the media pretended the Waukesha Christmas parade killer was just a bad driver?
    No hate crime to see here, folks!

  17. Republicans responsible for the guns ban them

  18. Today's left is America's greatest scourge

  19. Thank god none of the kids were thinking "What would i do to protect everyone from a school shooter" 💀😭

  20. So what? No one's going do anything about it…

  21. America has no problem with stuff like this, so it will continue to happen.

  22. Stop blaming the media, schools, or police for these videos. It’s life when anyone can buy an AR-15 that can shred locked school doors. What should the kids do instead?

  23. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto The Lamb for ever and ever.

  24. Kids should never ever be in that situation shame on you Republicans putting profit before children.

  25. Bible prophecies fulfilling repent vain is the help of man repent Jesus christ is our soon coming king repent