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Video shows mobs attacking Capitol police as investigators ramp up search for rioters l GMA

The FBI is searching through an estimated 45,000 tips from all 50 states to help identify and bring to justice the people responsible for the violent pro-Trump riots.

Armed protests being planned at all 50 state capitols, FBI bulletin says:

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. My dad would always tell me "You don't like what I cook? Then don't eat." After several hours of hunger I didn't care if the food was cold or if I liked the taste. I would eat it and I accepted it. I'm sitting here watching this grown man being so obnoxious and picky about his food IN JAIL and his "mommy" sticking up for his food. He wanted to act all tough at the MAGA rallies and now behind bars he's crying. I feel like all MAGA fans, they follow their dear leader's temper tantrums tactics to get what they want.

  2. Investigate and fire everyone from the Governor, mayor and police leadership as they were all in holding back the police so these thugs could get into the capitol.

  3. Traitorous asses, Seriously? what has this country taken from you? I am sure they all live in a nice house, drive a F250 or a Chevy with way too many flags in and lifted 6" to compensate for the deficit in your penis sizes. Just like tiny hand Trump, you make me sick! For the record, Joe may not be the answer to the problems in this country but he damn sure isn't a petulant toddler with a vocabulary of a fourth grader and a penis envy problem. The reason he has tried to undo everything Obama did. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. #bigly

  4. How is that officer doing? And this is the crowd that started the phrase "Blue lives matter"?

  5. It feels like watching a bunch of kids or drunkards fighting for almost no reasons, not thinking either for themselves, for their family and friends

  6. And they call them selves American patriots LOL

  7. Due to travel restrictions , America had to invade itself this year .

  8. This is what they call "Make America Great!!!" Trump started but he couldn't control it!

  9. Why didn’t the police pull out their guns and just kill these terrorist?They deserved to be treated just like enemies of America.Their actions of attacking police officers and the insurrection gave those police officers the right and obligation to defend our American way of life .The more of these worthless piles that they killed the safer we are from an unhinged attack on our Democracy.A bullet in the head is a great cure for stupidity and that mob was jam packed full of stupid mother fuckers.The fact that these traitors were allowed to attack and terrorize our nations capital and then just walk away really makes America look weak.The proper response isn’t conducting a year long investigation to determine why this happened.The response this attack demands is to hunt these cowards down including the biggest coward that has been contaminating. the White House with his slimy ooze for the last four years and his merry band of dumb fucks.After rounding up the army of stupidity we show them that ignorance is not an excuse for turning their backs on America.The fact that their belief in a deranged egomaniac replaced any allegiance they had to this country make them traitors.Starting with Trump we televise the trial and the deserving punishment for committing a terrorist act to overthrow the government requires.If nothing is done to re-establish the confidence in our Democracy then we will be paying the price for decades It’s not enough to impeach this president he has to be made an example of what the consequences are for turning his back on American people first with his complete failure to keep Americans safe from a pandemic that engulfed the country while he continuously pushed his many dishonest narrative that it would eventually just disappear.Then while our country was battling through the most difficult crisis in over a century this coward starts spreading voter fraud rumors 6 months before the election.These baseless claims were used to instigate his lunatic fringe of supporters into attempting a coup .He deserves to pay the ultimate price for his attack and attempted overthrow of our Government.All of his enabling supporters should pay the same price.

  10. Oh, now you care about cops. Huh.

  11. USA always call their enemies for terrorists.. Maybe its time to look on yourself. Maybe you need some democracy with an invasion?

  12. I feel sorry for these police officers:(

  13. They will ALL be found !!!
    Sent to jail and become someone bitch in bitch

  14. You can show your lies and comment your falsehoods. BUT enough of us KNOW this is a cheated election and we will not accept the Biden Coup De Tat. EVER. You can say what you want but too many of us know the truth. We will not allow our USA to be annexed by the CCP.

  15. Biden is responsible for this

  16. This would've avoided easily if the capitol security was there

  17. USA land of the free. Free for white and rich only.

  18. The Viking guy makes me think all the pejoratives towards the left as "soy boys" and "basement dwellers" was pure projection.


  20. Organic food 🥘 translation (White privilege ) poor baby 🍼

  21. Blue life matter while beating the Police. 😵🕵

  22. Organic food what a wuss! Let him starve

  23. Jesus is Lord! God's will be done in Jesus mighty name. Jesus we ask you bring to light anything hidden that we can't see. Bind up our enemy and cast them out. Any plot or plan by the enemy against us we ask you pulverize. Send your hosts in full force to destroy the plots and acts of the enemy in accordance to your will Father. Your will is all that matters Lord God. I am not your slave Father but your willing servant because you are most worthy to serve.

  24. FBI..if this thing happened in Russia or China…they could easily identify and arrest thousands (using today's technology)…why only 170 are being investigated?

  25. If only you guys took the same stand this past summer. Who wrote your storyline, Red Cell?

  26. Sick if he doesn’t get organic food? Poor baby, weak stomach for someone acting so hard. Hope all are brought to justice. Prayers for all affected and for the family of the fallen officer ❤️ these people are absolutely disgusting and are not the American people I know and love. Best wishes and love for all from Texas

  27. Stop suspending and firing police officers. This just tells us Cops are above the law. Your actions can lead to the loss of life of another, and that's grounds for termination? In a country with the highest incarceration rate in the world it's a HUGE RED FLAG to arrest so many of the citizens of this nation, and yet also never be able to charge police with a crime. It is the source of all the ills we have with police, right there. That one fact makes it impossible for society to change when men and women can become police, and are given immunity toward accountability. It's pure insanity.

  28. The officer being crushed broke me. These people are fucking scumbags!

  29. True word's . Even our enemy have mercy to give us time for retreat and firstaid but those rioters lost the humanity .

  30. Isn't the capitol police supposed to shoot to kill? They stormed a gov building. The answer is yes. Also there is no such thing as getting sick if you eat anything else but organic.

  31. What happen to chuck Norris


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