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Video shows school bus driver accused of transporting students while drunk

Catherine Maccarone was yelling incoherently and a scared student called 911 after getting off the bus, police said.



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  1. Terrible video everything is blurry!

  2. How does she not at least also have a child neglect or endangerment charge??

  3. she gets drunk and put the kids at risk bcuz she has a failed marriage ?

  4. The Magic School Bus" follows Ms. Frizzle and her class as they set off on field trips.

  5. I would have to be drunk to be a school bus driver.

  6. surprised they made it home wtf

  7. Guys,I was having a school feild trip today and we rode in a WHITE VAN. I thought i was gonna die 🙂

  8. What kind of brake lines of a bus driver and especially that for this employee. She's not falling data to keep students safe because she's taking a medication where to everyone sometimes other people is taking medication it could be of a Harding depression and especially that for every one that you need to notice that you need to take very seriously to have a sometime. Ava before that that this tragedy was this close that are of she almost losing her life especially losing her bus driver of a passenger of a children that she pick it up because she needs to be a responsibility but however if she's not having over to be of a positive way that sometimes I make you feel like a depression I always have to say this everyone because sometimes that are you feel depression again to be responsibilities that are your own life of your loved ones your marriage family or children could be like something like $0.20 but they're always of a new hope that it is to keep up going up I'll let you be the responsibility that the future is like to everyone that you need to know about it especially that I have to say this to everyone the future is going to be for everything that I know what's going on right now especially that you need to know the truth because a reckless driver like this is not the future look like this the future only responsibility for of employees or four drivers could be he or she everyone need follow the rule book of the law to anyone to have a better safe of life especially that surpasses and like those kids right there just aren't even screaming and sometimes that a of a grave of a younger person that this kid that what he or she done to have very seriously that she's drunk and sometimes if someone is taking medication they need to tell the truth the right way it is

  9. I am about sick of Good ole George Snot a lot ah puss always trying to SPAM the viewing audience. No Thanks, George Snot a lot ah Puss. You click on the bell and get the spam emails you are so wanting me to subscribe to. It was just a news report. We don't need you to tell us how Youtube works, and I don’t want to be your email Pal.

  10. Yo lady, driving on sleep and anxiety pills is still a DUI

  11. look up in the Broward county court records teacher Joan Rucker Mayers which got catch by police not stopping for a school bus and almost running over her own students. now she is feeding and funding and housing her terrorist drunken criminal daughters Alexandra Melody Mayers and Victoria Vicky Mayers..

  12. I bet you she took that ambian shit that would make someone act like that unless they did the blood work and found the booze in her system either way shouldn’t be driving kids around . Poor kids that’s some scary shit

  13. Bet that was some ride😂

  14. Litterally the bus driver from south park

  15. Complete addict and lunatic

  16. what a legend.. oh wait this isn't Twitter

  17. Lady…stop just stop with the excuses.

    Alcohol, sleeping, anxiety pills. It doesn’t matter, it’s intoxication. You don’t drive at all under influence, and you sure as hell do not drive a school bus.

  18. Clearly, Ms. Frizzle had a rough go on this particular episode of The Magic School Bus.

  19. She will get another job at another bus 🚌 company lmao 🤣

  20. This is so old New I already seen it like a week ago

  21. This makes me sick, those poor children 😢 Their screams made my heart shatter….

  22. If she was union then she threw away a good job. Pension and everything. Dummy. Lucky she didn’t kill some kids.

  23. That’s funny 😂😂

  24. Stophenopoulus, go away, your not a journalist, you’re a hack. Your a libtard DEMONcRAT who attacks Trump with bias lies and bullshit. You’re simply a lying sack of shit, just like ABC.

  25. 😝🤪😝🤪😭🤐😭😯😝dumb bitch…i can see why her husband wants nothing to do with her

  26. When I was in high school the city bus driver would drink a large bottle from a paper bag and yell “wee” when he drove down hills….

  27. I bet some viewers laughed at the screams

  28. And yet another example of the of there system failing. How much long are you going to sit on your hands

  29. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    This was Brought to you by
    Jose cuervo !
    Tequilas finest liquid .

  30. They locked up Alvin Kennard for LIFE for stealing $50 from a bakery. This lady nearly killed a bus full of children when she was intoxicated & she is allowed to RESIGN without consequence? Something not right about that!! 😡

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