Videos From Ukrainian Authorities Show Preparations For Humanitarian Evacuations

Authorities in Ukraine have released videos that they say show preparations for civilian evacuations along humanitarian corridors out of the cities of Sumy and Mariupol.

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  1. Don't forget lives lost and refuges of Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan

  2. Thank goodness. These people are being assisted . Praying for their successful journey to saftey. From Silver Spring,MD

  3. Hey Joe, Vladimir just took a guy named Zelenskyy behind the gym. Lol

  4. 🙏🙏🙏 make peace not war 🇺🇦✌❤

  5. I wish the Russian armed forces a speedy victory over the Ukrainian fascists 💪 💪 💪💪

  6. It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why the US is publicly admitting how terrified they are of Russia getting their hands on the research from the bio-labs in Ukraine that supposedly didn't exist last week.


    40 miles of Russian vehicles are sitting in a row. 80 years ago 100 American ships were sitting in a row at Pearl Harbour.

    $1.7 Trillion was spent on the multiple failed F-35 fighter jets that is enough to house ALL the US homeless 29 times over.

    2021 a F-35 was downed due to failure. 2022 a F-35 failed to land on a carrier and fell off into the South China sea.

  8. Protest Oil company and Supermarket executives like they are Vote officials and Fauci.

    Protest outside oil executive houses and send them and their family members threats.

    Auction the oligarch yachts, offer a bounty on Putin and help black students escape this pinkies-only war.

    Poland, the land of Auschwitz Birkenau and Krakow Plaszow death camps helps it's neighbours.

  9. My heart breaks for the people of Ukraine. Could you imagine if Trump had succeeded at building the entire border wall on both North and South borders of the USA and if Russia had attacked America. We would be trapped inside our own country and bottled neck and ports if allowed to enter Canada or Mexico at all. Walls not only keep people out but the also trap people in!

  10. NBC NEWS CANNOT COMFIRM THE REPORT but they spread propaganda nonetheless. ONE SIDED stories is NOT REPORTING. All Western narrative.
    Where are the stories of Eastern Ukraine and those bombed by the Azov nazis battalions? ODESSA 2014


  12. "All we are saying is Give Peace a Chance". "All you need is love". John Lennon, yet another victim of horrible senseless violence.

  13. ' Ukraine 🇺🇦 ' White Flag ' GIVE IT UP ' ! ❤ ! " Responsibility Matters for ALL Lives ' ! ' Zelensky is the ' Puppet ' in O'Biden's War on Russia ' !

  14. It requires money to make money this is the best secert I have ever heard we don’t make money we make multiple money.

  15. Where was all this media hype when the Russian civilians of Eastern Ukraine, women and children were being slaughtered, bombed, and murdered by the Ukrainians for 8 years.


  17. After the lies of the past 10yrs and especially the covid narrative, media expect us to believe any story line ever again? Nope, I ain't buying anything. This probably isn't happening at all, and if it is, it probably isn't happening the way media is describing it.

  18. There’s a small number of things that can be identified on earth from space: the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon, and President Zelensky’s balls. Our prayers are with you Ukraine.

  19. I don't trust them…I feel that Russia is going to pretend to allow it, then attack the "convoy" of fleeing civilians.

  20. Don’t let this time is history go down as the time where all of NATO was too scared of Putin to do anything. Now is the time to show Russia the strength of NATO rather than cowering in fear. Inaction teaches Putin he can get away with doing stuff like this anytime he wants. The Ukrainian is like a pistol, Russia is like an assault rifle, and NATO is like a tank. NATO is afraid of getting a few bullet scratches on their tank I guess so they are just going to watch as Putin’s forces slowly creep up on Kyiv and execute Zelensky along with his entire family. NATO is just pathetic and embarrassing.

  21. Why are they not helping to evacuate foreign students, African students stranded in SUNY State University?

  22. 💙💛 Don't just support with words. Please donate, even just a little, & join protests & demand companies & gov reps to take further action. Encourage people close to you to do these as well. Please.. 🇺🇦