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Video shows suspect in fatal Cal State Fullerton stabbing: Police

Authorities released a sketch showing an Asian man in his mid-20s with black hair; Steven Chan, a retired college administrator, was found bleeding to death on campus.




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  1. cancelled out 2 fat public empluyee pension in one stroke , stuff only seen in the wu tang collection

  2. I know the suspect too, he was my family closest best friend and we all have no clue what was going on because he was a good man that alway smile and helping out the community. We still don't believe he done anything like this. However, at this time respect to the case and his family I can not answer any questions regarding to the case of his family.

  3. Dawn's mom was killed. The killer, a woman was convicted.

  4. I applied to this university, got admitted but got my visa denied few weeks ago. Damn!

  5. My theory is could be one of his former students who attend his class but failed or cheated and get kicked out of Cal State Fullerton and could be one of those Mainland Rich Asian Student who are lazy that would drive a $64k BMW X6.

  6. So that's why I saw cops that morning. My brother was taking my siblings and I to Denny's when we saw a lot of cops there.

    And this is scary because I live a few minutes away from the school.

  7. Dumbass asian should know this is the greatest country on earth and they can always find u but he wanted to take that chance anyways haha. Dumbass, natural selection.

  8. It seems like the true crime is homies eyebrows. WTF

  9. If that's an Asian guy, that's definitely a jawline off an old school anime villian

  10. Why didn’t the professor defend himself with his firearm?!?!

  11. I think its one of his students that wasn't satisfied with his grade or something along those lines I'm willing to bet $$$$$ that guy was young looking getting into a late model BMW mommy and daddy bought him and he probably doesn't want them to find out he's a loser in college so he does this shit because he's stupid………….

  12. I attend this school. This is really sad indeed.

  13. A kid in our school was crying because his dad died at cal state Fullerton from stabbing. His name was Jonathan Chan

  14. No Gun Know Problem They Will Use Something Else…Better Hope They Dont Start Using Bombs…Taking Away Guns Is Not The Problem Nor Will It Solve Anything.People Need Guns To Protect Them Selves…Go Trump 2020.

  15. If his hands were cut his DNA is everywhere, but this looked like a personal attack. Whoever he pissed off either hired someone to kill him like that or the guy wanted to make it personal themselves.

  16. Hope they find this man fast. Why would anyone do such a horrific act to another innocent human being. Wow has society changed. My prayers go to the man's family and loved ones. 🙏💗

  17. If that libturd professor had been armed this might have turned to differently.

  18. He comes the libturds insisting on a knife ban.

  19. He looks a lot like Chris "Fredo" Cuomo.

  20. Fake fucking news. ABC NEWS SUCKS.

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